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Christian Gasper / did he scam me?

1 United States Review updated:

A long time ago I bought a very expensive program, I paid him more than 20k.
I didn't listen to all the negative reviews, instead I had a call with me him first and decided to get in his program if it feels right to me after the call or not.

In short, he delivered more than expected. Best investment of my life, he helped me to increase my revenue by 130%.

There are many people who obviously hate him but I took a closer look on his past history online. I found that he's not a one hit wonder but he had a ton of sales under his belt.

Because of that I got a better understanding why there are people who complain. If I recall it right, he made more than 3 million in sales online.

When you make so many sales, there are always people who complain and hate you, that's what I said to myself.

And that's why I jumped on a call with him.

In short, Christian Gasper is not a scam. Many other customers can confirm it too.


  • Updated by Maria-Hernandez, Mar 09, 2018

    I'm trying to make money online for more then 10 years, am buying all these junk wso's you all know about.

    Bought a lot from many not trusted sellers too.

    Since I've decided to get this online thing going and working for me, I came across so many bad products, bad programs and scammers too.

    I cannot count how many I've seen but what I can truly say is that Christian Gasper is not a scammer. He never scammed me.

    It was the complete opposite.

    A few months ago I've purchased his 6 months 1-on-1 Coaching for $17, 350.

    At that time I was completely broke but I sold myself into it because I felt it was the right thing to turn my life and business around.

    I'm not going in all the details but in a nutshell he helped me to fix a lot of mental programs I was dealing with for 20 years.

    Also did he help me to start and grow my very online business from complete scratch.

    This year I'm crossing 600k, hopefully.

    Overall, I wanna underline that I am very satisfied with Christian's program.

    I never found such a polite guy like him, he's very trustworthy and always willing to help.

    Thank you.

Mar 9, 2018
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  • Jo
      21st of Sep, 2018
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    Beware that this is most likely a fake positive review posted by the scammer Christian Gasper himself. The Latin name of the poster "Maria-Hernandez" is similar to one of Christian's fake profile "Ashley Martinez" proof here -

    Live video proof of Christian Gasper making up numerous fake aliases to hide his real identity can be found here

    Google "Christian Gasper" to see his associations with online scams and complaints of hundreds of victims conned by the fraudster at Christian has upped his antics now by scamming people $10 000 and upwards compared to 4 figure numbers a few years ago.

    His latest make money online scam was trafficly, which is the same old easy money online clickbait to ultimately scam people to pay his expensive 1-on-1 coaching. He will disappear once you bank wire him the fees! Review found here -

  • Wa
      14th of Nov, 2018
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    Ask yourselves this question:

    Why has Paypal banned him?
    Why does he have countless aliases?
    Why does he pretend to be one of his customers in a video, speaking a fake testimonial?
    How come a so-called highly successful marketer as he claims to be is only able to put up rubbish sites on tumblr and medium?

    Guys - Gasper is a crook. Check out - those are all real people who have been robbed?

  • Wa
      15th of Nov, 2018
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    According to the Maria-Hernandez - "A few months ago I've purchased his 6 months 1-on-1 Coaching for $17, 350.
    At that time I was completely broke but I sold myself into it because I felt it was the right thing to turn my life and business around."

    So Ms. Hernandez claims she was completely broke yet she could afford a $17, 350 6 month one and one coaching!! What a joke. This story is straight from the Christian Gasper playbook. It makes no sense.

    Christian Gasper claims to be a millionaire marketer and yet he doesn't have one decent website up. All he has are spam blogs on tumblr and medium and God knows where else.

    He cannot be reached via email or phone and he hides behind countless aliases. Ask yourselves why?

    What is his paypal address? Sorry - they closed his a/c in 2016 for the thousands he scammed from people. His youtube videos under the names Allen Martin and Mark newman were all set to "no comments allowed" and are now defunct.


    Because he has been found out. He was never successful. He simply scammed big time. No one will touch him with a 10 foot pole and now, he is very desperate to scam more people.

    Go to for real people with real stories of his scamming.

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