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In October 2007 I contacted Clear Choice Windows of Tidewater (Virginia) to purchase a window. The company advertised any size white vinyl replacement window installed for $185 + a $25 Outback Steakhouse gift certificate for a consultation. The person who came out to measure for the window decided not to place my order. Consequently, it took over three months to finally receive the window. From the outset, I advised the franchise owner Tiffany Clair that this needed to be an exterior installation due to the historic nature of my home. She and the installers decided otherwise. Half a dozen appointments were made which they broke, without bothering to advise me. Ms. Clair finally told me I could hire my own installer at a cost of $175-200, out of my pocket. I requested a full refund and she gave me $65. The installer I HAD TO HIRE, told me THE WINDOW WAS NOWHERE NEAR THE RIGHT SIZE. When I attempted to reach Ms. Clair about the matter, her telephone had been disconnected. So, here it is March 2008 and I'm stuck with a $200 window I cannot use, no gift certificate and will have to buy yet another window. If you live in Virginia and are in need of vinyl windows, AVOID CLEAR CHOICE TIDEWATER. Poor service and lack of organization are its hallmarks.

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  • Sh
      29th of May, 2008

    Sounds like youve been sadled up and taken for a ride sachmo. You are the victim of a bait and switch which is what we call it in the world of law. In your position there is not much that you can do except contact the Chicago Police Department and reveal the details to them.

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  • Cb
      12th of Aug, 2009

    Wow, we have had the same problem here in Indianapolis! Not only did the not even install instalation in around our windows, they broke appointments multiple times. We had to have new windows and siding due to hail damage, and we can't get our siding until we get the windows. We still dont have all our windows - weeks later! Yesterday our siding contractor came out, and he can't even put new siding up because the windows are the WRONG SIZE and there is nothing to latch in to. We've contacted corporate, and have gotten NO CALL BACK a week later. The "owner and operator" in Indianapolis will not return my phone calls or voicemails. Its pathetic. We are at the point where we are going to have them take them out and get a new company. What a waste of time and money with an absolute pathetic, horror of a window company. BEWARE if you want ClearChoice to put your windows in, I'd go someplace else. Pathetic.

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  • Do
      19th of Aug, 2009

    Beware of Clear Choice Window in Richmond. All my windows are a 1 1/4 short in hight, no insulation, tells me its normal procedure. No return phone call, in the process of going legal.

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  • Sh
      3rd of Sep, 2009

    Well...You got what you deserved...You are obviously an uneducated buyer who was duped by the lure of a low price...Then, when reality sunk in, and you realized that it wasn't quality and the service was poor, you decide to complain...Its your own fault for being cheap, and naive...There are plenty of reputable home improvement contractors, who pride themselves on quality and service...You wanted nothing but a cheap price...Well you asked for got it...I have no sympathy for people like you.

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  • Jr
      10th of Sep, 2009

    good windows and good service are going to cost $500-$1000 a window. NOT $189.00 theres no such thing as 189.00 per window. go to and there it will tell you what windows should cost. "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!"

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  • En
      30th of Sep, 2009

    This comment is for J.R. Gregory. You need to go to hell. I bet you are one of those little cheaters, and you do not like when you cannot get away with it. And yes there are windows for 189 at Lowe's, the same windows, but the installation an extra $100, and their service is warranted, and they do not contract with provider like ClearChoice, or someone like yourself.

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  • Mr
      20th of Oct, 2009

    I also had windows installed by Clear Choice Windows of Richmond VA

    The office staff was rude when I called to complain about the windows not working.

    The owner Mark Johnson has the nerve to say "what do you want for a $189.00 window"

    Stay Away From This Company!!!

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  • Wi
      19th of Nov, 2009

    I've been in the Window business for over 10 years. I've sold windows for $1300 each and for $169 each. Take it from someone who really knows windows, you are not going to get much for your money under $200 a window. I don't care what they promise or even what their warranty states, its a cheap window to begin with. These companies are only interested in selling volume not quality. Ironically, Clear Choice has one of the better windows under $200. It does have many premium grade features in it (its made by Vista). But the window is only half the issue. You can waste your money just as easily on a $1300 window if it is not installed correctly and believe it or not, all the under-$200 guys make almost all their profits on the installation not on the windows. That means they are hiring the cheapest labor possible and rolling the dice that they won't hear from you. When they do, you're going to get feedback like "what do you expect? for the price you paid?" Whats one aggrevated customer out of 100-pretty good odds actually. One of the best overall values in windows period is the Simonton 5500 series. Sears sells it at around $1000 retail. Home Depot sells it at around $650 retail. Most contractors will sell it for around $400 retail. Is it a better window at $1000 or $400? Its the same window. S0 who is selling it to you has as much to do with what you get as anything. Look for the quality features first. If they are present then find out who offers a window with those features for the best price and check the reputation of that company. Then make your purchase.

