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Cultured Canines / Poor business practice/unethical behaviour

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C.O.O.L course dog training - Aug 23, 2016 course start

I registered my 2 year old leash reactive dog in Cultured Canines outdoor course as it was indicated they can resolve these issues within the class. My dog is extremely leash reactive and can be quite disruptive in the outdoor setting due to his anxiety levels. On Sept 10th, 2016 while attending a class outside one of the assistant trainers turned her back and proceeded to make rude gestures and comments about my dog and his issues. I brought this to the head trainer (Beth O’Conner) attention on Sept 12, 2016 via email and the reply I got was on Sept 13, 2016 was – that is terrible but having said that it is your fault your dog is not improving. I replied back on Sept 14, 2016 and simply stated this class is probably not for my dog and if I can continue with a different dog so I am not out of my purchase. This was followed by a very condescending email stating “no – you’re an incompetent dog owner and he shouldn’t be trained by you but ‘skilled’ handler”. I replied back on Sept 14, 2016 asking to be refunded for the remaining 6 classes. It is now Sept 16th, 2016 and she has failed to even reply back. This is very poor business practice for a service driven industry along with very adverse training methods that I personally don’t want my dog exposed too. I would just like to be refunded the $262.50 for the remaining 6 class.

Sep 16, 2016
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  • Da
      17th of Nov, 2018
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    Hm. . . I’m sorry but I call B/S here. I would have to see proof of these responses you say Beth, the owner/operator emailed to you. Anyone who knows her even as an acquaintance would never buy this story. None of it - right from the ‘trainer ‘ turning her back and speaking badly of you or your dog. They are there FOR dogs with bad behaviour! I’m surprised you didnt back it up with this employee making fun of ALL the people because all of their dogs have issues! Cultured Canine is there to help and support owners who acknowledge that what they have been doing with their dog is not working ! Those who admit they are the reason the dog HAS issues and seek help to correct it, or new dog owners who want to learn and do their BEST for the dog! Cultured Canines is the best (and only?) no treat training class in Calgary and has been for years now. This gal is slamming busy every season running multiple classes constantly. She wouldn’t be that busy if she was so immature and unprofessional. Beth runs a top-notch business and is well aware of her employees attitudes. She wouldn’t STILL be going strong if she (or her staff) treated ANYbody the way you have stated above. If it was true, just sayin IF, this is reason enough to pull your dog who needs help out of the class? Because you’re insulted with the high school antics of an employee? Right, it’s soo obvious where the immaturity lies. My bet is that dog is now long gone and no longer a part of your world. So sad. ( I can’t help but notice yours is the first AND last complaint posted here. Need I say more?)

  • Da
      17th of Nov, 2018
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    Hmm. . . I’m sorry but I call B/S on this story. Right from go. I’d have to see proof of these email responses you’ve quoted as receiving from her. ANYone who knows Beth, even as an acquaintance, knows she doesn’t communicate like this and she is well aware of her employees standards. If this employee was snickering about you and your dog I imagine she was doing it about everyone else in every other class too because they are ALL there with behaviour issues! That’s what the class is there for, so it makes no sense that you would be poked fun at for the reason you stated. Cultured Canines has a reputation of being a top notch no treat training class in Calgary! Quite possibly the BEST by now! Beth wouldn’t have multiple classes running simultaneously all year long if her reputation was any less. Beth is nothing but supportive and professional with all her clients. That’s what I know. Let’s say for arguments sake that this was true, you’re admitting that you removed your leash aggressive dog (who obviously needed to be there) from the class because of an immature high-school remark? What that shows is how sincere you were about learning to teach your dog better - or it’s testimony to this B/S story. Makes you look really foolish when if it’s anywhere near fact. Yeah, my money is on that dog is long gone out of your life. Sad thing really, but it’s much better off. I have to say, it’s strange that you’re the one and only comment that is ever appeared here over all the years Beth has been in business. I’d bet your a jealous competitor. Just sayin’!

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