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Close Combat Training / rip off

1 OH, United States Review updated:

When you go to buy these cheesy DVDs be VERY careful to scroll down to the bottom and find all the barely visible hyperlinks to the REAL TOS. Things like 'You agree to give up all rights to sue, all rights to join in a class action, all right to file with States Attys General, give up right to recover, all videos you post become OUR property and you get zip...yada yada yada.

Really really useless DVDs - and you don't get just the ones you think you ordered - you also get mothly 'extras' for lots more $$$ taken right off your credit card. They warn you also (if you find the right link) that they hack your system, grab your IP system, your cc history, etc. If you attempt anything they don't like they don't sound like they want to have some shrimp on the barbie.

Remember, anytime you do business out of the country you have ZERO rights. These guys did it one better- they hook you all the way and find rights to take you didn't even know you had.

My husband, myself, my oldest son etc all have 3rd degree or higher black belts. A friend of ours bought the tapes & got suckered into a never ending nightmare.We laughed ourselves to tears watching those cheap crap that look like they were shot in someone's basement. Lousy lighting and faked moves - strictly movie stunt work style. Try this nonsense on the street and you'd end up - if your lucky- on your *ss.

You can't really see much of anything helpful. Besides, any decent studio will train the lowest white & yellow belts as much -or more - than what this junk has. Folks, NOBODY can learn 'life-saving killer martial arts in a weekend' like this guy claims. You have to practice every single move over and over until it becomes part of your auto reflex system. then, when some idiot comes driving thru Burger King at 40 mph while you're crossing to your car you can do what my son did - a shoulder roll and flip to safe ground. Didn't even spill a drop of his soda. The 20 yr old driver almost had a heart attack - thought he killed him! Or those two idiots who pulled handguns to rob my son [out undercover from the USMC one weekend in Fredricksburg who already had his 4th degree when he went in] ...they ended up in jail - after several weeks in the hospital. We never tell anyone we're martial arts trained, there is no ' my hands are registered weapons'' crapola. Just a way to tap into the inner power, the Chi within each person - when it's taught right.

Save yourself a huge amount of hassle - skip this junk.

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  • Mi
      18th of May, 2011
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    Kudos on a great product. I was under the impression the first DVD set was only a single DVD. When it came, WOW, what a great deal. Three disc plus a bonus. The material presented was meat and potatoes. Captain Cris does a great job of explaining the moves inside of each situation. I'm on the lean side of 70 and out of shape. Thanks for the inspiration to take better care of myself. I'm a veteran of Early Special Ops in the USAF; First Air Commando Wing, 1963. I've had past Martial Arts training Juko Kai Judo/Karate. Years later things don't move so well. This course seems like it will be right up my alley. I hope it's ok to keep you abreast of my progress with the course. AGain, kudos and much Thanks, Mike Lisi Maypearl Texas USA

  • Re
      1st of Sep, 2012
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    my son did - a shoulder roll and flip to safe ground. Didn't even spill a drop of his soda... Please what a load, Watching too many movies will cause this. Or those two idiots who pulled handguns to rob my son, Why not three or four I'm glad your imagination has limits..What a loser

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