SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / It really DOESN'T get much worse than this place

I make it a point to give a business the benefit of the doubt until I personally inspect and evaluate an item I've purchased from said company.

It really DOESN'T get much worse than this place. I'm almost convinced that every cosplay site in China is just linked to every other one in some giant factory. And the actual truth to the matter is that over in Asia, gold farming in online games, cheap sales scams, and mass cosplay sites over there are literally the equivalent to an American working at McDonald's. It's how they pay for college sometimes, as well. OTHER countries may see it as stealing money and false advertising, but to them? It's just another day cheating out stupid people.

The wigs, accessories, costumes, (etc.) All the quality equal to a homeless man's shirt. I cannot find a single redeeming aspect to this dealer.


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