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This company RE-sells used items along with providing misinformation in their item description. They sell computer hardware that are not properly tested for quality. I had purchased a motherboard from this company through ebay, and i received it in a poorly packaged box without proper cushioning. I have paid for $7.99 shipping, and the label clearly said $2.71. I would have been satisfied if they at least spent the $5.28 on the packaging, but was obviously "re-used" boxes and static bags. The complete lack of little foam peanuts or anything of the sort in an oversized box made the motherboard rattle about throughout its arrival to my front steps. Surprise, the board does not work.
The RMA service they provide is a complete scam, in which they will "provide" a follow-up email to confirm your RMA status. I called them through the provided phone and George T was "unavailable". After expressing my severe frustration, George (magically?) was found and I was ASSURED that i will receive the follow-up email; and he was kind enough to add an extention to my almost-expired RMA (what a joke!). They did not provide the following email, and I was forced to file a ticket with paypal.
After almost a month from the date I bought the motherboard, the return and the constant appeals from (yes, appeals.. This company will try to find any way to refrain from refunding your money.) I received my refund, which is bitter-sweet due to the cost of "adequate" packaging and shipping.

You have been issued RMA#CT2379

1. Please pack the item properly (equal to original packaging, double
boxing all motherboards and systems)

2. Include copy of original invoice.

3. Write your RMA#CT2379 number clearly on the OUT SIDE OF THE BOX.

4. A return shipping label will be emailed to you later this evening.
You will need to print up the label and either have UPS pick the item up or
drop it off at their nearest UPS Hub.

Be sure the contents are not rattling in the box. Improperly packaged items
will be rejected upon delivery. Physical damage to unit voids any warranty.

RMA numbers expire 14 days from issuance.


Open Monday - Friday 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST


This was my RMA email. I have never received the follow-up and paid 15 dollars for shipping.

This company resells old computer hardware in a poorly packaged box and attempts to avoid refunds AT ALL COSTS. The manager, George appears to apply the common marketing tactics and I doubt that this company or man has any idea how to run a legitimate business.

Please take my advice and try to find business elsewhere. The cheap prices may entice you, but you will regret it like I have.

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