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Combined Insurance / Do not use this company

1 4835 LBJ Freeway Suite 600, Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-7004290

I am embarrassed by what has happened to please bear with me. I too was a victim of these heartless crooks at combined insurance. I really wished I had gone to this web site first. My story goes like a lot of yours. I posted my resume on I got around 100 responses. Someone from Combined Insurance called and offered me salary plus commission. I was surprised that I would get salary PLUS commission selling insurance. It sounded too good to be true. I should have known better. If it sounds too good to be true in is.

The interview was high energy. I told them I had a sick spouse and could not travel and was told no problem. When I filled out the paper work I elect the least amount of travel, which was 10%. I was again assured that travel would be very limited. I was told they wanted me to be a manager and that my territory would be close to home.

When I went to school I was pressured into staying at the hotel even though I lived not too far away. That was the first week away from my wife. I had a license already. The school was all feel good stuff pumping PMA and W C Stone's psychobabble. The Combined School of Brain-Washing is really good.

As soon as I graduated we went on an Ardmore or whatever the hell they called it in Nowhere Texas where we had to sell to Eustis Banks and be chased by Courage the Cowardly Dog. (Week 2 away from my wife). My trainerĀ if you can call her that was the most self-centered person I have ever met. She admitted, datingĀ 3 customers and hinted that she slept with them to get them to sign a contract. She could not pay her bills and often talked of suicide. Management told me that she was the highest producer in the country, (most likely another lie). I asked that I be moved to another trainer because she was scaring me. When she was told she would not be training me, she was furious and started accusing me of crazy stuff like writing my initials in her vehicle and stealing money.

Then off we went to another remote town of deranged in-breads. We continued town hopping and never finishing an assignment. My manager was now training me. He was ok I guess. He seemed like a man who had lost all hope and had just given in. Then I was informed I would be going to some town I never heard of that was 5 hours away. Finally I said enough I am not going out of town anymore. Management was furious. I reminded them that I told them from the beginning I was not able to do all this traveling. Their efforts to make me feel worthless and guilty fell on deaf ears.

Upper management often called me and told me I need to focus on the company and not my ill wife. I need to sell, sell, sell. They also were upset because I would not travel anymore. I made $400.00 on the first check followed by $200.00 then nothing. NOTHING? How can that be? Well maybe they got it in too late.

Then I found this web site. Boy was I surprised. So I quit Combined and I want to thank everyone who shared his or her stories. Unfortunately by the time I saw this, my water had been turned off and my lights will go out any day now.

I went to a job fair and I was offered a job by one of the nations largest companies with salary plus commission. The exception was they put it in writing. Yes I did check this site before signing anything and found no such problems.

I still have not been paid by combined. MY manager said he did not remember me turning in anything for the past two weeks. I told him I had a receipt for the checks I turned in and he suddenly remembered them. Then said that my pay was under $50.00 and they will not write me a check for anything under $50.00. I don't have the receipts for the ones that renewed and had the automatic withdrawal and of course they will not pay me for that because I cannot PROVE it. So all in all they are stealing my last two paychecks.

Over the last week Combined customers have been calling me saying that combined is taking out more than they signed up for. So far 3 customers have called and complained to me about Combined taking money out and one lady is now in a negative balance because Combined emptied her account. One customer told me she canceled 3 months ago and Combined is still taking money out of her check. When customer call me to complain I always send them to and you should too.

Thank you everyone. Although I have no water and soon will have no lights, you saved my house. I will get paid by my new company in time to make the mortgage and enough to get my utilities turned back on.


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  • In
      27th of Feb, 2009

    Grow up.

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  • Ca
      25th of Sep, 2009

    this guy was obviously not ready to do some work, selling is work and you better put something
    into it unless you don't want get paid, the biggest co in the wouldn't hire you with this attitude, you lack maturity to do this try Mc Donald's, , combined is not the scam
    this guy is the problem

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  • Ca
      25th of Sep, 2009

    quit whinning and try winning, go to work

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  • Ma
      5th of Oct, 2009

    I had a very similar experience with Combined. For those of you who work or worked for them know what the Gold Pal award is. Its where you sell 5000 dollars of APV your first week in the field. And out of all of that selling I got a wopping 350 bucks after taxes. After being told by my managers that hitting my Gold Pal award would make me about 1500 dollars before taxes.

