SUBMIT A COMPLAINT (Cubic Technologies LLC Irving Texas) / h1b visa fraud & discrimination towards americans

1 Irving, TX, US
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Please investigate "ALL" foreigner's visa's issued in USA & outside USA.

The H-1B program allows companies in the United States to temporarily employ foreign workers in occupations that require the theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge and a bachelor's degree or higher in the specific specialty, or its equivalent. H-1B specialty occupations may include fields such as science, engineering and information technology.

Most of the Indian's techies are coming from (India) Chennai, Bangalore to fill highly specialized techies positions in USA are in fact, barely at "clerical level" & many of them come with fake education degrees & fake employment background. (Fake education background & fake degree is part of the H1B visa scam).
Many of them don't even know how to speak English & claim that they have 5+ years of programmer & I.T related experience.
Many of the companies in "USA" currently also cheating H1B visa system & other immigration systems.

Cubic Technologies, LLC - Irving Texas is "one of the visa "cheating companies
Other can be found on
I think all foreigner visa should be investigated.
Here is how the visa scam is performed:
1. Cubic LLC Information technologies consulting (other visa abusing I.T companies) hires, (OPT) for F-1 Students - mostly coming from Nepal and India. Or will hire anyone in USA off street that is in search of working visa.
2. Cubic LLC Information technologies visa paperwork, the conspirators falsely represented that the workers had full-time positions and were paid an annual salary, as required by regulation to secure the visas. (This is not true).
3. Individuals hired with no I.T experience are given anywhere from 3 to 4 months of training @ there consulting agency location. (Sometimes Individuals have to pay for training & sometimes its free training).
4. The following email is provided upon enrollment for free training:
Congratulations! We would like to welcome you into our training program at
Cubic Technologies. We believe that with hard work and determination, the
journey you will embark on will lead to your successful IT career.

The next few months of training will be rigorous, but it will be a very
important key that will lay the foundation for your new career. The
training program will be Monday to Friday.

Your training program will begin in April 11th at the Cubic offices located at
3001 Skyway Cir N. Irving, Texas 75038 at 10 A.M.

All candidates are required to bring a laptop and work authorization
documents (Example: passport, green-card, work permit, OPT card, SSN, or
education documents).

Please fill out the following form to get enrolled in class :-

* *

If you are coming from out of town and need someone to pick you up or you
need housing accommodations, please fill out the following form. If there are any changes to your itinerary
please call your recruiter ASAP.

We at Cubic are excited to have you apart of our team. We look forward in
helping you build a career in the IT Field. If you have any questions or
concerns please feel free to contact me.


Phone:- [protected]

5. They are simply provided with "simple application" to fill out. There is no telling if individuals have criminal background. See application picture below. Cause none of them are actually run.

Here is the link to this application:

6. Same for individuals coming from India.
7. Individuals coming from India are given free apartment by consulting agency, free food. (One apartment is packed with more than 10 individuals coming from India).
8. Once these "unqualified" Indian's are trained, by un-documented trainers. They then are provided with fake resumes, proxy interviews.
9. Once hired, Individuals hired then are payed for lower pay amount.
10. Many of the fresh trained I.T consultants don't last for more than a week. Then they are put back on "benching" for further trainings.
11. Cubic LLC Information technologies no longer hires US citizen - since US citizen are expensive & they don't work on very low pay rate.
12. Daily basis individuals are provided offshore support through India - purposes of learning and working. (This is called survival mode).
13. Depending on the project type, individuals from India then have un-authorized access to Americans personal DATA. ( this is a big risk)
14. This scheme provided the conspirators with a labor pool of inexpensive, skilled foreign workers who could be used on an "as needed" basis.
15. The scheme was & still is profitable because it required minimal overhead and cubic llc could charge significant hourly rates for a computer consultant's services.
16. Thus, the cubic consulting owners, earned a substantial profit margin when a consultant was assigned to a project and incurred few costs when a worker was without billable work. This scheme is known as "benching." Cubic actively recruited H-1B workers for the "bench."
17. These workers NON I.T skilled foreign workers had to pay the visa fees, legal and administrative costs. - In violation of the visa program's rules.
18. In some instances, false payroll records were generated.

Cubic Technologies llc located in Irving Texas - website: and "many other companies operating in USA & India" are abusing American visa system of all types…
H1B spouse are part of the visa fraud.

Addition to that, H1B + there foreigners spouse only hires Indians.

You read many stories @
USCIS have provided with this website to report H1b visa abuse -
Dispute, the point - companies cheating American visa system are being approved for foreigner's visas.

Many of H1b and foreigners have gained green card and citizen ship, along with their spouse. (Please revoke their status in USA).

Distributed H1B visa & other foreigners visas are not given to Bright's and the best. Most of them coming from India and hired in USA are barely at clerical level.
Many doctors & nurses coming from India are based on fake degrees putting American's health at risk.

I also believe, that P. Trump created merit system can be easily cheated through foreigners visas', since many Indian's have provided fake degree & fake employment verifications.

Here some fact's to consider:
India has largest population in the world & India has highest level of poverty. Most of the Indian's coming through H1b visa are India's poor states. - Where people don't have food to eat, how are they able to educated them self?
Fact is, these "non-educated" indivials coming from poor Indian's states through H1b visa.
These "non-educated" Indian's are coached throughout employment process in doing their jobs, getting paid low pay rate.
No wonder, they are quality issues with the work.

We also are at risk of sending American personal DATA to India.
These non-qualified & non educated individuals have no clue about American's security laws.

Nov 28, 2017

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