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Chapel Sales, Inc. / They are thieves!

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I have a complaint about Chapel Sales, Inc. They are headquarted in Mt Laurel, New Jersey...

They came to my door, two young black women, who seemed well educated and took me for about #200.00. I bought magazines for myself and grandchildren. This was in March of 2007 and I have not been able to reach them by telephone. They do not take messages or answer mail. I understand I'm the the only one who has be taken by these thieves.

I live in Whittier California so they are going over state lines to do there mischief. I've seen other complaints online about them and it's ashame nothing can been done.

Thank you very much...

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  • As
      17th of Sep, 2007
    +2 Votes

    I had a young black man come to my door stating that he was selling magazines and subscriptions in order to earn points towards a scholarship. Originally my husband who had answered the door had told him we were not interested and the young man kept trying to persuade us telling us it was for a good cause. So I decided to buy a dino encyclopedia for my 5 yr old as a birthday gift since he loves dinosaurs. He also presumed to invite himself into our home and ask for cookies and juice that he saw my children eating. I have the original receipt stating the amount of $29. A few weeks later I receive a bill from them stating that I owed an additional $30. I have been unable too find a phone number for them if anyone knows of them....I write this so that noone else will be scammed by them

  • Di
      1st of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I had a young black man come to my door stating that he was selling magazines and subscriptions in order to earn points towards a scholarship. Originally my uncle who had answered the door had told him we were not interested and the young man kept trying to persuade us telling us it was for a good cause. We then decided to renew our subscriptions to Glamour and teen vogue through them. My uncle gave them a deposit of 60 dollars, they later sent us a remainin balance of 58 dollars. I have also been trying to get a phone number because this is ridiculous. If anyone has it please let me know.. thanks

  • Rr
      4th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I live in Lanham, MD. In 2006 I had a young man come to my door talking that same line as was done to the Fernandez. He said they earn points toward a scholarship. I purchased an African American Bible and another Black History Book -- the damage $128.00. I was to receive my order in about 60 days. I have yet to receive the merchandise or a refund. The company if it was a reputable firm, is being slandered by all these folks crossing state lines lying to people and stealing our money. What can be done about this? The address I have an address in NC. Nonetheless, why isn't anything being done and what can I contribute to help us all get our money back. I do have my receipt and can get the cancelled check and/or bank transaction. I wrote a check.

  • An
      8th of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I have also been trying to get some information on these people, they have robbed me of 132.00. I also had a young black man come to my home stating the same bs about a scholarship fund etc. I want my money back! Please if anyone gets any information on this, please post the information. Thanks!

  • Ro
      9th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just had this happen to me yesterday.. Something in me was telling me that everything was not ok.. But the black young man seemed very nice and professionals. The company phone is 1-856-642-7849 address is 520 Fellowship Rd. Ste E-506 Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 web Has anyone gotten their merchandise?... I only gave this guy $10 just in case it was an honest sale (I wanted to help him get books at a discount for school) but I wasn't too sure so I told him I only had $10 and he said that he would help me out because some customers had given him money and they were not interested in the magazines he would say in the receipt that I had given him $25? That seemed weird but ok..

  • Da
      12th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    My story is exactly as the others. I thought my $20 was helping a young person build a scholarship fund. Now I get a bill for the balance of some supposed purchase. This place should be investigated by the state attorney general.

  • De
      17th of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I currently live in Largo, MD and this is amazing that I found this on the web but thank you all for sharing. I was just approached by two black women whom tried to sell me the books/mags. Although I didn't order anything I took the time to observe the ladies and realized that for college students they were not that clean nor look like they were in college. Nevertheless, please inform everyone of this issue and thank you for posting your experience. It help me validate the reason why I didn't order. I asked if they had a website and if I could order another way but they were very persist about getting me to pay them or give money for a donation to little children. Again, we have to find a way to cut this at the head. So that our people are not deceived and taken for granted/nor cheated. Its a shame that we are stealing from our own. Its a shame--the bible says.."the love of money is the root of all evil" their out to deceive and taking no prisoners. Continue to spread it to your friends and family.

