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1 10014-109 street, Edmonton, AB, Canada
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Phone: 780-4200163

This "business" should not be trusted by anyone. My family learnt that the Hard way. We signed our daughter up for Modeling with Serene. We were verbally sold on their product and service. Serene did tell us that we had the choice to use our own photographer, but if we used their service, and pay their price which is higher than anyone else, our daughter would receive additional photo shoots at no charge while she is registered with them. After doing some research, it did seem like a good deal on their end, if we got several photo shoots at their price compared to 1 photo shoot at with another photographer.

Since we signed up and paid over 3 months ago, we tried to contact several times to receive these photos, but each time got the run around. We have contacted several people included Better Business Bureau. Since then, all we have got was a false promise to call us back the next day, then 3 days later, we received low quality, unfinished photos with "not for reproduction" in red writing through the middle of each picture. It appears that to avoid any legal action, they have sent us what they figure will fill their obligation. However, who pays a low quality, unfinished photo with writing??? and waits over 3 months to get them?

Each time we have phoned them, they had no clue who we were, and no indication that they were trying to solve any issues, as each time we started from the beginning again. The Office had to talk to the Photographer then told us to talk to the photographer, then the photographer told us to talk to reception.

We did not sign our daughter up to "Be famous", we signed her up for a hobby but we have realized that our money that spent between the "registration fee" and "photo shoot" were a waste of money, as this business seems to only care about taking peoples money and providing any services or products that they tell you they are going to provide.

A company that does value their customer and clients, do not conduct themselves in this manner.

In my opinion, anyone looking to explore the modeling industry for themselves or for child SHOULD NOT go to this place.

Sep 10, 2014

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