Creative Vacation SolutionsScam to Timeshare Sellers

I Review updated:

I was also scammed out of $1, 287 after Creative Vacation Solutions contacted me stating they had a buyer for my time share in March of this year. They had somehow received my information from another company where I also paid $900 (which is another complaint) to market and sell my timeshare. I was told they had located a buyer that was willing to pay $17, 500 for my a$15, 000 timeshare. After charging my credit card, I would call each week to find out the status and they continued to say it took 30 days for the process, which turned into 6 weeks, etc. To top it off, Ricardo Brittle (if that's his real name) called me on occasion to let me know the process was still being negotiated with a buyer from Canada. As of today, 5 months later, no buyer, no sale, and no one answering the phones at CREATIVE VACATIONS. Just another company that takes advantage of people in a down economy. I hope the Attorney General in Florida has access to this website, but if not, this same letter will be sent to their attention.


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      Oct 04, 2009

    Attn – anyone scammed by Creative Vacation Solutions or Universal Marketing Solutions or any other aka’s
    I have had numerous victims of CVS/UMS ask me about a class action lawsuit. Please google what that means and decide if you are interested in joining this process. If not please do not waste your time or mine by asking me to help you.

    Only If you are interested, contact me via email to [protected] and let me know that you are. I will then get back to you with the information that I need from you. Be prepared to give me some personal information as I have a contact in law enforcement who will let me know if you are who you say you are and
    I WILL CHECK YOU OUT !! This will allow me to weed out the "SPIES" from CVS/UMS etc.

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      Nov 06, 2009

    Regarding CVS. I learned about this information below from another CVS victim. It looks like Scott Kirk may be doing the "Spread your cheeks" waltz in prison with Bubba after all.

    "The BBB said that enough people complained to the Florida Attorney General about them that he has filed a lawsuit seeking an injuction to stop them from doing business and requesting full restitution on behalf of all consumers they victimized. I am glad I am not one of them. This Justin fellow is going to get an earfull if he calls me again. If anyone is interested in viewing a copy of the suit, it is available online at:$file/ComplaintForInjunctiveRelief.pdf"

    Check it out for yourself - I did. If CVS or any of CVS's AKA names owes you money - CONTACT the Florida Atty. General. This suit was just filed on 10-28-09. I am proud to say that all of my complaining and the 19 page document I sent to the Florida Atty General and the Florida DOA may actually help to bring these slimeballs down. I got my money back - now go and get yours back so we can bankrupt these ###.


    "Kenya" Trust Obama (or his non-existant Birth Certificate) ? - Hell NO - He's a LIAR !! How do I know ? - I have been reading the Healthcare bill on-line and Joe Wilson was right - OBAMA LIED !!

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      Jun 28, 2010

    GET YOUR MONEY BACK NOW!! [protected] Ask for Justin Weaver.. He WILL help you get all of your money back and offer other services.. be scammed no more!

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      Jun 28, 2010

    You sound like just another scam to me - Provide some proof that you can do or have done what you say you can do. FAX me some proof of monies that you have gotten back for people. [protected]

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