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  • Th
      27th of Nov, 2009

    Here's the scoop on the $1000 dollar window people...If you buy from champion, renewal by andersen, sears, etc., you will pay too much! They sell on a par system which is the same as a used car dealer... The qoute you get isn't the lowest that you can buy from them. They will drop the price many many times until they get a YES outta you...It'll take 3-4 hours to do so as well. Champion has a semi-scripted sales pitch they call "my four jobs" they use on consumers in the home that "just want the price". I like to call it "my four hours".
    So for all you ###s who thinks that you're not paying too much, well you are. When you finally say yes to the salesman, who's to say if you had held out longer you could get another dicount..Where does it end?
    I have worked for all of these guys and you know what? They all make a good window. Including Clearchoice and window world. It is very likely that you can get a great window for much less. Qualified remodeler and replacement contractor (both staples in the champion sales pitch) rate Window World as the largest replacement window company. Clear Choice boasts the same, but has yet to get the market penetration of the latter. In most cases, both have great BBB ratings and great references, who by the way are not paid or given a discount to be so. The more expensive companies offer incentives for their references, labeled "marketing agreements". Which reference would you rather have? Paid or not?
    BTW, windowman1, stop using these compaint forums to sell your crappy sears windows!!!
    The bottom line is there are many things that go into the cost of a window besides the install and the quality. If a couple of companies have found a way to eliminate those things, then good for them and better for you. Now having worked with many different window companies on thing is for sure: just cuz it cost $1000, doesn't mean it's worth $1000.

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  • An
      6th of Feb, 2010

    We purchased a window from ClearChoice in Philadelphia. When the window was installed, it appeared fine other then the installer over-caulked the window. After a month or two, we noticed the window appeared to be leaking. When we contacted ClearChoice about the isse, we were told that a customer service rep would contact us regarding our issue. When that didn't happen, we again, contacted Clearchoice and they advised that the customer service rep that was to contact us was recent fired due to drinking on the job and that the General Manager was going to contact us. Were still waiting for a phone call and our window still leaks.
    I am not sure if this is an isolated situation or if this office has other issues as I do not know anyone else that has used this company. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy!

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  • Un
      8th of Mar, 2010

    We too ordered from clear choice. And like most of the above are now unsatisfied. It has taken us since before Thanksgiving 2009 to complete our window job...still waiting on the vinyl for the bay window covering on the exterior. The rep said he would order it and it would be here in a few weeks. Guess what, our local facility of Clear Choice is CLOSED and our rep's phone number and the entire office phone numbers are out of order. We already paid for our complete replacement window job and are very happy with all of the rest of the windows in the house. However, they had some guy install them who "had been installing for years" and he got caulk ALL OVER EVERYTHING! His helpers were his sons, one which had a hand in a permanent metal brace for the past 10 years after a motorcycle accident and the other who looked a bit "rough" and very young. Anyway, when we called the rep he came and looked and said he would not use that man again and he actually came to our house for 7 Thursday's to take out and replace all the caulk. So, after 7 weeks I thought he deserved the remaining 50% we had held back from him. I gave him the check, he said he'd be back with the vinyl, and that is the last we have or will heard of them we suspect.
    Clear choice has no email address by the way and it has been impossible to contact them.

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  • Da
      29th of Mar, 2010

    On Feb 11 of this year I paid Clearchoice a $1698.oo downpayment to install 13 windows for me. It is now March 29th and Clearchoice has run off with my money. As the above poster mentioned they are in the midst of bankruptcy or legal dealings so I would NOT under any circumstance contract any Clearchoice anywhere to do work for you.

    If you have any questions or if Clearchoice wants to dispute what I say is true they can call me anytime. 423-593-0482.

    Dan S.

    Chattanooga, Tn

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  • Ri
      31st of Mar, 2010

    Have you ever heard back from Clear-Choice?

