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I'm cheated by cumin placements near kachiguda... By the MD Shiv Shanker [protected], Andrew John, and Sherlyn [protected], saniya
Mobile : [protected], Dinesh [protected], kavya [protected],

i just walked into the consultancy and saw the ### and ### who cheated me before samw the MD SHIV and the JOHN ANDREW and SHERLYN(SHENA NAIK), KAVYA.. the mother###ers and the ### of rainboz solutions they just changed their name and started a new game
to collect money from the candidates and they not at all show they proper placement to the candidates.. They Dont have tie-ups in the market. They say it as back door we need to go as direct walking. CUMIN PLACEMENTS at kachiguda, Hyderabad is a Fraud Consultancy. Plz i request to all dear friends don't go to this consultancy and make yourself fool. If you don't get job stay at home only but don't waste your time and specially money. Once you go to that consultancy they will ask you initially 5000 then after getting job first month of salary, but after paying also you won't get any jobs over there actually they won't have any tie up with any companies they just see advertisements in papers and online or job portals and send candidates to those address. They are fooling so many peoples in Hyderabad. Hyderabad police should take strong action to like this consultancy because they are fooling so many poor and middle class students.One Important thing they will do one agreement for paying our money refund if we didn't get selected in any company after 30 days but it will never happen they won't refund our money, So friends please Avoid cheated by CUMIN PLACEMENTS and don't go to this consultancy because i have personal experience from this consultancy that is why i am informing you all guys.
there are two ### namingly i gonna ### them Sneha and Renuka or radhika they are like prostitutes who mesmerizes with their words so softly then put a rod into our ### holes they are incredible, i was about to register a complaint to the police but i was helpless, so guys please do not go this consultancy most importantly freshers, shiv shankar who happens to be mother ###er ### scoundrel who plays with peoples feelings & money. and JOHN the main sult of the consultancy.. please don't believe them and ### the both ### and the ### to the MD

Cumin placements

Mar 14, 2013

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