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Clearwater Cylinder Head / Did not honor guarantee

3-5 Clearwater, FL, United States Review updated:

In early 2009, my mechanic sent my BMW M6 head to Clearwater Cylinder Heads (CCH) for repair/reconditioning. When it was returned, several of the new valves turned out to be the wrong ones. Unfortunately, this was not discovered until the engine had been put back together and was having its valves adjusted. So my mechanic had to pull the head off, order the correct valves from BMW, have the seats reground, and replace the head. Although Clearwater claims to "guarantee" their work for one year, they would neither correct the situation nor pay my mechanic for the cost of their mistake. Buyer beware of CCH!!

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  • Jr
      15th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    got a ford 1.9 l sohc head from these guys., it was junk, called to see what they eould do to rectify the situation. waste of time. wish i was there see if he woyuld talk that way to my face beware of cch a shop full of hacks

  • Gu
      11th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    we have a really HUGE complaint about clearwater cylinder heads also. we ordered a head from them... put in on the car, started it and realized its not the head that needs to be fixed, its the block. So we took if off and boxed it back up to send it back and called them to let them know it was THEIR part we were sending back, not the original off the car. They said we couldnt return it because we started the car with it on. NO WHERE ON THEIR WEBSITE OR ON THE RECIEPT did it say you can not return the part if you started the car. It was on the car for a total of 2 minutes. I spoke with BOB, the "president of the company". WOW, what a JERK, to put it lightly. I have never been so disrespected in my life. There is absolutly nothing wrong with the head... we just DONT NEED IT!! He was calling me IDIOT, DUMB [censor], and using all kinds of profanity at me. He hung up the phone on me and when I tried to call back, he picked up and hung up repeatedly. I am VERY PISSED off and I am disputing the whole charge with my bank as we speak. What a shady company, and a shady "owner". DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH CLEARWATER CYLINDER HEAD. You will be sorry, just like I am.

  • Ca
      7th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I bought a brand new head for a 4.9 inline ford after getting it installed started the engine and had it running less than 20 min. and it seized an exhaust valve in it's guide, I called the company and they said I might have had a intake leak causing it to run lean to cause the issue but can't say for sure so they wanted me to send it back for inspection. This means I will be without this truck for at least two weeks if not more in which I cannot and will not do. I can't even have my old head rebuilt because I sent it back as a core! When asked to have my old core sent back. he told me that it could not be done. I am a heavy equip. mechanic by trade, have worked on many gas engines and have had issues with stuck valves in rebuilt heads before shortly after start up and 100% of the time it's caused by improper clearance. Customer support really lacks from this company to say the least. I am a very upset customer

  • Bu
      21st of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I had purchased a 1.8 Audi head. It burnt oil right off. I removed it and sent it back. They said it was fine and sent it back. I installed the head and it burnt oil. The guide was loose in the head. I sent it back again. They said there was nothing wrong. I told them to strip the #3 and check and they found a loose guide and sent out a new head. It all took 2 months, cost me hundreds and a customer. Thanks for nothing. By the way 32 years in the import repair business.

  • 20
      19th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Clearwater Cylinder Heads has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Good businesses separate themselves from bad businesses by how they handle problems due to their negligent rebuilding process. Clearwater Cylinder Heads is a bad business. I purchased a pair of heads for a 3.4 l Toyota V-6 engine and after installation and start-up the right side intake cam seized in the journal because of lack of oil flow to the forward journal. The head failure ruined the cam pulley and required me to purchase additional soft parts and expend my time to remove and replace the head. Once the bad head was removed and examined it was clear that the lack of oil flow was due to Clearwater Cylinder Heads not cleaning out the oil journal prior to cam installation. Machine slag or other debris was not flushed out prior to their assembly. Through the process of getting the head replaced, Clearwater Cylinder Heads treated me with no regard for customer service. Their negligent processes delivered me a head that failed on start up and they would not reimburse me for my time and parts. Stay away from Clearwater Cylinder Heads.

  • Jo
      1st of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    Bought a pair of new heads from Clearwater and installed them on my Dodge van and returned my old heads to them as required for cores. When I darted the engine, it smoked and continued to smoke to the point (60miles) where I tore down the engine to investigate the oil burning. In removing the heads I happened to notice that NEITHER head had valve stem seals installed. I needed the van running without further delay so I got other heads and requested a refund from Clearwater as their heads were defective. They refused a refund. They did not challenge the fact that their heads are defective. They simply refused a refund. Do Not Buy From These People! Incidentally, it is of interest to note that ODESSA does business out of the same address as Clearwater. Gee, I wonder what that is all about? I saw many similar complaints against Odessa. HELLO!!!

