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We bought a carpet at auction from these people through the online bidding site invaluable. Paid $375usd for what was represented to be a genuine "Persian Hereke Silk Prayer Rug".
The description as written by Ellen Miller - Licensed Auctioneer/Certified Appraiser Director of Catalog & Specialty Auctions Cordier Auctions & Appraisals read as follows;
"DESCRIPTION: Persian silk prayer rug, probably Hereke, having double columns and full field floral decoration on an ivory ground. MEASUREMENTS: 3' x 4'8". CONDITION: Minor wear."

Sounds all very informed and professional right? And as a buyer one has a reasonable expectation that someone who claims to be a Certified Appraiser will give an honest, informed and accurate description and representation of items offered for sale right?
Wrong, in this case. It seems despite her stated qualifications Ms Miller does not know that Persian rugs come from Iran and Hereke is a well known designation for rugs made in Turkey. There is no such thing as a Persian Hereke rug.
As it turned out when the rug was taken to a reputable rug dealer, Boft Fine Rugs in Calgary for cleaning it was immediately pronounced to be an obvious fake of Chinese manufacture. At least it was actually real silk. Okay, it's a nice carpet, real silk, but the point is had we known it was Chinese, not Persian or Hereke as represented we would not have bid on it.
When we contacted Cordier Auctions and finally spoke to Ms Miller she was unapologetic, defensive, and disputatious, When we offered to settle for a return of the buyer's premium, a mere $75.00 to avoid expensive shipping back to the USA and further hassle, Ms Miller would not settle for her misrepresentation, stating that the consignor had already been paid out.
It certainly appears that Ms Miller's knowledge of good business practice is at least equal of her ability as a rug appraiser.We later

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  • Updated by yourworstn1ghtmare, Jan 19, 2017

    We later contacted the business owner, David Cordier. He does not seem to care about the BBB complaint but tried to con us into removing our other postings by saying if we removed them first he would consider the $75.00 settlement. When we declined his generous offer he said he would do some research into whether our complaints could be removed before he would settle. He promised a call back on January 16, but we have not heard back from him. He seems more inclined to try to negotiate rather than to settle.

Jan 19, 2017

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