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I placed an order for two very expensive pairs of shoes on on Monday, March 29. I received a confirmation email that day, but had not heard anything else about my order until Thursday, 4/1. I called their customer service line which sent me around and around the phone tree for several minutes and then dumped me into a voicemail. I left a voicemail with my information and requested a call back.

Several hours later, I received an EMAIL back instead of a PHONE CALL and they said they were "sorry" they could not fulfill my order. No reason why, just could not fulfill it. Do NOT put items on your website if they are not available and do NOT think that just because you have a customer service line and email address that you actually have CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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  • Ne
      25th of Sep, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. I placed the order for three pairs of shoes, and I paid with credit card. This took a while, only to get an email 5 days later that they cancelled the order due having none of the items in stock.

    Their inventory system should have a record in real time of what is in stock so that they DO NOT take orders unless they can fill them.

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  • It
      17th of Dec, 2010

    They do not give redunds on 90% of the items only store credits or exchanges. The refund policy states closeout or discount items. They should also include SALE items. No one answers the phone for customer service.

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  • Jr
      13th of Jul, 2011

    Should've listened to all your complaints... i placed my order Jul 10, didn't hear from them until I emailed them Jul 12, just to find out that the shoes were not available. I have been trying to email them to cancel my order and to give me a confirmation for cancelling and have not heard from them. I tried calling customer service a few times but there's no real person, it's all voicemail!

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  • Cr
      29th of Feb, 2012

    I bought my son in law shoes for Christmas present. i ordered them on nov 17th. They didn't fit so I sent them back after Christmas and was told I have to take a store credit. I didn't tell them they were a Christmas present when I ordered them, and their policy is cash back in 35 days. There was no way I could have returned them in 35 days if they were a Christmas present. However, if I would have told them when I ordered them, they were a Christmas present they would have given back cash.Customer service was rude, didn't answer the phone, don't return e-mails...don't do business with these people...

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  • Ma
      6th of Mar, 2012

    I bought my wife a pair of expensive Mephisto boots for her birthday in December. They arrived quickly enough but did not fit. I followed their directions for returning the merchandise the first week of January. I've called customer service several times, and have only been able to leave messages. I've emailed customer service several times and have never recieved a reply. Unfortunately, I paid with a debit card and have little recourse for getting a refund. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

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  • Cr
      6th of Mar, 2012

    Boy does that sound familiar! It seems to be their protocol to ignore messages, and not to return phone calls. (even if you can get thru)
    But if you do get to speak to a customer service person you will get no satisfaction or remedy. They like to give store credits and hope you forget about it or never use it because they expire in two years! I don't look for them to be in business long. Check out their status with BBB. Rating is and F...says is all

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  • Ma
      21st of Apr, 2012

    I placed an order on March 25th for a pair of shoes. I got a confirmation email right away but after 2 weeks my shoes still hadn't arrived. I emailed customer service and it turns out my shoes were never shipped and they said they would check with their warehouse. 5 days later I still hadn't heard anything so I asked for a refund unless my shoes were shipped that day. I got an email saying they shipped them the following day. It has been 11 days now since that email and still no shoes (almost 30 days since I placed the order). I paid with paypal and am going to put in a complaint to get my money back. What is with this company?? I would NOT recommend shopping there!

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  • Sl
      11th of May, 2012

    Wow! Same thing happened to me. Did you all receive your money back>>>?

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  • Fl
      13th of Jun, 2012

    Looks like this is just what this company does, I ordered shoes, received a notice that they were not in stock after they took my money from Paypal. I think but in a claim with paypal for a refund, amazingly i got an email that somehow the shoes were now in stock. I said to go ahead and send, to which I never received them nor was given any tracking notification. Am continuing dispute with Paypal for refund. I would avoid like a plague.

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  • Sa
      4th of Sep, 2012

    The SAME thing happened to be. I had to contact my bank to dispute the $140 charge for shoes I never received!

