Christine M Arguello & Kathleen M Tafoya Colorado 10th District Court / failure to recognize criminal fraud and dishonesty on the part of plaintiff/plantiff's attorneys

1 Colorado City, CO, United States
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Christine M Arguello (judge) & Kathleen M Tafoya (magistrate) of the Colorado 10th District Court are complained about in the public interest.

They have failed to recognize clear and obvious signs of litigation fraud on the part of the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff's attorneys Hopkins Way PLLC, and struck out a motion for strike out, despite clear evidence of abuse being presented.

It is also the opinion of the complainant that they lack the awareness and skill to recognize the complex ethical and moral questions underlying the case, and have also stated that the Defendant wilfully disobeyed the Orders of the Court, despite the fact that he was not served with them, and thus were not aware of what the Orders were.

There is evidence to show that the judge and magistrate complained of were presented with ample evidence to prove abuse, dishonest intent and fraud on the part of the Plantiff's, and failed to see it, and thus displayed bias in their duties (a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct).

It would be a fair comment and an honest opinion to say that these judiciary individuals may be playing a role in supporting abuse of the Court's process, and turning a blind eye to it, in favour of dishonest attorneys.

The defendants justifications for alleged abuse of the Court's process can be found here:-

Power Places Tours, Inc. et al v. Free Spirit 1:16-cv-02725

The magistrate did appear to concede her role and handed it to the presiding judge, who has yet to make judgment.

Christine M Arguello & Kathleen M Tafoya Colorado 10th District Court

Jun 20, 2017

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