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Creative Vacation Solutions / Time Share Resale

1 777 S. Flaggler Dr Suite 800West Palm Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 561-228-1623

Creative Vacation Solutions has repeatedly called telling me they have a buyer willing to pay $19K for my $15K timeshare. They wanted to send me a "binding contract" to review with my lawyer assuring me that at closing my title search money would be returned. Before I could get the contract, they wanted my credit card number. Is that transparent or what? This outfit is scamming people left and right...NOT ME. Go to the web and search their name. The very 1st hit is a reported serious scam. I wish this and all the others could be "outed" on TV investigative report. I'm sure they will keep calling me with new tactics.

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      8th of Jun, 2009
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    Alice - I did NOT get any oney back from the credit card company - I dealt strictly with the time hsare sellers. I threatendn them and sent letters every day by email and fax. I threatend to contact the sta4e Atty. General in Florida, AARP, and every other senior citizen or military organization I belong too. I also check them out at WWW>BBB>CCOMO and used that as ammo against them. Do NOT give up !! You must be a hard ### with them and do not take their BS. I even threatend to take out ads in the paper aginst them. So far it has worked with Copeland Mktg., Escape To Paradise, TSBO and several others that were also BS-ers.

    Do some research on line and if you need some help - contact me at or call me at 847-244-8515 and I can give you some samples of what i did. NEVER GIVE UP !! Of course you must remember - I am a retired Marine and Viet Nam vet and I do nOT take crap from anyone - that is the mentality you must have to deal with these a**holes. pardon my French.


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      13th of Jul, 2009
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    I just wanted to share a complaint against Creative Timeshare Solutions. They started contacting me about a month ago telling me that they had 3 buyers for my property. They initially asked me for $1600. I ignored their calls. Then they started calling me telling me that they have a buyer and they have the down payment. They asked me to send them $1287.00 before I could even see a contract. I called 411 who could not give me a number on any such business. Then I contacted the BBB. Before I could tell them anything, they read back to me everything that this company was asking me to do and they were 100% accurate.

    When I told them about the complaints at the BBB, they got upset and gave me a sarcastic remark. DO NOT give this company your money. IT IS A SCAM. Don't fall for their lies. They will take your money. It's crazy to send somebody your money and you haven't even laid eyes on a contract.

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      15th of Jul, 2009
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    All they did when they called me was talk about "the law" and all the regs that make them honest. Bull --- Why doesn't AARP or some of these oversight agencies either pass legislation or enforce what exists in order to stop the scamming that goes on in this industry. You would think the honest ones, if there are any, would want it stopped in order to protect their own reputation.

    Most of them are licensed by the State of Florida.

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      4th of Oct, 2009
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    Attn – anyone scammed by Creative Vacation Solutions or Universal Marketing Solutions or any of their other aka’s

    I have had numerous victims of CVS/UMS ask me about a class action lawsuit. Please google what that means and decide if you are interested in joining this process. If not please do not waste your time or mine by asking me to help you.

    Only If you are interested, contact me via email to and let me know that you are. I will then get back to you with the information that I need from you. Be prepared to give me some personal information as I have a contact in law enforcement who will let me know if you are who you say you are and I WILL CHECK YOU OUT !! This will allow me to weed out the "SPIES" from CVS/UMS etc.

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      11th of Jan, 2011
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    If you are a creative Timeshare Solutions customer or have been contacted by this company call our toll free hotline to get your hard earn money back and also sell your timeshare as well. This company was formed only a couple years ago and used to resemble a legitimate company that told and lied to timeshare owners that they could sell their timeshares fror them. We are a company with a proven track record and integrity please call us at 866-964-8881.

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