City Of Los Angeles / Parking violation

1 P.O.Box 30087, Los Angeles, CA, United States

July 26 2009 i got a ticket in Hollywood, 1720 Mc Cadden Pl for a stand prohibit. I am from Germany and I didn't notice a sign that it wasn't allowed to park my rental car. The number of the car was WA [protected], rented by Hertz, the ticket No is [protected]. The fine was 90 US$ and I went immediatly to Wilshire Blvd, Ste 3337. It was Sunday and the office was closed. Because I had to leave LA the next morning very early, I wrote my name and my credit card number on the ticket and could bring it under the door into the room. When I received a letter from the Parking Vioations Bureau in Germany, I wanted to pay by my credit card the amount of 90 US$, but it's not possible to reach the the website at As I've seen, This happens to many other people. Now I've got today a second warning about 191 US$. I tried again this website, but no chance. It's not possible to pay the amount and I'm not willing to pay more and more. I would be happy to receive an answer by email at mw.[protected] what to do in my case.

Greetings from Germany

Monika Jehle

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