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Current Capital/Todd Nepola (owner) is the absolute worst employer in the south Florida real estate community. Potential employees BEWARE: he will pay you cash instead of checks or direct deposit for payroll. He fails to withhold taxes. This may sound great but then after he harasses you, threatens you (physically) and goes off the rails for because you were not cooking his books to make the financials look better than they are, he will fire you and not pay you for hours worked, which is illegal. If you threaten a lawsuit he will "remind" you that you have been under reporting your income since he was paying you under the table and no taxes were withheld. In one case he paid an employee who he knew was collecting unemployment and food stamps/assistance. This too is illegal on both parties sides. But when he fired this gal & didn't pay her he also threatened to turn her in for theft of public assistance. I know of at least 6 people who worked there and had similar stories. Me? He got within 2 inches of my face, screaming and said"I want to strangle you right now! If I could kill you I would!" As far as the integrity of the company: they steal money from the Owners that they are hired to manage properties for. They lie to the banks and fudge the books to give to the banks and lenders. They over charge management fees to the property owners and take in thousands of dollars of rent in cash every month but don't report the income to the FL Dept of Revenue to avoid paying sales tax. Sound fun ? Then go ahead and work for Todd. I just hope you don't need a steady paycheck (he did pay me twice with a Check but both times I had to wait over a week to cash them as the money wasn't in the account. All I can say to Current Capital and Todd Nepola is ...KARMA BABY! When you ain't got nottin to loose filing a complaint, talking to FL Dept of Revenue, the IRS, Community Bank of Broward and investors/owners in New York is not a big deal. Good luck to Todd and his company. They r gonna need it!!!

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    Current Capital Management customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

May 31, 2015
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  • Di
      1st of Jun, 2015

    Sounds very familiar. Todd Nepola is seriously dangerous. I was scared to death of him. And he did do all the things mentioned by the previous poster. I thought it odd that tenants would pay thousands of dollars in rent and it physically went right into his pocket. Karma= your right hand gal (Liz) who had been stealing from him for months, if not years!
    He deserved it but she's a scammer just like Todd.

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  • Di
      14th of May, 2016

    You have to love the internet! So "DINGO RINGS" gets a platform to hide behind a fake account and name and say bad things about others. Well i also worked for this company and strongly disagree - For the sake of showing what BS this is, i will call myself "DINGA RINGA". As to the complaint Dingo wrote and then commented on their own complaint (who monitors this site for authenticity??) i will answer. Based on the grammar and slang DINGO uses, clearly they are not very educated. I am! I have a masters degree from FIU school of business. So, 1st issue, if the company did all these things why did you not report them? I have checked and not ONE claim was ever made to any State, Federal or local authority to back up your claim. There are laws for employees as to overtime as well as for all the horrible things you claim. If you were correct, you would be a whistleblower and eligible for a reward. Your a liar thats why you dont report it. You know they will sue you for slander if you ever made these claims for real. 2nd, why would you be under reporting your income and to what benefit is that to the company? Sounds like your the thief! Besides, they pay everyone on paychex and nobody is paid cash, so how did you even do this? 3rd, he threatened to "Kill You" and you kept working there? Either your crazy or this did not happen. 4th, so clearly you dont have any basis in simple accounting. How could they "cook the books and fudge numbers" to increase revenue, but then take cash and not pay sales tax? Dingo, this simply wont work! How do they explain higher income to the lenders and clients and then not pay sales tax? I hope you now realize that is way off., A 5 year old could have realized this makes no sense. In addition, would the clients not notice if the income did not match what was in the bank? Why and to what benefit is it for them to do this? Finally, your check was held.. This is not what happened, we were all payed on paychex and paid bi-weekly. So, i believe you are saying your check was "not good" is another lie! With payroll we are always paid one week behind, everyone! As you say Dingo "when you aint got nottin to loose" (this is my favorite - what did you do for them, cant believe you were in the office, must have been one of their runners) "Karma" well Dingo, im sure you are still unemployed and searching for a better future. When you write lies there is "karma" and then you even reply to your own comment, WOW... I worked for this company for over a year. Never had an issue getting paid, always found the company to be a fun place and very rewarding. I will again agree, the company really pushes us to perform for clients. There is no doubt a lot of stress and pressure to do a great job, but its really a great atmosphere. When i had to move for family reasons todd personally paid all of my moving expenses without me even asking. I will let them know about this BS complaint, and hope they all respond. To any readers, its too bad one person can write this and hide behind a fake name. I chose a fake name also to prove the validity of this site! Good luck Dingo, although since your a fake account you will never even see this response... Keep in mind, when you write things like this you hurt many people... "KARMA"

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  • Di
      17th of May, 2016

    The internet is AMAZING! Someone can write such malicious words, hide behind a fake name, the site actually confirms above that the writer is from a fraudulent account, but the only way to get this removed is by paying $10, 000! Amazing! I dont think freedom of speech was established for this... I will call myself "Dingio Ringio" to show this is all a scam to extort fees. The writer never worked for this company, i know this because i did. While it was years ago, i am sure its all the same. I was in leasing. EVERYTHING above is wrong. Its actually funny as the writer said they steal cash yet the biggest complaint I ever got was that we were not allowed to accept cash. So how did they steal it if it was not allowed to be accepted! I was always paid from the payroll service so how could you wait for a check to clear? It was not from them it was from payroll services. Also, we dont even manage any properties in NY so what are they talking about. Its too bad this is here as i personally know Todd and the company and nothing could be further from the truth. This guy is always doing for others, involved in lots of charities, always working with tenants, etc. Im so sorry that this is even allowed online. I know this person never worked for him, If they did and any of this information was correct, sue him! But hiding behind fake names and slandering someone makes me know your a fake.. You have no facts correct about the company. Since I know a lot of people targeted by these scams, and how you need to pay $10, 000 to get them removed only to have a new one weeks later i can tell what this is. Target the rich, they will pay for this to go away. Well I guess they wont. Scammer...

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