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Let me start by saying that I am only doing one of these because I got put in the middle of this situation. EAS technologies,, delio worldwide what ever you want to call the company is without a doubt not a complete scam. I was laid off on good terms by this company at the end of May as were several other employees, this was in fact around half of the staff.

While I think it is ridiculous that some of the people who used to work there are attacking the CEO on a personal level I do think the company has several issues. While I believe that the vast majority of the staff that was there and that still remains there are trying to provide a service that people need I do believe that the website and the sales pitch, which I used to deliver on a daily basis is misleading as our the time frames given.

There are only one or two lawyers that work at the company the rest are board members, the one or two that remain are authorized only to practice in KY and TX, however this really doesn't matter as the company does not represent you in any way they are filling out forms.

Now is this a scam, no, the forms they fill out are legitimate and can be filed with your local court or pardon board. The problem is the vast majority of states only offer a pardon for a conviction with a few exceptions, and these forms can easily be obtained on your own by contacting your local court or governor's office and filled in yourself, you do not have to pay ANY company to do that for you.

The other problem is the time frame, while a lot of people can have their paperwork completed and sent to them in a reasonable amount of time, if everything goes well... I.E. your criminal record is received and there are no additional charges that you were not aware of, if they are unable to obtain your record some people have cases that take well over a year, also the time farm that is given to you is only for EAS, the court or state is going to take whatever amount of time it takes some a month others over 2 years.

As for the RSVP software, I personally do not know if it exist, from what I was told from others it does not the notification process is completely manual and no where near 300 databases.

So here is my suggestion, if you don't have the time or if you don't think you are capable of doing the forms yourself, by all means use EAS, however if you can follow instructions and have a high school education then you should be able to do it yourself, just read over everything and make sure you know what you are getting from this service, don't expect anything more than forms for relief on your criminal record and you won't be disappointed. While yes I was upset when I was let go, I am sure some people were down right mad, I can't blame someone for that. My issue with this company is not so much what or how they do it, but with the sad manner in which a great idea was ruined by greed and overreaching upper-management.

I must say, I would never use the service or recommend it to anyone, that does not mean that it would not be the right thing for you.

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  • Ma
      31st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes - This Company Is Full of It
    United States

    This company gives misleading information. They lie about eligibility and keep people's money. Don't be suckered.

  • Do
      1st of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    eas is the biggest rip off they promise to get your record clear and then dont do anything but take your moneystay away from this company

  • Se
      8th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    But does the company provide the clearing of online databases like it claims, to prevent companies selling out dated information to others?

  • Co
      26th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Looked into the company, looks like they are a software company that will do the paperwork. Claiming they don't do anything seems like saying "TaxAct promised to do my taxes, but then they tell me I owe the IRS money." Blaming the messenger instead of the ruler.

  • Je
      19th of May, 2016
    +2 Votes

    Do your research people. Don't send money to these pop-ups claiming to help you. The so called Corporation, is only trying to get a few big bucks off people's misfortune. Unless you can't read forms and follow instructions, just Google, download, and do it yourself or diy! Now, for those who fear doing it themselves, get help!
    You'd be surprised to find that there are law clinics, pro bono lawyers, law students, friends, church members etc that will help you if you ask. If you got the money to throw around and or don't have the time, do you.
    Not everyone is eligible! Don't be suckered in to slick talking people who probably aren't even board certified.
    Anyone can get your money and tell you "Oh, sorry to inform you, your records show that you are not eligible..."

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