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  • Cl
      22nd of Apr, 2010

    Clear Choice USA is a franchise just like a Ford, Toyota or a Chevy dealer. Pella and Andersen have the same type of franchise system. If you get a bad one it is unfortunate for the customer and can also spread like wildfire on the interent. As a Managing Partner for a Franchise for Clear Choice in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, we have to deal with negative complaints from a bad franchise all the way across the country. If you can, contact the next closest franchise to help to solve the issue. I can't speak for the other owners but if a customer of another franchise contacts us with a problem, and it's within 100 miles we will handle the issue at no cost to the customer. If it's a solutions that is very expensive for us to provide, Clear Choice USA's corporate office in Atlanta, GA. sends us a check to cover most of the cost... doesn't sound like a company that is going to file b/k. We were a successful window company before becoming a franchise of Clear Choice, when we made the switch we grew and were up 60% from the previous year. What that means for our customers is we are goign to be around longer if their products ever need service. Any product with parts may need service, whether you spend $400-600 or $1200-$1500. It's nice to be backed by Corporate and have the ability to offer our windows without having to charge our customers a higher price for a quality window. But... Clear Choice isn't for everyone. As far as windows installed for $180 something, it's a base model window without capping. It's ideal for rental properties and mult-family dwellings. It's the responsibilty of the Franchise to train their representatives to explain these things to their customers. Which brings me to the point of my response, research each individual franchise prior to placing an order. Most are Corp's, INC's, LLC's or LLP's with their own EIN #. Just like Pella and Andersen. When Corporate finds out that a Franchise is not operating the way they should they drop them and can in some cases penalize them. If you live within 100 miles of D.C. and need help contact us at

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  • Cl
      5th of May, 2010

    I purchased windows from Clear Choice in Independence, Missouri. I have had air and water come in my windows and I was offered $250 to have another company come out and fix the windows. There wasn't even any insulation put around the window. The Corporate Office could care less about anyone after they receive their money. I recommend staying as far away from Clear Choice Windows as possible.

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  • To
      21st of May, 2010

    clearchoice pulled the biggest scam, i've ever encounter in 35 years in the window
    busseness, mostly installing, i am out 1200 labor for installing windows in houses

    this is what they did, probably to avoid bankrupese, out of the 150 or so stores they had, 40 or so of them where corp owned, they called them up on a friday when all the checks were due, and where a week late, and said, you are no longer a corp store, your on your own and didn't pay anyone office manages, installers, saleman, supplyers

    keeped all the down payments from customers

    most all if not all closed for at least 2 or 3 weeks, then the got some fools to buy or take over the office, saying there was al little bit of dept to take care of, and you can keep all moneys till it done, most office's didn't reallize the extent of dept,

    the tampa fl . office, and orlando office is now back running with all new people, and tons of customers, saleman, and installers like me not paid ripped off,

    the new office people have been giving me and others installers the run around for weeks, i just called yesterday and was told just to call back ever 2 or 3 weeks to see of we have some money for you

    it cost money to work on these jobs, in these times they rip the working men for weeks and weeks of pay for good service

    have you noticed that the corp web site dosn't have the profile of the owners anymore ?
    they are hiding, cause they know what they did is wrong and illeagl

    who ever said they are a good company you are sadley mistaken,

    ANY ONE ELSE BING RIPPED OFF BY CLEARCHOICE ? lets get a class action law suit going ( email me )( rsminc )

    Ps, to the guy that said they take care of other office's messups,
    would you mind paying me my 1200.00 ?
    since you think the corp is so great

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  • Ke
      22nd of Jul, 2010

    I ordered windows from a guy named Greg McDonald who claims be a distributor with Clear Choice. He services the Louisville, KY and Indiana areas. I ordered windows in May and as of late July 2010 I have not received any windows. I know another person who ordered windows from him in April 201o and they have not received theirs either. He always comes up with excuses/lies about why he can't deliver the windows.
    He made agreements to return our money on 3 occassions and broke each one.

    You can't reach anyone at the corporate office and many numbers are not in-service. The guy will take your downpayment money and will not deliver your windows.

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  • G8
      9th of Aug, 2010

    Greg McDonald contacted me to mow his lawn. He paid the first time and has not paid since. The guy is a crook. He them called me up and said he was going to sue me for not mowing his grass again and waiting first for him to pay. He is supposed to pay every two weeks, well its been 5 weeks and no pay. A classic scammer. Do business with this guy and you will get burned. Now grass is up to your butt because he wont pay for work rendered. I believe he just invented the name of his business as a front to take people's money. I know where he lives. I can get you the address if need it for legal reasons.

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  • Ke
      8th of Sep, 2010

    Update to posting July 2010 posting by Ken2777 regarding Clear Choice windows & Greg McDonald. Since the posting in July, Mr. McDonald and I have settled our dispute. Mr. McDonald apologized for the delays and has adequately compensated me for the windows I ordered.

