CNACashier & Supervisor giving equally bad service

I selected a CD and headed to the cashier. I wanted to pay for CD as well as purchase a gift voucher. Upon which the cashier said (hoping that I'll go away) I do not have vouchers. I asked him whether he can get one or whether I should pay at the cashier's around the corner. I got no response to this and he walked away staying away for more than 5 mins. Upon his return he proceeded to do the transaction. He did not ask me how I wanted to pay (cashaccount). Took my account card that has a bar code for scanning and swiped it repeatedly through the card machine. I asked him why he does not scan it as all other Edcon stores do? The card machine's screen cuts out so no one knows whether the transaction went through only once? When I asked tha cashier to stop swiping my card he got irritated and walked away to fetch his supervisor. The supervisor came, did not speak to me, the customer, nor really make eye contact? Started to try and load the gift voucher upon which I said it was already loaded, we need to put the transaction through. He ignored me and continued trying to load a new gift voucher?? Eventually the cashier came back and told him the same thing. Not impressed by service!!!


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