    So for the people who think he just needs to grow up, stop whinning and put more into his work. Must not be able to find real jobs and think that Combined is the best thing out there. Or more likely the best thing they can get!

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  • Jb
      2nd of Dec, 2009

    0! I currently work for the company and have been with the company for about three months, i have made 14, ooo.00 less taxes and i am a beginner

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  • Hu
      25th of Jan, 2010

    I worked for Combined in the early part of 1999 and 2000 and trust me, the company is a JOKE. The one good thing is the training, if you are single that is, because you will get laid lol. I went to Richmond and watched the Ravens win the Super Bowl in 2000 while a bunch of hotel room hopping was going on. I was sent to Richmond and "Sales school" and actually had a good time. However, the company will make sure you get a decent check the first week, about half of that the second week and then you are finished. All in all, go for the training, which is actually decent, get your license and party a bit..all on the company. Outside of is 100 percent JOKE!! It is sort of a cult actually and some take it WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. If you want to get into insurance..find a reputable company..not Combined. Watch out for the Cult of the blue book LOL

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  • Ga
      18th of Feb, 2010

    Someone who said that they were from Combined just visited my place of employment. I don't know if is is typical practice of Combined employees to be as vague about their company as possible, but this representative would not give out any information without setting up an appointment first. On top of this behavior she was extrememly rude and pushy. When we asked if Combined had a website we were given a very coarse, and defensive, "Yes... Why, you don't think we exist?" She was not making a joke, I assure you. I also don't mean to judge but she was not dressed professionaly. I just don't see how one could take someone that looked and behaved the way she did seriously. I have no opinion on Combined as a company, mostly because I don't know how legitimate their existence is. Just be cautious about anyone who comes in trying to sell you something.

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  • Co
      22nd of Feb, 2010

    As a manager currently with Combined I agree with all of your complaints. Combined first off will hire anyone with a pulse simply because everyone gets hiring bonuses. Secondly the company is somewhat of a joke, yes they have a good reputation and do pay claims I have seen it, I have gotten my clients a lot of money. Then on the flip side a claim will get denied outta no where for no apparent reason. If an agent is not trained properly or have good ethics and willingness to fight for the customer you can kiss all your money goodbye. I do not carry any policies with them for the simple reason that me, as an agent, now a manager have had claims denied. Weird right? The only reason I am still with the company now is for management experience while I look for another job and because I am salaried, I would not be with them still if I had to be pounding the pavement as its called and be commissioned only. Thirdly, I would go to the training for sure! We are the only company that pays for license training and sales school, why not go get all of this done for little or no cost to you? And like it was said in an earlier post you might have a good time, if you are single. If you are not single and you start this job, you will become single, everyone in the company is over worked. When I first started I didn't have a family so working long hours was not a problem and I made good money at it. However after getting married and having our baby I tried to keep work to a 9-5 job, working only 1 or 2 evenings a week. Needless to say that did not sit well with the company and upper management. I have witnessed many agents and managers miss important family events or personal things that any "normal" person would not have missed. Just in my state alone the divorce rate among combined employees is just under 90%. There are only literally a hand full of people that are still HAPPILY married, happily being the key word.

    Over all this company can be good, but it also has its downfalls. There are certain areas and certain agents that do this job and do it well. I would only start this job for experience and getting started in the insurance industry. After that I would look into something a little more professional than being a door to door sales man the rest of your life. For the right person it might be the right job.

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  • Pi
      4th of Apr, 2010

    I have been with the company for eight years. Sales is always a tough career. If it was easy everyone would do it. But since ACE has taken over it is impossible. The only concern is for profits.

    I must admit Combined has been good to me over the years but that has all changed. The sales force in my state has gone from 150 to 25. If you are considering Combined for a career...RUN!

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  • Bb
      29th of Jun, 2010

    I had met a represenatative at a job fair and was e mailed an Application. So far so good. Went to the "Interview" Got there early and heard the "Motivational Speech" and yelling The OFFICE was a "conference room" starting to suspect something is wrong. Lots of Selling motivational HYPE. thanks for the watch out clues...

