Claudia Pettis and Chuck Pettis, Brand Solutions / United healthcare

UHC is coverage thru Makerbot Industries.
Cobra is administrated by Zenefits.
Claims [protected]
Claims [protected]
Claims [protected]
All claims refer to preauthorized and approved and estimate given surgery.
Surgery was done based on agreement with healthcare and given in writing to physicians and Claudia Pettis presurgery. Surgery was prearranged and could have been arranged with another insurance at another time. However with UHC approval, and having Cobra with UHC Claudia went ahead with surgery. She is 68 and has only Medicare A, which both employer and UHC knew they carried only Medicare A on Employers advice. For 2 years of Cobra UHC has paid as primary insurance. Date of surgery 8/17 after all above confirmed. When Claudia received bill, UHC rejected full bill indicating they were secondary to Medicare, they would not pay 21, 000.00 bill and that they would retract all approvals given in writing and they agree they never informed Pettis they would not be primary and employer did not inform and they had paid all claims on 9/26/2016. On 9/27/2016 rejected all claims.Pettis would not have had the surgery if she had known almost none of it would be paid, as she could have waited until 2017 July for Medicare B. she cannot get Medicare B because she needs to apply in the frametime of application in Jan and coverage in July 2017. UHC fraudulantly approved, and failed to tell Pettis. They are forcing Pettis to pay full bill 10/2016.

Nov 06, 2016

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