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Thanks for all your comments about Concolidated Opportunities. I am going to print them and send them along with my complaint to the IL State Attorney. I have already disputed the charge with my credit card company. Obviously they won't accept phone calls until you have passed their "three day cancelation policy". The Feds allow 90 days from the date you receive the charge. I had a fraud alert on my card so was notified the same day the charge was posted. The person I needed to speak to get a credit on my card was not available until their 3 day cancelation took effect. I suggest that everyone file a complaint with their own state attorney in their own state. A complaint filed with the AZ State Attorney can't hurt, as one of the victim's has done. This company is not accredited with the BBB, but post a complaint with them also. If you have a TV station that investigates frauds, it couldn't hurt. We need to get this message out to as many people as possible.


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      Jul 02, 2009

    You're welcome Susie Q 2. I must apologize for my grammar and spelling mistakes. I feel silly about making them, but what to write a detailed explanation about what happened to me so others would catch the red flags of Consolidated Opportunities and not make the same mistake.

    Also "my" website is not

    I agree we need to warn people about this "business" and get them closed down for good. I will follow up with your advice to file an investigation against them.

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      Jul 10, 2009

    Hey guys, I read up on your blog and took initiative to file a police report about Consolidated Opportunities. Also, I have created a facebook group to put the word out there and am thinking to post a newspaper add about it. I encourage you guys to do the same if you want to take action.

    Come check it out:


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      Aug 11, 2009

    Hi everyone,
    I literally just got off the phone with an individual named Tim Balthasar, who is an employee of consolidated opportunities. As listed in previous posts, he gave the scripted explanation asking me for $150.00 to start up and not $295.00. I have been in sales/mgmt my entire working career and pointed out the tactics he used to attempt to close the deal by name. Thus bringing down the initial cost of start up.
    Meanwhile, I was online researching the obvious attempted fraud taking place. Thank you all for bringing this scam to light. I have some additional information for you all. I was told to check out a sample page and name had been shortened . I initially spoke to someone named Denise before she played a canned presentation for me afterward I was transfered to Tim, where he began his sales pitch.
    I told him that I was going to decline because I had found complaints and wasn't comfortable with proceeding.He very rudely said OH REALLY? Then hung up on me. I agree with everyone else on this page.
    The phone #'s I was contacted on were [protected] and [protected].

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      Feb 19, 2010

    I notified Pay Pal about this company immediately last September 09, they refuse to remove the charge. I have reported them to AL and AZ Attorney Gens Office. Plus, BBB AZ, FBI and other resources. I received Nothing from these people I am a Great Grand Mother with a critically ill husband. I got their bogus call as soon as I got a PayPal Credit Card. I cancelled the card immediately and paid the balance of 87.00 by Cashiers Check. Pay Pal are trying to collect 500.00 from me, I DO NOT owe the money. I don't trust their company and will not pay the charge that was cancelled with in 24 hours. I have sent PayPal full information about this fraud company yet they keep sending me statements and ringing my phone. I received nothing and I will pay nothing. Consolidated Opportunities who prey on the elderly should be in prison...all of them.

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      Feb 22, 2010

    I wanted to let it be known that this company also operates with Advanced Media Group.All the complaints I have read are the same that happened to me. Contact Arizona Attorney Generals Office and get a case number assigned. But my complaint was against Advanced Media Group; that company then offered a "free" opportunity in addition to what I paid for with Advanced Media Group. As before, no one would answer the calls when one tried to cancel within the 3 day period. They wouldn't return the money but offered a second opportunity with Consolidated Opportunities, to sell leads of clients who couldn't get approved through Advanced Media Group. They have operated under many different company names and change their own names as they proceed. I received yet another call for another "business opportunity" out of Phoenix a few days ago, and explained to the lady that called about being defrauded by Advanced Media and Consolidated Opportunities, and she replied that there had been some arrests involving Consolidated Opport. as reported in a Phoenix paper maybe a week ago or so. Keep in mind that over 90% of companies that operate out of Arizona are fraudulent companies. Why? Corporate laws are so lax and no one oversees their business practices. Contact the governor there also. She has a website. My local state attorneys office did nothing for me. Also contact Federal Trade Commision. Mention both companies. S. H

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      Feb 22, 2010

    They also operate under Low Rate Approvals

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      Feb 22, 2010

    I am glad I found some other people that have been ripped-off by these scammers. Count me in as one who forked over 5, 000.00 on a credit card. Right now I am researching tax law (my Turbo Tax doesn't go into it deeply enough) to find out if I (and now you good folks) can write the money we gave them as a "loss". Has anyone else looked into doing this?

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      Mar 05, 2010

    A person is in New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against "Consolidated Opportunities" along with some other dubious businesses. Search "COLUCCI v. BANK OF AMERICA" the case number is 2:2010cv01000 filed February 26, 2010. Go to to view the lawsuit. ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING coming out of Arizona is a RED FLAG. Hang up the phone, otherwise you might as well take your money and light it on fire. Unless you're lucky enough to have a credit card company that is on your side, great, but if it's one of the big ones, you will probably NEVER see your money again. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give your credit/debit/bank account card number to anyone who CALLS YOU. I apologize if I sound like I am lecturing, but I have been investigating one of the companies listed on the lawsuit for over a year, and I have found out that it is a BIG spider web of Limited Liability Companies, with lawyers owning some of the businesses, with convicted felons on the payroll, and whole families in the thick of it. Millions and millions of dollars are going into their pockets, and new million dollar homes, and my guess is offshore bank accounts. Contact the Attorney General in your state and ask that a "Cease and Desist" be issued against this company. If you can get that done the company is committing a crime if they contact anyone in your state and offer them a business opportunity, and are then in violation. FACTS are not considered defamatory. Only post the facts on complaints board, or you could be in the same place as 9 defendants who are right now fighting against defamation, aiding and abetting, etc. charges in a court of law in Arizona, after posting on the internet. Search "Bankcard Empire lawsuit".

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      Jun 23, 2010

    These guys are the [censor] of the earth and scam artist. They ripped me off for $8, 695.00 and I did not see a single penny. Keith Warner is a worthless piece crap he lied to me like the [censor] sucking dog that he is!!! He told me I could make 50 to 70k a year if I joined Consolidated Opportunities after I joined that loser would not even return my call. It looks like I was not the only one that got scammed by ConOpps

    I wrote and call the AZ Attorney General's (Terry Goddard) office they told me they would take action against Consolidated Opps if enough people wrote or call them and file a complaint against the company. I truly believe if enough people called or write to them they will have to take action and file charges against all the people that works or worked at ConOpps. They all should be sent to prison and made to do 20 years hard labor eating cold beans off a tin plate!!!

    Pls Don't let them get you crime call or write to the AZ State Attorney General's office. The phone number and address is below.

    If you would like to write here is the name and address

    Terry Goddard
    1275 West Washington Street
    Phoenix, AZ [protected]

    If you would like to call the numbers are

    [protected] or [protected]

    Remember you have nothing to lose but if you don't try you have lost!!!

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