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Child Support Recovery Cartersville GA / Distributing money any way they want

Jun 30, 2015
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Child Support Recovery Cartersville Ga
Child support recovery - I have 2 cases which both had arrearages. I was faithfully making payments on my normal child support & I was faithfully making payments to my arrearages on both kids that was court ordered. They still took 100% of my taxes which really was not even mine due to the fact I wouldn't have gotten the amount if it wasn't for my wife & my DISABLED step kids. They didn't even allow the fees for filing the taxes to come out of The amount & sent my wife into the negative in her bank account... So much money she filed for a divorce so thank you. They distributed the money and divided as they chose & paid it. Since then, I have kept a very close eye on my arrearages... If my COURT ORDERS would have been followed, the one case would have been paid in full Now but they are not. They are taking my arrearage payment from the one case & applying it to the other case instead of paying the case off and lowering my payment! I don't see either child So where's my rights? I get bashed all the time on social sites but where's my rights? Child support agency is Sorry & dispicable doing whatever they want with the hard earned money I pay & paying it wherever they want when they need to be following The COURT ORDERS! They only make sure the mothers get awarded for keeping my kids from me! When am I going to get a break or have any rights?? I can't even afford a attorney to go back to court because they take everything I get when my payment would be lower by now then I look like a sorry parent when I do go to court because they ask why I took so long. If they was truly for the kids, they would give me my lead way so I can afford a attorney or they would contact her asking why they are inforcing my child support but NOT inforcing my rights for visitations!


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N  30th of Jun, 2015 by 
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You are a deadbeat. You reneged on your obligations and a horrible father. What are you complaining about?
N  30th of Jun, 2015 by 
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Sir, your complaint doesn't make a lot of sense. You make reference to more than one child support case, exactly how many ex wives do you have that also have some of your kids? The only way your entire income tax refund wouldn't have been taken, if any was IF your WONDERFUL current wife had filed an injured spouse claim. You aren't responsible for supporting your step kids, their father/fathers, whichever the case may be are the ones that should be supporting them. You did have a choice of whether or not to marry a woman with kids. IF you were such a wonderful father you wouldn't have had child support arrearages, with a good father, the child support payments are supposed to come before anything else. If your income combined with your current wife's income is low enough your disabled step kids should also be receiving some kind of government assistance. I would be willing to bet it isn't just the lack of child support payments that is keeping your natural kids from you. I bet there is a lot more to the story. Quit whining and pull up your big boy pants and start acting like a mature man, instead of a spoiled brat.
N  1st of Jul, 2015 by 
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So I'm a horrible father for catching my child support up... Paying all my arrearages up... Taking her back to court for visitations... & STILL CANT SEE MY SON??? Yea I forgot dad's don't have rights!!
N  1st of Jul, 2015 by 
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Court ordered me to have visitations! I've done everything I was ordered to do! I pay my child support! I've begged to see my son! But all I get is bashed constantly for changing my life around and doing right & still don't get to see my child?? But that's okay & I'm still a deadbeat? Okay!
N  20th of Jan, 2016 by 
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why does courts provide attorney's free of charge for mothers and fathers doesn't even get one provided I'm talking about a father who works and pays child support and has paid for dna and it's a hassle for a legitimation I think that if a father pays child support and a dna has be done I think the father should have as much rights as the mother, .If not at least the father should get visitation I believe that that's why so much as gone wrong with the system and why father's aren't in their children life it's not because they don't want to be it's because within the system it's all about money. I am writing to the governor Nathan Deal and I appose that everyone should write and get something done with our broken system, Because there is just so much a father can do if payments are being made and all legal issue's are taking care of then how is the father suppose to provide food on table and bills paid and a roof over his head. and if the mother looses the child and he are she as to be put in foster home just because of legitimation issues #messedupsystemanddenyfathers

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