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ATTENTION!!! Joshua Abell is the owner of few Cleaning Businesses including Cleaning Services Oz usual and frauds customers and workers so fare with impunity. I have prepared A FULL REPORT based on my own investigation along with important sources that are wiling to help chasing him down. Most IMPORTANT: DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!

I am his newest victim and I won't stop until see him behind bars and shamed on TV. I have lost days and nights thinking how such disgusting pig with no regards to customers and workers can be freely enjoying the rewards of a criminal life without punishment. All it seems now it that the crime is proving to be worth it for this thief. Why is he allowed to keep opening businesses after business and applying the same tactic to rip people off and walking away with his head up right? WE NEED TO STOP IT!!! I have collected enough evidence to get him on the " A CURRENT AFFAIR" and to hunt him down along with his accomplice.

To Whom It May Concern: His full name is Joshua Francis Abell, his new business is called "Cleaning Services Oz"
website (i've got all screen shots in case he turns it off)
Bond Cleaning Oz - PO BOX 1225 / Mackay Mail Centre Qld Australia
ABN:[protected] / ACN:[protected]
Bank Details: Cleaning Services Oz
BSB: 084261
AC: [protected]
There is PUBLIC WARNING issued on 17 December 2013 by the The Office of Fair Trading (OFT), please visit the page (unfortunately just against one of his dirty business):

He recruits people on Seek/Gumtree offering cleaning jobs opportunities. He describes his business a respectful organization providing bond cleaning services in Brisbane, Cairns, the Gold Coast and Mackay. Lately, he has edited his website and kept only Brisbane.
He never meet his customers or honest cleaners (some of them very good professionals who take the job seriously) personally and never asks his employees for a National Police Clearance as promised to his customers on his website. He offers jobs promising excellent opportunity and sound very professional but doing that he guarantees only his high profit, zero operational costs because the cleaner (who he has not visual contact) does do job with their own cleaning equipment and transport expenses. He basically advertises cleaning services, bills customers, recruits people that invests time, money on equipment and sometimes provide a service to his customers (many never get to see their money back). He keeps lying and creating excuses and do not answers his phone, regardless of the caller number.
In summary: He charges customers upfront for services, get the entire amount and does not transfer the agreed amount to the worker and sometimes do not provide the service to the customer.
One of his current company's website is:
His current phone number is [protected]
Bond Cleaning Oz - PO BOX 1225
Mackay Mail Centre Qld Australia
Bank Details: Cleaning Services Oz
BSB: 084261
AC: [protected]

Jan 29, 2015
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  • Er
      Feb 04, 2015


    Myself Deepak I had done work for this guy Josh and me and my partner had done near about 35 End of lease cleanings and when we started he told us that he give us 70% of each cleaning as a subcontractor, and he was always talk by text messages.

    As i mentioned that we had done 35 cleaning for him according to that my payment is $7000 but he just paid us $2500 and remaining amount $4500 he didn't pay us. We have send him tax invoice also but he didn't revert and didn't answer the call. This was our hard work money but he just don't care about that.

    We have all the texts from him and all the address of all jobs as a proof.

    If u need all these as a evidence than we can provide u and If u can help us in this matter to get our hard work money than we are very thankful to u.


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  • Me
      Feb 17, 2015

    I booked this company through a legitimate website, I have used this before and always had legitimate businesses. I booked them approximately 4 weeks ago to do a bond clean and carpet clean on my rental property for 8.00am Monday 16th February. The correspondence was via emails. I called them the week prior to confirm and they confirmed. On Monday the 17/02/15 "Josh" called me at 7.30am to ask where I was located and to state that his cleaners were running late and that he'd let me know when they'd turn up. At 10.30am they still hadn't so I called Josh again and he assured me the cleaners would get there. At approximately 2.35pm I called as they still hadn't turned up. Josh assured me the job would be done and that he would've been "straight up" with me if they weren't going to. By 4pm approximately they still hadn't turned up so my partner called and again Josh reassured us the cleaners would get there. By 6pm no show still so again my partner called and Josh said they were on their way. About 10 minutes later Josh called me to say the cleaners were 10 mins away. The next morning at 6.45am 17/02/15prior to leaving for work I returned to the property to see if the job had been done. It appeared that it had been done although I was in a rush to fully inspect. On Wednesday 18/02/15 my real estate Knobel and Davis Bribie island went to do the final inspection. It was discovered that the job had not been done to bond cleaning standards and at least an hour and a half's work needed to be done to bring it to standard. My real estate informed me to contact my bond cleaners to get them to rectify. All calls to date have been unanswered. I decided to do some internet research on this company and have found on a website numerous complaints regarding them. I would like my money back as they did not do the job as promised.

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  • Ma
      Mar 17, 2015

    I to are a victim of this grub i live in townsville and also have proof of jobs dates etc . But i have not been paid only been told that im a rude person for asing . i can too help in bringing this grub down. he has changed his name to john.

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  • Sk
      May 05, 2015

    I hired and paid Josh for a bond clean. No one showed (this was yesterday), he avoids my calls and does not respond to emails. There was very poor communication even prior to the booking. He actually answered his phone this morning and said the bond cleaners were there yesterday but when I arrived at the property, no cleaning had been done. And of course, he did not answer my calls again afterwards. My boyfriend called him from another phone and Josh answered immediately, saying he will have someone arrive today, which did not happen. We have heard the same excuses as the above complaints "cleaners running late". I have been to the police and have contacted my bank with little assistance. I have also made a complaint with office of fair trading and have a strong feeling I won't see my money return. I have since had to pay for another bond cleaner at the last minute. I am so disgusted! Even if I don't see my money, I'd prefer that something be done about this man who is ripping of innocent, hard working people.

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  • Ka
      May 06, 2015

    My daughter has also had dealings with this so called business man - same issues as all you above. Made a booking and everything was fine until he didnt show up. Made up all kinds of excuses and blamed his cleaners for not showing up. My daughter also paid for her bond clean and i doubt she will get any of her money back as he now just doesn't respond or answer the phone. I would suggest we all hit social media wherever we can and get the word out about this guy. It was fortunate for my daughter than it was my rental property and the costs havent grown to be overly significant - although any lost money is significant and he should be brought to account for his actions. We too have lodged a complaint with fair trading but not confident of their response.

    If anyone has a plan or action going already please contact me as we will gladly be involved with bringing this person to justice and to hopefully stop him ripping off anyone else.

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  • Ma
      Jun 23, 2015

    I agree with above comment it seems that no one is wanting to help bring him down, have contacted so many departments over this person just getting run around.

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  • Ma
      Jul 02, 2015

    Why isnt anyone listening to all our complaints about this person. O that right he got lots of money to pay people off. OUR MONEY that he owes people for all their hard work that we have done or ripped poor people off. as the office of fair trading seems to be no help. the a.c.c.c say go to o.f.t. im a small business and the dollars he owes me

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