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CompleteHome / Enrollment scam

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CompleteHome and Orchard Bank together are engaging in extremely misleading and false advertising.

I received a "live check" from "Orchard Bank" (nothing on the exterior about CompleteHome or any other company). I opened the check ($5.00) and, again, saw Orchard Bank and nothing in large or regular print about CompleteHome.

So, thinking I was receiving an end-of-the-year refund from my bank, I deposited the check and set aside the literature to read when I got back from work.

When I read through the fine print, I realized the check was an enrollment into CompleteHome and that I would be charge $119.99 for this obscure, unclear appliance club, "unless you call [protected] to cancel during the 30-day period, in which case your Orchard Bank credit card will not be charged."

So, I called the next business day and ended up on hold for a representative and spent half a day trying to get out of the service. I talked to two reps, a supervisor and I got a lawyer's (general) number before I found an "Executive Supervisor" who helped me.

The others said I didn't have a membership no. so they cldn't cancel my membership so I'd have to wait two or three weeks for my packet to arrive and then call to cancel. I said, why can't I just give you my information and you cancel my membership when the number arrives? I also offered to write a $5.00 check to the company to refund this "free" check they sent me.

In closing, I'm still not out of this but the Exec. Supervisor has promised that I can get out if I call her "directly" (an 800 number) in two weeks.

My complaint? This is extremely misleading advertising and a trick to get $120 and a membership from busy, everyday people. Some may not read the fine print and end up enrolled and have to try to get out after they are charged. Other very busy, financially-secure people may NEVER notice this enrollment and end up paying for this "service" for years!!

These types of consumer tricks abound and they should not be allowed. If the exterior of this check had said "CompleteHome" and not "Orchard Bank, " I never would have cashed it.

As are many working/family people, I'm extremely busy and should not be "blamed" for not always having time to read fine print on everything that appears to be coming from an institution that I do business with.

Thanks for allowing me to post this complaint. I hope others will read it and look out for this type of "trick" advertising that takes advantage of consumers.

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  • Li
      4th of Sep, 2008
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    Would you believe I got a letter from Wells Fargo Bank pussing the same scam.
    Thanks for forwarning me.

  • Ca
      14th of Jun, 2010
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    I also got a letter from Wells Fargo one thing it mentions.

    "with the first 30 days at no cost and only $13.99 a month or the THEN CURRENT FEE AFTER THAT."

    In other words, they can charge anything they want after the 30 days.

  • Jo
      14th of Jul, 2010
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    I also got the letter from welsFargo and I did not read it carefully, I sent it over to them about 2-3 weeks already... what should I do? I called by 1800 number and they said they did not received anything from me. They also said I should wait for two more weeks...Please help me with this problem...

  • Lu
      13th of Jul, 2011
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    i just got this from Wells Fargo in the mail... i have not done anything yet.. but instead of a check i have to sign a paper and they will send me a free ipod touch!! what do u guys think? should i do it then cancel?

  • Op
      14th of Jul, 2011
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    I got the same letter (with the touchscreen mp3) and was debating doing it and cancelling it...though I may actually use it since I just bought a house. Just something for you to notice doesn't say anything about it being an iPod, just a touchscreen it is probably a cheaper knock off.

  • Ji
      14th of Mar, 2015
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    A few days ago I opened a letter addressed to me from CompleteHome. I opened it because I happened to see the words "MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL NOTICE" through the return address window, otherwise I would have chucked it in the recycle basket like all the other junk mail. Later, I discovered that "MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL NOTICE" was not visible in the window unless the envelope was turned upside down and tapped so that the letter inside shifted to the top of the envelope. Anyway, I had no idea what it was all about, so I opened it.

    It read: "Your CompleteHome privileges will be automatically renewed at the $13.99 monthly membership fee, and deducted from the debit card account provided when you enrolled each month unless you decide not to continue. If you wish to cancel, please give us a call toll free at 1-866-640-7620 or visit [the website] before 03/14/2015 and you will owe nothing further."

    I emailed them, asking them to remove my name from whatever list they had me on and to refund whatever fees I had been charged, as I did not remember signing up for whatever it is they do. I received a prompt reply canceling my "membership" and saying that $13.99 was being credited to my account, which I saw had been posted to my Wells Fargo checking account.

    Then I got to wondering how long this had been going on...

    I started going back through my online statements and I discovered a debit of $13.99 in every single monthly statement all the way back to February...2010!! 61 months!! I did the math, and that's $839.40, accounting for the $13.99 "refund".

    Yes, I do feel "dumb"...but who goes through their paperless statements each month to pick out a stray $13.99 amount? And not a $14.00 charge, mind you, which might stand out a little more. No -- $13.99. And the transaction is labeled "Purchase Authorized" and is blended right in with all the other "Purchase Authorized" descriptions, like Safeway, Home Depot and Arco. But at least "Safeway" and "Home Depot" and "Arco" are distinguishable. Is "WF*Tlg Comphm53828"?

    Valerie, thank you for your original post and for providing me this chance to comment. I don't know if anyone is reading this. Maybe I'll see what I need to do to put this on as a post. Thanks.


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