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Creating Power, Karim Hajee / no refund

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

On September 1, 2018 I paid $34.34 for the Creating Power course of MP3's, no CD's, from Karim Hajee of Toronto, Canada, and the 90 Day warranty read: "your success in working with the Creating Power course is completely guaranteed for 90 Days. If within the 90 days you are not satisfied with our material please contact us for return instructions..." I received the MP3's and started listening to the first 3, but my wife has become very ill with a heart attack and severe leg pains (we are retired senior citizens on a fixed pension, the reason in the first place that I was drawn to the course was to help us out of debt), and I could not concentrate on the extensive daily content and practices, so I wrote to Karim Hajee requesting a refund, and I returned all the MP3's, but the company response was that there is no refund for returning MP3's (which to me seems contrary to the Warranty and apparently I should have had my attorney examine the small print)), and apparently there is no refund for any other reason including illness or any extenuating circumstances unless you have completed the whole course, and then can pass an examination on it! then a refund will be issued! and apparently the company will expect to receive the next 2 payments adding up to $68.68. In my opinion this contract is misleading and deceitful, and is contributing to my added stress. It would seem that for such a successful company as Creating Power claims to be that refunding $34.34 would be very easy? Again, I have returned all the material sent to me and now I am requesting my refund. Thank You.

Sep 26, 2018

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