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  • Un
      13th of Sep, 2012

    Exactly the same here! I placed an order on 5th September 2012 and got an automated confirmation email. I emailed a question right away and haven't heard anything in a week, so I followed up asking why my email wasn't replied and order not sent. NOTHING. I placed a PayPal dispute yesterday after seeing this thread and emailed. STILL NOTHING!
    The company owner is Beverley and she has a protected twitter page Typical. plus as you see she is deleting any bad comments on her Facebook
    Lets get this sorted out people, Beverley W should not be trading online.

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  • Un
      13th of Sep, 2012

    Here you go, even more information on this company and Beverley DO NOT BUY FROM COMFORTFEETSHOP.COM

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  • Sh
      3rd of Oct, 2012

    Absolutely appalling service! They didn't respond to my email asking where my order was for 3 weeks. My emails prior to their reply requested they cancel the order and refund due to lack of communication. I opened a PayPal dispute to get my money back. A whole week after that they finally made that response sending a tracking number and an email saying it's too late, they're sent. They are sly money grabbers who will only send your item if you open a dispute because they know you can't do anything about it. I can't even send the shoes back now because they won't pay the return shipping.

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  • Ei
      3rd of Feb, 2013


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  • An
      22nd of Dec, 2013

    I SHOULD HAVE READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE BUYING FROM THEM. I never received my items, shocking and have had to resort to opening a Paypal dispute the charges. Avoid them like the plague

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  • Dj
      29th of Dec, 2013

    I placed an order Nov 27 for Christmas gift. AFter a few weeks and looking online (they still listed the items as in stock) I emailed. They said they were sold out of the products and getting a new shipment on December 13 (remember they still has this items as "in stock" on their site). I said that was fine, I didn't need to cancel my order as long as I WOULD RECEIVE IT BY CHRISTMAS). After not receiving it a few days after Dec. 13, they indicated there was a problem with the warehouse and that they should be shipped out the Monday or Tuesday before Christmas. Would I like to cancel my order or they could give me an additional discount. At this point it was too late to order from someone else to get it before Christamas so I said I would just take the additional discounts and that the monday or tuesday shipment would be fine. Well, it is Now Dec. 29, no additional discount (they did charge me for my order which I have not received) and no boots either. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING SINCE, NO RESPONSED TO EMAILS, NO CREDIT, NOT BOOTS, NOTHING. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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  • Ab
      1st of Jan, 2014

    I ordered a pair of shoes on October 17th which did not arrive until November 13. They did not fit and I tried to get preauthorization to return them. I was completely unable to reach them, other than an answering machine. At this point, I have returned the $323 shoes and traced it by USPS to their office. I haven't heard from them and after reading the comments above, I am sure I may never get my money back. Paypal was no help because there was such a long delay between the time when I paid and when I received the shoes that the time for Paypal to review it had expired. I'm wondering about contacting the GA Attorney General's Office. Terrible company and Paypal should not deal with them.

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  • Co
      17th of Jan, 2014

    Hi Adella,
    Please note the email we sent you on 10/23/13 advising that the Arche Musiq style you ordered was on back order until approximately 11/25/13. You did not request to cancel your order. Our inbox is cleared out daily as we respond to all messages. Oftentimes, our emails do go to spam folders but we have no way of knowing when that happens. Many customers do not understand that their email account will automatically filter us to spam.
    Your order shipped ahead of schedule on 11/11 and was delivered to you on 11/14. You then returned the shoes to us without receiving authorization to do so, but we did not receive the return until 12/18, almost a month after you received the order.
    We refunded your PayPal account on 12/27 through the dispute you filed. We did not even know that you returned your order because you sent the shoes back without any information, and we had no way to track who it came from. Only when you filed the dispute were we able to locate it, and so we refunded the payment in the dispute.

    ** TO ALL CUSTOMERS: PLEASE LEAVE A VOICEMAIL IF YOU CALL US. IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE A VOICEMAIL, WE HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING YOU CALLED! We cannot return a phone call that we have no record of receiving. All voicemails are responded to within an hour if left during business hours, and the following day if left after business hours. All emails are responded to however most email services direct our messages to spam. YOU MUST add us to your contacts list in order to receive our messages. We have looked into all of these reviews and most stem from a stock notification we sent not being delivered to your inbox.