  • Cr
      18th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I too was ripped off! I bought a subscription to a magazine which I never received!

  • Xf
      10th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I live in Severn, MD and I had a young black male stop by my house a month ago and tell me how he had changed his life around and was getting ready to go to college. I decided to help him out by buying a lot of things. However, I only put down $110 (which is a lot). I was getting ready to pay the balance ($150) but something told me to look up this company since I've just received the bills. I wish I did this earlier so I could've put a stop payment on the checks. He did ask for cash, however, I didn't have any on me. I'm going to see if I can stop my order.

  • Ay
      26th of Dec, 2007
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    Exactly! ME too!!! I am so mad right now. I ordered a book of bedtime stories back in November for $29, and just today received an invoice headlined "second notice" stating I still owe $31.95. There is a note on the inovice stating, "Any difference in price from order copy is either an error by salesperson or due to current price increases beyond our control." The nerve of these jerks!! I would fight to get my money back from them on principle, even if it were just $1. I cannot wait to call someone tomorrow morning and bite their heads off!! Can they legally get away with this? There has to be a way to shut them down!!

  • Sa
      1st of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    wow. I just googled Chapel Sales to find some sort of phone number to call to complain. THE SAME THING happened to me! I got an invoice saying I owed more money....the SAME EXACT STORY happened to me, with the 2 girls at the door, etc. WE HAVE TO SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!! Has anyone gotten through to customer service?!?!?!

  • M
      2nd of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I actually worked for Chapel Sales back in 2000. These companies usually prey on lost, dysfunctional young people who are wanting to escape their rough lives or neighborhoods. It was a nightmare! Where do I begin? I was such a naive girl who just graduated from high school and was told about this "great" job opportunity. I am from the South and was picked up and driven to Detroit. We lived in hotels and ate fast food everyday. We woke up at 6 AM for our meetings where we were trained what to say and how to act with the customers, in other words, we were trained liars. These meetings usually lasted an hour. We would have 7 different teams that consisted of 8-10 people . They would load us in vans and drop us off at street corners. We would go door to door selling magazines and books. We have this folded "information" explaining how we were earning points for college scholarships and we would choose what books you may be interested in from our list that was usually attached. The van would pick us up 1 1/2 to 2 hours later. We would work well into the night, 6 days a week. We were off on Sundays to do laundry and hang out. There were promises of money that we were making that our managers kept on our "books" but we've never seen any of it. At the end of the day, we would turn our money in to our managers. They would give us no more than $10 to live off of daily. I usually kept to myself. I refused to engage in what the team members were doing. Sex with total strangers, with each other; it seemed like every week someone had to be taken to the clinic to get rid of an STD. I gained like 15lbs the 3 months I was there. I tried to leave, but they kept giving me excuse after excuse...."oh, wait until next week, we can't let you go now." I called my parents and they packed up and was about to come and get me. I just stopped going to work. After about 2 days, they sent me home. 18 hours to get back home on the Greyhound. I was overjoyed when I saw familiar territory. A couple years later a boy and a girl came to my house. Before they even opened their mouth, I knew what they were doing. I immediately told them how they were being used and to go home. I let them come in and rest because it was very hot and I know that they were hungry. I felt so sorry for them. They were 17 years old. I explained to them about all the lies, but I knew they weren’t listening to me. I literally begged them to go home. They were so like me, Naive and hoping for a better life. We actually prayed together, then they left. These places must be shut down!!!

  • Ka
      6th of Jan, 2008
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    I can truly undertstand what everyone is going through right now. I too ordered a magazine subscription from Chapel. I pay $12. cash and $16. check with a balance of $24.
    It was two young black women with the same scholarship scam and the points. After they left I felt uneasy about the whole thing but shook it off, thinking it was for a good cause. This was Oct. 2007. I have not sent the additional $24. now like Ayesha Ahmad I've received the same notices. Just wrote them an e-mail asking if I can change the magazine subscription.Sorry I didn't see these complaints before doing so.