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  • Kt
      28th of Dec, 2010

    I live in slc Utah and we met a clear choice dealer at the home show. They came by our house and of course promised the lowest price with the best quality. WE WERE SCREWED!!! They took our deposit of 1800 and told us the windows would be here in 3 weeks. Meanwhile, after 3 months and numerous phone calls and voice mails with many, many excuses. They finally brought the windows to be installed with several Spanish speaking individuals showed up to put them In. The windows did not fit right, there was no insulation, just a caulking to make the window fit properly and the brackets were the wrong ones. Also, 2 of the windows were Installed broken and it is now 7 months later and I am still waiting for the broken windows to be repaired. No return phone calls and when you contact customer service they just give you back to the same person In your area that you originally dealt with, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • An
      8th of Feb, 2011

    We had windows put in with Clear Choice Windows in Sellersburg Indiana. Paid for them Oct 1 and still do not have all windows installed and what was installed don't fit! They missed appointments won't call back. I took Greg McDonald to small claims court and b/c he didn't have an attorney they gave him a continuation and wants me to give him a second chance! My windows have 3/4" of caulking around them where they didn't fit so they filled them in with caulk and also broke two of the new windows that they did put in. DO NOT GO WITH CLEAR CHOICE WINDOWS!!!

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  • Lp
      11th of Feb, 2011

    I live in New Orleans, LA. I had 18 windows replaced by Clear Choice of New Orleans on August 10, 2006, nine months after Hurricane Katrina. The salesperson name is Rick. They were located just outside of New Orleans in Kenner, LA. Recently, one of the windows was cracked (lower unit) during crown molding installation in my living room. I tried to contact Clear Choice, and to my surprise, I discovered that they had gone out of business. I tried to contact Clear Choice Home Office by telephone without success ( automated). I was successful in contacting them by email during November 2010, and was advised that they were aware of the closure of the New Orleans office and promised to contact an area Clear Choice agent to assist with repair/replacement. I have not head from Clear Choice again, despite sending by emails to their home page on four other occasions. They have just refused to respond. All I am left with is a worthless guarantee from them. I will have to have the entire window replace by another window replacement company at a cost of $200.00 plus. I would not recommend Clear Choice USA to anyone. Lawrence Parker.

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  • Od
      20th of Feb, 2011

    Gotta say, I agree with those who say you get what you pay for. I'm a business owner, also, and I'm always amazed at people who want to pay ridiculously low prices, and expect top-notch quality. These people are genuinely surprised when they spend crappy money and get crappy service and products.

    I had a major remodel done two years ago including a 700 sq. addition and 23 windows. I cannot imagine what would prompt someone to install $189 windows in their home, but I can tell you there's no way I would do that, or anything close. My windows cost me over $30, 000 and that was after due diligence and research on my part. I love my windows, and the energy efficiency I'm reaping will pay me the full price I paid after awhile.

    I'm not taking up for companies that may have shafted or taken advantage of people. But people need to be a little more informed and educated too. If you're even 10% as educated as you should be about a major home improvement you're going to be living with for, presumably, many years, there is no way you would even consider a company telling you it's going to cost $189 a window -- installed, no less -- let alone contract with them to put them in.

    Common sense 101: companies are in business to make a profit. How much profit could a company possibly make after labor costs, insurance, permits, equipment, fuel, workers comp, etc. And what kind of window could that possibly be after all that is paid? It's ludicrous to expect anything other than what you got. I wouldn't even call a company who even advertises something like that in the first place. But maybe that's just me.

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  • An
      29th of Jun, 2011

    I just took him to court, won my case, he never paid me back, $6, 000.00. I filed again for non payment and went back to court that is when he said he was doing bankruptcy! I think if enough of us got together, we could at least have him arrested and spend some time in jail. There is something called, "Fraud against friends" that can be done against him. This is where he knowingly took our money and did not come through with purchase. Interested e-mail me Anna at [protected]

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  • Ah
      30th of Jan, 2013

    Forget about life time warranty, I e-mailed to corporate headquarter asking for repairing two leaking windows and no response, the toll free line is always busy. Don't buy Clear Choice windows.

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  • An
      13th of Jul, 2015

    Clear Choice's CEO put the company into bankruptcy and in doing so looks close to a million dollars from
    small investors (people that thought he was their friends), he then started a new company called Americas
    Best Choice Windows, ABC Windows, headqurtered now in Roswell, Georgia. He hid funds in his secretary's
    name as well. It's really sad that Mr. Johnson obviously had no care or concern for all his investors.
    If you ordered windows from them, just count your losses and move on. I'm sure they are doing the same
    thing to other customers with their new name.

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  • Da
      24th of Jun, 2017

    seems clear choice has gone out of business in springfield illinios after ordering windows 3 years ago with a lifetime warranty now I have an issue with a broken window and can not contact them any advice?

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