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Cimate Guards started doing my parents home almost three years ago. It's still not done!!!(3-2010). The windows leak the new roof leaks the doors wont close the walls are uneven and not painted correctly, and the floors are shifting. The new hall way is not wide enough. There was mold in the NEW walls they put in. Although they had to *** the new roof they put on and all the siding they put on the house there are still issues with their re-do job. They failed to put the doors up, close the vents fix the windows, put the hardwood flooring down, put the tile down in the kicthen and fix all their mistakes. They damaged their drive way and dumped dirt in their yard and killed the grass. Their sub contractor keep coming to the house saying they haven't got paid. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. you should take a look at the cook county court case log online there are over 30 case against this company or Joey Tapper or the old company name Homekers Remodeling. Save your self the headache. I'M currently trying to get the Attonery General's office to start a class action case against them. If you've had any problem with this company contact the Attonery Generals office. The more complaints they get the faster they will go after these people.

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  • Af
      18th of Dec, 2009
    Climate Guard Design - Rip off
    Climate Guard Design
    United States

    I signed a contract with Climate Guard for glass block windows. I decided to cancel and I had 3 days to do so. I signed a cancellation contract and on the contract it stated I should receive a refund within 20 calendar days. I cancelled 11/14/09 and contacted them on 12/4/09. I was then told the store policy is 30 calendar days. So I waited today is 31 days and they asked that I wait an additional 7 days. They are a piss poor company. So anyone thinking of buying something from them...Dont!

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  • Cl
      12th of Apr, 2010

    This client has been Unreasonable even after voluntary arbitration with BBB and several attempts by many people to satisfy them In November with all material in their home except mics. trim and incidentals they sent crews home for third time telling them we passed deadline, we have proved and documented at least 15000.00 worth of extra work done at no charge.I went to clients home Saturday at their request they became violent and threatening The police had to be called. What not being said here is they still owe us 29, 282.00 and as the pictures below show we have definitely completed way more than the 63, 000 the client has paid us considering we paid all permit and architectural drawings etc.

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  • Cl
      12th of Apr, 2010

    pictures attached

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  • Rb
      3rd of Nov, 2010

    A few years ago a poster with your alias re-posted a complaint about me that some else had originally posted. The original complaint had no merit what so ever. Therefore the re-post had no merit. The whole thing has hurt my relationship with my family. Just like with the post about me, you like to join ("member since") each time you complain about someone. I can see how no one would really take Afur74 seriously if they saw just how many complaints Afur74 makes per unit time. So you go out of your way to make site users believe your not just a whiner. I believe you have the right to complain about anything that you personally feel ripped off about. Even if you are the most ripped of person on the face of the planet. In my case though, Afur74 re-posted a complaint someone else made a year before. Why would someone do that? He/she/(you) did it anonymously, with even the United States location being vague. I thought this was a cheap shot. In the unlikely event that you are a different Afur74 disregard this. Though you really do complain a lot.

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