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Coin MD by Tom McMurrain / anonymous medical advice

3 United States Review updated:

This is more of a concern about the potential for people getting hurt and medical malpractice lawsuits. The concern is very valid since the founder of the company is Tom McMurrain and is a known convicted felon that scammed people for 9 million dollars years ago. He appears to be at it again and I just wanted to alert people to this should they find this post while doing their research about the company or services. This is a huge concern and there are already people sending Bitcoins to this scam.

Aug 28, 2017
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  • Ti
      9th of Apr, 2018
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    Agreed! McMurrain seems to be a serial scammer. After spending 68 months in prison for Ponzi fraud, he soon-after leapt feet first into promoting such schemes as TVI Express, Zeek rewards, Solvaei (sp?), and the notorious ONECOIN - a pseudo cryptocurrency under criminal investigations the world over.

    There is TONS of info on this character, including this scary story:

  • No
      10th of Aug, 2018
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    Is he being investigated. Cant something be done about this freak!

  • El
      19th of Sep, 2018
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    Please meet him, work with him and then judge him if you dare! You guys are pointing four fingers right back at yourselves. Judge NOT less YE be judged. How shameful, that you would take a 19 year old conviction of which he admits and talks about openly about his mistake. Please also be clear to tell everyone here that he paid out lots of money for that because he made money after the fact. He did his time. He paid his crime! I am sure you guys are totally innocent? Huh. Amazing. Since we’ve never met I won’t judge you and visa versa!

    I’ve met him been in a conference with him. Earned money from CoinMD. Traded the stock myself! Before you go on with your rampage, please show up in person to a conference and talk with him in person. Unless of course, you can’t make it, then I understand.

    It is amazing what people will gravitate to off the internet! Who is the real scammer? UNEDUCATED PEOPLE who don’t do their due diligence and don’t do face to face meetings.


    Watch how other multimillionaires treat him with respect!

    If you are reading this, don’t take advice from people that don’t know how to make money! He’s made things right with his ventures, leave the past where it belongs! In the past!

    WOW, if you have a negative response after this, you prove the very point, that you have NOT met him recently and ALL of your NEWS is OLD!


    Latest NEWS and CoinMD is growing and joining other ventures that trust CoinMD as well.



  • Sc
      26th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Eli Hernandez People are investing in CoinMD based on a business plan that does not exist and with a proven conman. There is no technology, no cryptocurrency, no healthcare provider network, no public exchanges, no retail value creator, and no buyer demand except speculators looking to dump their coins for a profit. All marketing materials are focused on the income opportunity selling cryptocurrency coins rather than the healthcare service. Only MLM affiliate investors are joining the service, no retail customer.

    CoinMD is a scam! The blockchain is real but CoinMD is not.

  • El
      10th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    If you understand anything about building a business, then you would have a clearer explanation about time element structures. You can’t build this overnight! Look at the white paper structure that was put into place over two years ago. Everything on that white paper has been accomplished! Everything! So, your scamming concept relies on what was done wrong and 19 years ago to about 7 years ago! I’m speaking about the last 3 years! I already posted making money and have made more than originally talked about. You don’t have time believe me as people will do what they want. Why don’t you and Tom have a face to face meeting so you can be clear when you speak! Stop speaking about what you are assessing by what you think you know when in reality you don’t actually know anything (it appears) about the destiny of CoinMD. There are so many parts coming together at this time that your input is a MUTE 🤐 point. However, I don’t believe you care to make things right, you just like to follow the crowd of negative speech that some have chosen to embrace. Do what you want sir/madam. We believe and continue to work with CoinMD
    Quite the contrary, at this time, CoinMD IS NOT a scam. Btw, I’m a vendor coming onboard with my products through CoinMD. Keep your eyes on cmd and watch what happens next.
    Some bloggers choose to be like the media and the recently elected judge. They live by the trash can and those things thrown away.

  • El
      10th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    Check the story of Benjamin Franklin. Check the story of William Penn, that established Pennsylvania. Check the story of Winston Churchill. They all had a past. If we were to use their past as a measuring tool for their present, we would not except any of these men who we consider great leaders in their respective fields. If bloggers
    would’ve posted on these three men they would lovhave use the same process some of you are using. You take the past and create a destiny on
    someone’s motives by their past mistakes. You interpret their websites, you describe their mission, and you attempt to know them personally. However, you have never met them or sat down to talk with them to find out the real them at this current time. It’s amazing how this world has changed in 100 years. If I have erred, I would rather error on the side of forgiveness and a second chance. CoinMD is a company of second chances. If you don’t like or believe in second chances then please stay away from CoinMD.

  • El
      10th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    Please forgive the spelling errors ... if you believe in second chances.

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