    *Also, our system DOES NOT charge your card until after confirmed tracking is entered. If you sent a payment via PayPal, that is out of our control as PayPal transfers the funds instantly. We do not have access to withdraw funds from your PayPal account like we can with a credit card. The only way we receive a payment through PayPal is when the customer sends us the funds.

    We ask that if any customer has an issue with their order, or our service, please contact us during normal business hours so we can discuss and rectify the situation. We strive for customer satisfaction and are always willing to work with our customers to provide that satisfaction. Our offices hours are MONDAY-FRIDAY from 9:00am to 4:00pm Eastern time.
    If you do not receive a response to your email within 24-48 hours, please call us during business hours to ensure we received your message, or to confirm that our response to you did or did not go to spam.

    We welcome all who left reviews on this board to contact us to resolve the issues at hand. Unfortunately all reviews are anonymous and we cannot contact you directly.

    Best Regards,

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  • Si
      6th of Feb, 2014

    TERRIBLE COMPANY. NEVER EVER BUY FROM COMFORTFEET. I ordered a black pair of Eccos from them. No e-mails were sent for a whole week regarding shipping. Thank Goodness I paid with Paypal and was able to file a complaint. Comfortfeet claims they sent me e-mails that they ran out of the black shoes in my size and only had brown or rust. I swear on my grand-mother's grave they sent me no such e-mails. Paypal refunded my money back.

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  • Co
      14th of Feb, 2014

    Hello Vincent,
    Here are only a few of the emails we attempted sending you. Also, we provided this information in the PayPal dispute which you were able to view, so you just swore to something knowing you were lying. Here are the emails:

    5TH ATTEMPT - URGENT!!!: Regarding PAYPAL DISPUTE / 4TH ATTEMPT AT COMMUNICATING: Receipt #RC00002000068593, Lum, Alloy Sales - [protected] Jan 24to Vince.Lum Hi Vince, WE sent the following email on 1/21 and have not received a response: ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: <[protected]>Date: Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 8:47 AM
    Subject: Regarding PAYPAL DISPUTE / 4TH ATTEMPT AT COMMUNICATING: Receipt #RC00002000068593, Lum, Alloy Sales - VinceTo: Vince.[protected]
    Hi Vince, We have sent you numerous emails asking you to advise how you wanted to proceed with your order.

    We see that you have opened a
    PayPal dispute and they will now keep the funds on hold until 2/7/14
    while they investigate, during which time we cannot issue a refund. Once
    the funds are placed on hold, they are removed from our account and we
    no longer have access to the money in which we need in order to issue a

    Once you close the dispute, we
    can issue an immediate refund. If you do not close the dispute, we will
    not be able to issue a refund until 2/7/14.
    We are now cancelling your order due to your lack of response to our previous emails. Some are forwarded below.Regards, TessCustomer Service

    to Vince Hi Vince,
    have sent you multiple emails trying to contact you regarding your
    order. Here is the most recent, which was in response to your first
    email from yesterday: [protected]
    2:36 PM (17 hours ago)
    to Vince.Lum
    Hi Vince, Thank
    you for your inquiry. We had sent an email on 1/13 advising that the
    Ecco Helsinki style you ordered was no longer available in Black size
    39. We advised that we do have the other two colors available in that
    size - Rust and Cocoa Brown.
    Would you like one of the available colors?Regards, TessCustomer Service

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  • Co
      9th of Sep, 2014

    I got completely ripped off by this company:
    They sell fake brand name at "discount prices...
    When you confront them they claim that "someone probably switched the shoes in the mail".
    I called the Better Business Bureau in Georgia and they said that this company Comfort Feet and the owner
    Gary wasilewsky had over 71 complaint against them, and I have no chance of getting my money back.
    Can someone help me?
    Do you have any idea how to report this scam?

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