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From day one things seemed off about the school. Previous students spoke of run ins with the program coordinator that would belittle the students. The classrooms used had holes in the walls and the "skills lab" was actually a tiny room with mostly outdated rundown equipment. Anything new was "borrowed" from EMS services by staff who would bring in stolen items so we could actually practice with proper equipment. If you have any issue you are on your own. My original rideout service got changed and I am still currently waiting on a refund of the money paid to York EMS for 450 hours when I only got 98 before being sent to Simcoe instead. Roughly 400 dollars owed. For rideouts they make you pick your top 3 choices then dump you in York even if its not on your list. The so called connections this school claims to have are few and far between. The school managed to lose some paperwork 2 days before my graduation ceremony and if not for my quick work of getting new copies I would have been bumped to the next grad. The school claims to be in the interest of students yet when you deal with them they make it quite clear they are only in it for the money. I ended up doing my clinical sign offs twice because the paperwork wasn't good enough for them and they refused to assist me in tracking down the original nurses who signed it so I could fix it that way. Instead I had to repeat clinical on my own time as well as being in rideouts. This last year has been the year from hell. I did learn one thing. Don't trust a career college. Maybe sometime soon my 30, 000 dollar piece of paper can get me a job but it won't be thanks to these con artists. Do yourself a favour and go to a reputable regular college such as Durham.

And as a p.s. google Mark Solomon Toronto EMS theft. I'm sure you will be interested to read about the person who runs the program and why he is there and not in an EMS service.

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      Feb 22, 2013

    I have dealt with CTS in enrolling in a program there .First thing the place does have holes in the walls i agree..The staff was VERY unprofessional right from the beginning. The first admissions lady had me all signed up to start in morning class of a certain date. Then off to take an entry test ( which in my opinion is a joke and a 10 yr could easily complete.) Then off to finance which i was planning on making payments so during meeting with her another student comes right in her office, and they proceed to talk as if I am not even in the room?! Already I am feeling very leary...So I leave nothing signed !!! I call a week later and talk to the admissions girl same one i spoke to originally and ask her if it is ok to bring my deposit in at orientation time? To which she says yes no problem...I get a call days later from finance lady she tells me all about how the first lady has no right to make decisions on financial issues, that is her job.(not professional) .So then she says you are in afternoon class right? um No and i tell her the date i am to start and she tells me there is no course starting that date !! I am put on hold and then her solution was for me to start a month earlier!! Anyways conclusion I have done my research and will NOT be attending this college Thank god I never had to get any further with this place!!! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL !!!

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