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Christian Chaubard / christian chaubard

1 San Carlos, CA, United States Review updated:

my family and i have been scammed by christian chaubard. he steals ppl's identity and buys airfare with their credit card info. he then sells this airfare to you for cash. i know at least four other parties who have been hit by chrisitan chaubard for thousands of dollars.
i have won my case in small claims and am in the collection process. i have all the other parties information as well as their case numbers and total damages.
he has said about himself:
-he works at SFO
-he's a pilot. or works for an airline
-he's a travel agent
he tries to go by:
-christian or chris chaubard
-christian chabro
contact me if you need any other info

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  • Sh
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    Christian Chaubard scammed me and 2 of my friends out money for airlines tickets. we paid total of $2400.oo for airline tickets. He has scammed numerous people. If you look at the San Mateo county court website, you will see that he has scammed a lot of people out of money for so called airline tickets.

  • Su
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    he scammed to me too...he emailed me by name of Christian la France me off for 250$. he gave the number of a reference also, which i think is fake as well...

  • Su
      14th of Aug, 2009
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    He is still operational in bay area, Sunnyvale, Mountain view area.

  • Su
      14th of Aug, 2009
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    He is operating under name Christian, Chris, Pascal, Chaubard etc. He ripped me off for 250$ and he has changed his cell number too. But dont worry i have the cell number of 2 of his friends, i will keep bugging them till i get my money back...

  • An
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    Christian Chaubard scammed me. He was renting an apt in san francisco at 737 post st and I was to rent the vacant room for $500/month. He had notice of being evicted 2 months ago but still rented me the room anyways. He also accepted $250 deposit as well as charged $194.79 to my stolen atm card apparently for vz wireless stuff. He had also stolen a purse of mine that had a check book and he forged a check worth $250.50.

    He is going under the name Christian Pascal Chaubard and his last residence was where I rented from him at 737 post st in san francisco. He has claimed to work for american airlines in san jose this past week. Todays date is 9/30/09. Christian has had about 4 different phone numbers since the time I have known him. I have 1 valid number, for my own not putting the number on this site so that he wont turn it off, sorry.

    Anyway...He says hes originally from france and says hes 46 years old. He drives an older beat up light blue 4 door car and has a red motorcycle with the front fender a little messed up.

    Christian has used excuses saying hes got his grown kids to go on vacation with before school had started up for them and he also claimed he had a brother staying with him at one point.

    Valid email as of 9/30/09 is:
    His picture can be seen at: (your welcome..if you havent seen him before)

    Beware of this man..he plays the victim as well as denies everything. Police haven't done anything yet as far as my story goes.

    I hope this helps others to beware of this man and to stay away!!!
    SFPD have been notified of him, please contact SFPD FRAUD division if you have any info or a way to put him behind bars!!

  • Jm
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    Chaubard is currently being investigated by the REACT Task Force, a regional high-tech crime task force run by the Santa Clara County DA's Office.

    If you have been defrauded by him, and you are willing to cooperate with a police investigation and eventual prosecution (including potentially testifying in court in San Mateo County, California) contact me at 650-655-1072 or e-mail me a synopsis of how he defrauded you and your contact information. You can verify who I am prior to e-mailing by calling the Pacifica Police Department at 650-738-7314.

    Det. Josh McFall
    Pacifica PD / REACT Task Force

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