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Coast Gas - 885 Salinas Road, Watsonville, CA / Deceptive business practices!

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I guess it is typical for propane dealers not to send out bills. When they make a delivery, they leave a bill and you are expected to pay it in a timely fashion. Ok idea, although i am used to dealing with a utility company that bills monthly for usage, but that's my problem...

Having said that, we added a gas dryer to our house in march. We had to have the propane supplier come out and modify the dryer from natural gas to propane. I knew there would be a service charge, the man who came out was very nice and handed me a receipt for the work. I expected a bill in the mail. Several months later i get a bill pas due with pas due charges. Called coast gas and got a really snitty lady "this is your second time on this account that you've paid late" who stated that i should have paid the amount shown on the receipt the tech gave me. I took that and my tail between my legs feeling pretty foolish. Then i found the receipt.

The receipt only stated that the work would cost $80 an hour and had no specific amount to be paid, nor did it state in was to be paid.

Needless to say, we are now switching to another propane supplier. I feel lucky that we did not run out of propane, according to other complaints on this list. Our new supplier has put a satellite gadget on the tank that tells them when we run low and need a refill. Gas is 40-50 cents a gallon cheaper that coast gas salinas. Good riddance, coast.

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  • Di
      16th of Aug, 2007
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    A friend of mine needed to get Coast gas. So we went to the Quincy Office to ask about it. The two women that were in there were very rude to us. So we left. They didn't seem to understand what we wanted. We had someone call them and they were rude to her. I hope these women get fired and no one gets propane from them.

  • Ke
      3rd of Nov, 2007
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    It is currently Saturday, Nov.3 2007 and I'm sitting in my apartment in Quincy freezing my a$$ off because Coast Gas shut me off. I'm looking at my latest bill-$37.72, due by 11-05-07. Prior Balance-0.00. These people are the Ernestine of propane. "We don't care. We're the Gas Company. We don't have to."

    This isn't the first time. Earlier this summer, my girlfriend received three phone calls over a three week period telling me that I owed them money on a past due and I had to come down with an outrageous sum of cash to pay it. I called the office twice to ask what this was about to be told that there was nothing wrong with my bill-all signs showed my account to be current. The third time I went down there after work to be told by the Snits that I had a bad check and --> I <-- should have known that. Maybe I'm not the best at keeping up with such things, but if I'm getting phone calls about money owed, THEY certainly should have known why.

    I'm going to go put a coat on and hope it's an unusually warm weekend. And Monday (on the due date) I'm contacting councilors to find out if I have any legal recourse in this matter. I've had enough.

  • D
      27th of May, 2008
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    Coat gas is the worst ! the people in the office are rude and not helpfull at all. They will call you about the bill even befor you get one in the mail. Even the drivers had told me how things are done there, I could not beleve it. I was also told If i switched gas companies there would be problems, Some kind of threat I assumed.

  • Te
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    Coast Gas has the worst in customer service!

    They red tagged my tank (did not even tell me) and I called them to say I am getting low on propane - how come they have not come to fill it up - they said they red tagged it so they won't come out again until I call. Well, thanks for telling me its red tagged! Now I am out of propane and they are telling me I have to get the pressure test done and that is on a 2 week waiting list.

    The guy finally comes out and says it was incorrectly red tagged and there is nothing wrong with the tank but I still get a bill for a $95 service call!! I refuse to pay.

    I finally got rid of them and told them to come and get their tank. They took 4 months just to come and get the tank! I should have charged them for the rental fee! Now they are telling me I still owe them $95 for the pressure test I did not even need and I am not even their customer anymore. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE

  • Db
      27th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Coast Gas has the worst customer service. They will not remove a leaking tank. I am calling the authorities in hopes to get the tank removed. No concern for saftey and careless about serving their customers.

  • Up
      3rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    17 year customer who has finally had it with Coast Gas. They NEVER return phone calls. Called for delivery. Waited 10 business days ( 2 weeks)- no delivery. Big rain storm = wet steep road so I waited 1 week for road to dry. Called and was told I would get a delivery that week - no delivery. Called and was told I would get a delivery on Tuesday - no delivery! Finally their district manager said our road was unsafe! What? It's been FINE for 17 years - its even BETTER then when we first moved into this house. Coast never called to tell me the driver would not deliver to be my house - they just keep 'rescheduling' my delivery. They lost a good customer of 17 years.

  • Da
      8th of Jan, 2013
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    There are few companies more crooked then Coast Gas. If you have to use them, do not allow them to set you up on automatic filling unless you require that they call prior to coming as they will over-charge you in ways you can't even imagine. Our bill every fill up for nearly 3 years was around $200 and then Coast bought the local company out. Our next bill was $700. When I called to ask why their answer was simply that we used that much gas. We checked the tank regularly as it was our only heat source and only two days prior to the full up the tank, a 250 gallon was at 65%. That means a 15% fill up which should have cost about $120 or less.
    Watch out for these crooks.

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