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[Resolved] Cowtown Minis / Puppy died

1 United States

We purchased a puppy through Cowtown Minis on May 13th of 2015 and a month in a half later he began to get very sick. We repeatedly took our puppy to the vet for treatment. After many tests, trips to the vet, lots of money, stress on our family, a miserable time for the puppy, it was found that the puppy had Addisons Disease and needed to be put down. On August 4th of 2015 our puppy was laid to rest, he didn't even make it to 5 months. This has been a horrible and traumatic experience to go through that i wouldn't wish on anyone.
If you pay $1500 for a top of the line bloodline this type of thing should not happen. I question her breeding techniques and believe this could have been prevented if she followed proper breeding requirements. The breeder Debbie Kapuschinsky offered no money to help pay for the mounting vet bills that we incurred. With the cost of the puppy and vet bills we are probably out of $5000. The money is the lesser of the issue as we grew to love our puppy in the short time we had him. If this can somehow prevent this situation from happening again is the point. The puppy suffered as we did and his life was cut short by a disease he should no way have had if the breeder knew what she was doing.

  • Resolution statement

    Pending further information. I received some emails and phone calls and think that we have possibly reached a resolution. I want to put this down pending further information from the business.

Aug 12, 2015

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