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Shopping at Costco Wholesale #1080 in San Marcos, CA today 6/22/16 and I was harassed by a CDS employee, Elvie who was demo-ing Chicken Wontons for Costco at 2:10pm PDT.

I was carrying two cheeseburger samples from another CDS demo that was too hot to eat. When I approached the CDS employee Elvie for her sample she spoke very strongly that I cannot take that many samples as it is one per customer. I was outraged by her comments.

In my 15+ years as a Costco member I have never been insulted or harassed in such a manner. I asked her for her name as her badge was flipped over and she would not give it to me or turn her badge over. I asked her politely a second time to show me her CDS badge and I finally got her name. I complained to both the Costco manager Chris and the CDS manager of her rude and insulting behavior.

I was later told my the Costco Mgr that she was crying and stated that I cussed her out. I only told Elvie to never treat Costco customers the way she did to me. I later went back and asked her for sample Wonton but she refused me.

I am extremely unhappy about this incident as I have always been treated kindly in the past by all CDS employees at Costco and encouraged to take a 2nd sample. How dare this employee reprimand me as she did.

If this kind of incident should ever happen again I will not shop at Costco again, and ask them for a refund of my membership fee.

I appreciate your follow-up in this matter, and hope this rude CDS employee is re-trained in common and proper customer courtesy.

Thank you,

Jun 22, 2016
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  • Ri
      Jun 15, 2019

    While shopping at Costco I was talking to a sweet Demo lady at Green Oak, Mi store about vitamins. She had a pink hat on that said I am young. I thought she was probably 60 turns out she was 80. Wow was I shocked so I sure am going to listen to her . Though conversation I was going to buy vitamins, not sure if I was going sugar or sugar free. During our brief exchange I was interrupted by management. This lady was rude and completely trying to make Bonnie look bad. I took offense right away. I was in management, so can spot an someone who micro-manages a mile away . Not only did I want to not buy anything from her, but she proceeds to talk about personal matters in front of customer, clearly making poor Bonnie un-comfortable. I was completely offended . I reported her to management at Costco, they did nothing. This is a light version. I really may not renew my membership and go to Sam’s Club. You really need to treat employees better and do something about your rude management. Sally is her name.

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