Cozy Digital Web Design / Cheated by Directors Michael Hanna and Grahan Lyons

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I worked with these website designers when they were Directors of Moovin On Up, which went bust, more fool me I trusted them and stuck with them as they re-launched as Evolution SEO/Websites/Online Limited then guess what a couple of years later they go bust again, this time forced into liquidation by HMRC - the UK Tax Man with huge debts. But these guys do not even tell me, I have to wait till my website goes down again before I even find out. And to make it worse if I want MY website back up I need to pay these same guys even more as they have a brand new limited company called Cozy Digital operating with the same directors Michael Hannah and Graham Lyons from the same building with some of the same staff and even still using their old domain names pointing to the new company? How is any of that legal? Please stay away from these guys before it happens again and costs you money, time, frustration and even more money.

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  • Gr
      20th of Feb, 2014

    Hi There,

    I would like to respond to this, I am Graham Lyons, my business is Cozy Digital.

    Like any responsible business owner I take any customers issues with the utmost importance. So upon being referred to this page by from an email from [protected] I was very surprised to see this. Sue has been a client for many years and whilst we (like most companies during the recession years) have had our ups and downs we have always traded legally. Any issues that affected customers have been dealt with in the correct manner and we always keep our clients notified.

    So, my first reaction was to call Sue (who isn't even from London as the profile on here suggests). Sue confirmed she has no problems with us and is just as surprised to learn of this as we were. (I have got her approval to make these remarks on her behalf and have made her aware of this page)

    So a little further digging and I discover lots of other companies have had this SCAM attempted by it appears they can "bury" this and invite us to contact them on Phone: (321) 327-9428 or Visit us online: - Im sure they will have fee's involved to remove the false complaints they posted.

    Don't be fooled by their scam - a more trusted site has more information on them some quotes:

    "The should definitely be shut down. The site is
    full of threats, defamation, libel and the website owner won't do
    anything to remove defamatory content since he makes money from the
    Google ads. They also allow users to create multiple aliases to fake
    negative reviews against companies."

    " is an extortion website! they tell u they will
    moderate false complaints but this is a straight forward lie! they ask
    to be paid, for the service of "checking" into complaints that they have
    submitted. Shame on them. complaintsboard is a rip off operation."

    Plenty more to be found via google searchs.

    I am sure that they will remove my comments. Myself and my customer Sue, shall consider our options but as these scammers are based in the USA I guess theres not much action that can be taken by UK companies.


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  • Jo
      24th of Feb, 2014

    Graham Lyons: so what is the truth behind "Moovin On Up Ltd" (company number SC306027) and "Evolution Online Limited" (company number SC390415) both now liquidated.
    You seem to skip over the actual question and complaint. I have some complaints.
    Former Customer left in lurch

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  • Tl
      29th of Apr, 2015

    I see that Cozy Digital have been in trouble with the ASA (Advertising Standard Authority) for making several false statements in their advertising and social media. See their ruling here >

    It seems that they cannot be honest with customers and have agreed to remove the false statements and not re-run these false claims in future advertising or social media or on their own website.

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  • Fo
      20th of Jul, 2017

    I am a former employee of Moovin' on up/Evolution Online. I was one of the developers "let go" when Cozy Digital came into existence.
    The directors would stride around in three-piece suits while we were sometimes paid late.
    Their staff are underpaid, overworked and you get a very bad product for your money. Salesmen reap the benefits of paid leads while developers and support staff barely earned minimum wage.
    Customers would be over sold a solution and what was delivered was of poor quality - have a look at the "Get a website like..." section on their current site and see how many of their customers have discontinued!.
    The 21st century of web development hasn't yet hit the upper floors of the SafeStore unit they call an office.
    Don't trust them.

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