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  • Ma
      13th of Jul, 2010

    this combined is not the job to go for as i have worked with them. Do not go near them. You will do all the hours god send's and ur family will break up.mine nearly did. They say you can make at least 1.000 pounds a week.maybe if you have no soul and the only thing you think about is yourself and money that is. cons the lot of them
    i was in a real good job, watch i was taking home 500.00 a week, then my friend said for me to come work for him in combine, so i did. the most i earned was 258.00 in one week, bad week, 28.00.
    do not go near these people as they are con's.They have been mis selling there S.H.I.P policy for more than 2 years, telling people that if you take out a policy you get best doctors free, well u do get it free.But what they have been doing is telling the policy holder that your family get best docter's also free, not the case. It's only ever been the policy holder that get it's free.And yes there are more things that i could tell you about these people.

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  • Wp
      24th of Jul, 2010

    So sad, I was with them for 14 years, best move of my life. I worked hard and was paid accordingly. I did not ask for salary because at the time it was full commission. This was in 1984. I was making more than most people and enjoyed the benefits. I met a lot of really nice people. I especially liked to go into towns that the person said (inbred) because they were the nicest and enjoyed speaking with someone who knew the products and once they feel comfortable, leads were plentiful. I left because 14 yrs in direct sales management is a long time, and saw no upward movement. Now my situation has changed. But I am willing to guess that this person was very weak in the selling area and wanted a paycheck just to get by, sorry but Combined Insurance is no scam..they pay their benefits and pay their employees.

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  • Up
      17th of Aug, 2010

    Combined Insurance is a joke and a rip off period. Don’t buy it and don’t sell it ...I worked for them 1988 to 1993... As a sales manager never made much money.I was a top producer obtained all the awards including 3 diamond awards and on average I earned less than minimum wages as an agent being sales manager was a little better than minimum wage but the hours were ridiculous staying in hotels all the time and paying for them yourself. They in official training not to lie or omit information but in the pal and infield training showed you all the ways to mislead people like an accident policy might be inferred it covered illness. Or people age 70 who only received half the benefit were made to believe they would receive full benefits. And there 1000’s of other types of un ethical behavior .. Beware stay away far away you have been warned… by the way the garranteed income for the first 8 weeks are never ever honored you have to meet so many requirements .. no one qualifies they only servive because they keep finding new suckers policyholder suckers and new agent suckers the more info we can get out the less people will be sucked in by there carefully crafted
    confidence scam.

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  • Ri
      10th of Sep, 2010

    Combined Insurance is not a joke or a rip off. Someone mentioned, "Sales is always a tough career. If it was easy everyone would do it." That's the truth. You either can do the job or you can't. After reading some of these posts I'm shocked that you people with obvious negative personalities were even hired into the company. To be in sales, self-motivation is an asset you MUST contain!

    Think about it...If you're an agent, you start off working 5 days a week, make a lot of money, then you realize you could literally go golfing/shopping/fishing instead of working & no one would know! Sounds like filling your working days with "fun activities" has a huge potential to become a habit, right? Then you get canned because you're NOT WORKING, so your sales significantly decrease as a result, & a decline in production is definitely giving you a terrible attitude because you're broke! Now you spend your time sitting at home in the dark, unemployed, writing unrealistic complaints that blame everyone but yourself.

    The person who said this:--------------------------------------------------> "Its where you sell 5000 dollars of APV your first week in the field. And out of all of that selling I got a wopping 350 bucks after taxes. After being told by my managers that hitting my Gold Pal award would make me about 1500 dollars before taxes. So for the people who think he just needs to grow up, stop whinning and put more into his work. Must not be able to find real jobs and think that Combined is the best thing out there. Or more likely the best thing they can get!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obviously you are a completely unrealistic liar..$5, 000 APV and you were paid only $350, huh? This is a very good example of someone trying to say the job was a joke but really they just couldn't cut it. Is the "real job" you found one in which you do next to nothing, hate going to work each day, & make only enough income to survive because you are lazy? You have to work for your money in sales...

    The most beneficial thing about selling insurance is helping people! If you keep that in mind instead of only thinking numbers...the money comes naturally & in large amounts! While some people are writing untrue junk about my company, I'll continue to feel great about how much my job will help policyholders if/when something unexpected happens.