  • Rs
      6th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    Purchased a set of "SO CALLED NEW" heads according to the employee 20mm heads for my 2006 6.0 f250 from Clearwater Cylinder head on 1/21/2015 for ($1300). As soon as I arrived to the shop with them my mechanic looked at them and said they were re-manufactured for sure. He noticed old oil build up on them. Taking Clearwaters word that they were "NEW" we installed them. I was in the process of trying to make the truck as bullet proof as possible, doing ARP head studs ($450), NEW intake, exhaust, and head gaskets etc. all OEM ($700), NEW injectors ($2000), NEW turbo ($1800), NEW oil cooler, coolant filtration system and egr delete ($500). We got the truck back together started it and let it run for a short time before noticing coolant loss! At first no drips or leaky pipes so we started adding more coolant until we noticed a leak from under the truck. Coming to find out it was coolant coming out of my oil dipstick!! I was devastated! All my new items were running coolant through them high pressure oil pump, injectors, turbo etc.! After removing the cab for the 2nd time we pulled off the driver side valve cover first and immediately my mechanic said there it is! A freeze plug approx. ($.99) piece that was not installed properly (by Clearwater Cylinder Head) just allowed coolant to be sent all through my engine!! We do not know if the bearings have been washed out or to what extent the damage is. I contacted Bob from Clearwater which asked what would I like a new freeze plug?!? Or another head? I returned with no my money back please immediately Bobs tone changed was very rude and even called my mechanic and I idiots! Also, stated that they do not do refunds nor pay for any gaskets labor etc. All that I wanted was my money back so I will not have the worry while traveling and the chance of this occurring again and having to once again pull the cab off of my truck!! I am in the process of getting an attorney and I think on there part it would of been easier to give me back ($1300) for the heads because now I would like to get money for damages and labor because of poor workmanship on their part!

  • He
      6th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    I ordered a new cast head from clearwater for a chevy tracker. It came with the wrong camshaft that was supposed to be recontioned and turned out to be a cleaned up used one. I have been a month and a half trying to get the right camshaft from them. I ended up finding one myself from a salvage yard that cost me another 150 bucks. I have been on the phone with them everyday for a month and a half. Since I got my tracker running I cannot keep it from overheating. I have tried every coolant system burb trick and thermastat change and still overheats. The valves are starting to rattle now. What a peice of junk that I paid over 500 bucks for. They have been no help at all so don't buy a head from them you will get ripped off.

  • Ak
      2nd of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    I also have had a terrible experience with "Odessa" or Clear water. I live in Alaska, ordered the heads to have put on my 3.4 l Toyota. Mechanic immediately had problems with the valve adjustments, said they were way out of wack. paid for valve job on heads from these guys before the engine was even put back together. Contacted Odessa about it and they pretty much laughed and said it was the mechanic. They wanted me to send the heads in for them to inspect knowing that I was in Alaska. Finally had the engine put back together, ran it for not quite 10000 miles and now it has dropped a valve into the cylinder. Now my whole engine is no good. I wish I could do more to help people to not buy from these crooks. I repeat as many others have, DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!

  • Ri
      21st of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware what ever you do don't buy from these people or you will get taken i bought a head for a 2006 Chevrolet SUV that lasted one day did not make it even 10 miles and pulled a rocker stud had poor workmanship done to head very sloppy work by these crooks as far as there warranty goes its no worth the paper its written on plus i never even got a copy with the head i bought

  • Cl
      4th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    I had A good head from them on my 2007 cobalt 2.2 very happy with them

  • Br
      25th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    I'm nearing 60, 000 miles on my head after rebuilding my EW-1 Honda engine. This is a old CVCC 1985 engine that had a bad reputation for hot-spotting the gasket between 2&3 exhaust ports. The head that I initially sent them was toasted! The manager scoured the bone yards, found me one, rebuilt it and sent it from Florida to Oregon in a timely manor ... cheap enough too, I might add. This commuter car is still running great at 230, 000 miles. I certainly have gotten my moneys' worth. Thx guys ... we'll do it again.

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