SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / USAfalse claim that they are a christian site

In your usual Christian community situation a site will have a Terms of Use board that informs the rules that apply to using their site as a registered member.
Then that Christian site will have a Faith Statement, or something near to that name. This informs probable applicants for membership what the community holds in faith as a Christian site. This is something that is typically arrived at through the site owner, and in concert with the owners choice of Administrators and Moderators. It is a covenant of sorts. That too is posted for review by potential applicants for membership.

There is no such thing at Christianchat.
There is only Terms of Use/Rules.
The minimum age to join is 13. However, one does not have to identify as a Christian in order to do that.
I've been a member there for years but not consistently in that time. I'm not retired so I thought to participate more fully. Big mistake.

It is a Trolls forum for the most part. There are "Senior Members" that are clearly not Christian because they know little to nothing about scripture. However, they're very well informed as to how to act like little brats and rude offensive sarcastic trolls.

The moderator team does nothing to stop this. In fact, they'll discipline those these trolls accost . But they do not reign in the Trolling.

The live chat is real now. I don't know about years ago or when the Chat App. was in development. If you click their Chat App link you'll be taken here so as to choose your platform.

I would suggest the chat app ID is suspect because it is sexual. "69"?

One thing I will forewarn anyone who is a member of any forum against.
DO NOT support a forum with your PayPal account or your bank card.
The moment you do your anonymity on the net at that site is over. PayPal gives the donor's personal information in total to the site they donate to. It's a legal full disclosure policy now. This is also the case with your bank debit card or credit card.

And when that site has your personal legal name, address, phone number, and knows the bank your card draws from when you support that site, they have access to all sorts of inroads to abridge your privacy and personal security.

I found out the hard way about that one. When I donated to a Christian site having first come onto the Internet, I got the receipt in my email. The same receipt I received was that which was sent to the Christian community., to be exact.

There it was. My legal name, address, phone number, bank that the donation was drawn from using PayPal, and the last 4 digits of my account number on that bank account! I was astonished! What's the good of using a intermediary, like PayPal, to make a donation or even buy something from some place knowing they'll give your private security a wallop?

Anyway, Christianchat is not for the actual Christian.
Also, avoid That's the one I donated to. They knew my information due to that and when a moderator took a dislike to me, their IT guy hacked my computer the next day and I lost the unit. Then they put me on mailing lists for all sorts of pornography junk mail, and that includes Inbox spam. has forbid the discussion of eternal security due to the resident Troll who is the sock account for a moderator. You can't even allude to eternal salvation or your post will be edited or outright deleted. And you'll be warned by a moderator. Who does that? Forbids the discussion of the very foundation of the faith itself?
Atheists! That's who. CF.Net is all about the money. As is CF.Com. Every page generated in a thread garners more advertising revenue for the owner. Big impetus there to have their resident sock account/moderators and administrators, to make a topic go many pages by interjecting argument and conflict that baits the Christians to come to the defense of actual doctrine., is Administered by a woman named Becky, who is the former Admin. of CF.NET and is related by marriage to the aforementioned Troll.

It's hard to find a true Christian forum on the net because Christians aren't all that well liked in this ever devolving world. And that means forums dedicated to our faith are a magnet for atheists who are committed to Poe's Law. (Posing as a Christian to stir trouble using their rewording of what is Christian teachings in order to stir conflict and chaos).

May 30, 2018

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