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  • Co
      31st of Jan, 2011

    Combined is a great company to work for, I have been with the company for 9 months and have had two promotions. I have strong work ethics and professionalism which is key in a career in sales. Sales is challenging, not everyone can do it and it really comes down to that. In these 9 months I have made 59K, believe me not easy, I can honestly say I worked hard for that money and deserve every penny of it. To the person that commented on Mr. W. Clement stone, that is the philosophy of the company, and really what distinguishes Combined from any other insurance company. Everyone is motivated indifferent ways, mine is being able to provide for my family. So if a person is looking for a "job", this is not the place for you, here at Combined we are looking for individuals that are looking to build a career, the beauty about it, these people weed them out.

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  • Ja
      11th of Feb, 2011

    I used to work for them in the early 90s. I agree with the comments on here. The training is good, I was put in a 4 star hotel with all the food provided and the training was simple. I scored 96% on the main exam. However, the job was absolutely crap. Following a days work on a Tuesday they expected me to go to a 'motivational' team meeting and tell everyone the 'Good News' !! WTF is the good news. I got up and walked out and explained I had commitments on evenings outside of the job. It did not go down too well with the management but that was how it was and I refused to go to these meetings that I did not get paid for. They also wanted me to go on an Ardmore over 100 miles from home and expected me to pay for my own accommodation. I did not go to that. To cap it off I went to a re-visit to renew a policy to a male. When I arrived he was in a wheel chair and told me he only bought the original policy to get the 'Stupid Cow' to shut up and leave and asked 'did he look like he needed that kind of insurance'. This was one of similar re-visits. I quit the next day as my conscience did not allow me to pressurise old, infirm, disabled and otherwise vulnerable people out of money they did not have.
    The company is a total joke and lacks morals. But, go to the training, have a blast at their expense and quit!!

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  • An
      11th of Mar, 2011

    Wow. Where do I begin? I will try to keep this short, as most people wont read a really long post...and I want people to hear this. I worked for Combined Insurance for years. I was an agent (high producing), and then a TM. First off, any company that has to teach agent how to sell, how to talk to people, how to "stick to a script" is hiring the wrong people. If you don't know how to sale naturally, you shouldn't be in the business. They expect you to pay for thousands of dollars out of pocket in travel. They hook you with the "salary" but they fail to tell you that a lot of your salary will be held back. They make your statements impossible to read and I still think I got ripped off for years. They will hire anyone, expect TMs to train to proficancy then let people fail so they don't have to pay residuals over time to those agents. They want people to fail!!! It's cheaper. They hook people with "providing leads" which are nothing more then beat up current clients. I could keep going but my laptop is going to not waste anytime in your career, the way I did!!!

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  • Tr
      24th of Mar, 2011

    My husband has an interview tomorrow with combined insurance, and after reading some of the comments I don't think it is worth our time. He is very professional and a good person. He is willing to work hard at sales if the benefits are there. He was told that he would receive salary plus commissions, but am questioning this. Any further comments from past employees would be helpful. He wants a professional career with a good company.

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  • Mk
      29th of Mar, 2011

    I worked with combined for a few months and made barley any money but nearly 6 months after leaving the company i have received a letter saying I owe them around £500.00 from my retention account I am sure this is wrong especially as they should of sent that letter after 3 months of leaving the company as you cannot have charge backs from customers after three months but have no proof as i foolishly threw away my retention account letters a long time ago as I thought I was done with the company.

    I was just wondering if this had happened to anyone else and if so what did you do?

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  • An
      17th of Apr, 2011

    To be successful in the sales industry, you need to treat the job like you own the business. Be prepared to make sacrifices to get your product out there, never say "i cant" because that closes up any possibilities of ever being successful. Don't work for the money, work for the priceless experience. Analise an obstacle, why cant i sell to the people of Texas? If you don't know then ask someone. It could be because they feel like you are too different to them and they can't trust you. Then make them trust you! Study their culture a bit so you can be on their wavelength, then show them what insurance options they have. Let them know that they could get alcohol poisoning from all the moonshine they consume and it could not be long before their liver fails! If you make them feel like you actually care about their financial security then chances are they'll start caring too.
    As for your interesting trainer, what she does to close sales is not your business. But if you really wanted to get her for her idiocy, then you should've provided evidence. Its only obvious that she'd deny everything and point the finger at you instead. You should've known that and been more tactful towards the situation.
    And if you go to a town thinking of its inhabitants as "deranged inbreeds" then its no wonder why they don't want your product. Better your attitude.

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