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Collection Agency / conartists!!!!!

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8668264101

They are scam artists who are not looking to get the loan or whatever is in collections with them paid, they are instead looking for personal information. They got my social security number from me. I was stupid in that regards, but thank goodness I have common sense. I was offered a deal to pay back on a personal loan which went to collections with them. The total amount was about $8000 or so. Michael Peterson, spoke to me said if I could get them $1000 by 2/26/10, I could then pay $100 per month for 12 months and then we would make another arraingement at that point for the balance. I wouldn't accrue any interests in the interim. I agreed to do this. I called my bank and asked what was the best way to make these payments and protect my identity, my bank info, as well as, my bank account from being withdrawn without permission. They suggested I do a bill pay online. Which meant that the collection agency would receive a cashier's check directly from my bank within 4 days (well before the deadline given of the 26th) and then they would receive their $100 every month on whichever day they chose to be convinient to them. This would also arrive in a cashier's check.
Michael Peterson would not honor the arraingement unless I gave him my bank account number. Even though, this arraingement is better for them because a cashier's check is as good as cash, so they are assured it will not bounce, and the monthly payments are sent directly from the bank to them, so they would also never bounce and never be late. He would not let me speak to his supervisor, no matter how much I asked. When I requested to speak to Mr. Pezzuto directly, I was forwarded to a general voicemail. When I called again to request to speak to Mr. Peterson's supervisor, I was transferred to M.r Peterson, who continued to tell me that I had no deal with them unless I gave them my bank account number. He said that he was not going to do anything to my account, but it is obvious that there are suspicious motives when they won't accept the money, unless they can get their hands on my bank account number. I began to search the web for information on these people, and found pages of complaints, and other unethical, and even probably illegal behaviours.
They are harrasing me to pay this debt. I am willing to pay it. But they don't want to accept my money, unless I give them my personal, private and confidential information.
Something is very fishy about that.

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