  • Je
      7th of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    After reading everyone’s posts, I feel like such an idiot. Just the other day, on 1/4/08, a young black guy named David Howard came to my door around 8:00 p.m. re: magazine subscriptions for points for a college scholarship. (I’m white, but live in a predominately black neighborhood, so a black guy knocking on my door is nothing unusual.) This guy said he had come to Miami, FL all the way from Buffalo, NY. That in itself seemed odd to me - why not sell the mags in Buffalo? I told him, “Sorry, but I’m not interested.”

    He proceeded to show me the receipt of my neighbor across the hall (who is black) who had just bought books from him for his kids. That made me feel a little better that “maybe this isn’t a scam,” but I still said, “I’ve got more than enough magazines that I don’t have time to read that are just cluttering the house.” That’s when he chimed in that I could DONATE a subscription to a charity such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Of course that tugged on my heartstrings, so I said OK.

    I looked at his stapled/folded list of things to order. I asked the price of some things, looking for something cheap (I wanted to help him, but didn’t want to buy everything and kitchen sink). I cut to the point - “What’s the cheapest thing on the list that gives you the most points - the most bang for your buck.” He said he didn’t know. I joked with him, “See, THAT’s what you should be pitching - get people to spend a little money on something that gets you the most amount of points.” He didn’t have anything to say to that.

    As I was looking at the list, he kept interrupting me with questions and comments. “Are you Hispanic?” I told him, “No, my Mom is Asian and my Dad is American.” He apologized profusely and said “he hoped he didn’t offend me.” I told him, “Don’t worry about it - people always think I’m Spanish.” He proceeded to tell me that his background is Black, Puerto Rican, and Cherokee Indian and lifted up his pant leg and showed me that “he got a tan” from being in Miami, by comparing his hand color to his leg color. He proceeded to say his step father in Canada was black and something else - he couldn’t remember. He remained pleasant, polite, and friendly and full of compliments. I should have smelled a scam by now, but no.

    I asked him the price of a book - Christian Bedtime Poems & Prayers. He said he’d check - he said the points don’t determine the price. He said he’d have to look up each one to correlate the price. I asked him the price of two more (looking for something cheaper). I wanted to help him, but I didn’t want to get had. The forms looked legit and, although I thought the $12.00 process/handling fee was a bit high, I figured it was for a good cause. He said he had been going door to door all day and was glad to find our condominium complex. It was an unusually chilly night for Miami. He said his feet were tired and asked if I minded if he squatted down while I looked at the list. Again, he made me feel bad for him.

    After I inquired about the prices of three books, he pointed out that since I inquired about three magazines/books (even though I didn’t have to buy all three), that he got extra points for that. I told him I only wanted to order “Jesus Loves Me” to be sent to St. Jude’s. So he said he’d just cross out the ones I didn’t want, because if he wasted an order form, he’d lose points. He said the book I ordered is “gilded” and some other stuff about how special the book is. He started with small talk again and when I mentioned that my husband is Italian, he said, “That’s right! That’s what my stepfather is - Italian. I knew it was something European like that.” I guess he is trained to relate to people and make them feel comfortable. Well, it worked, because I ended up giving him $30 cash ($18 down and $12 process/handling fee). I didn’t want to write a check in case it was a scam, because I didn’t want him to have my account number. However, I owe another $23.95 to be mailed in.

    I filled out my mailing address on the form, because he said that the charity will send me a postcard to thank me for the donation (I figured it didn’t hurt to give him my address. After all, he’s on my door step - he knows where I live). He said to make sure I press hard, because if I didn’t, the company won’t be able to read it and he’ll lose points. He gave me all the instructions for what to do with the remaining balance and the carbon copies. He also asked me to write down 3 comments about him on the back of the card I was to send in with my payment, because he would get an additional 150 points. He even gave me a postage-paid envelope to send the payment in with. He explained that I could cancel the order within three days, but pleaded with me to not cancel, because he didn’t want to lose his points. I kept feeling bad for this guy.

    Today, before mailing in my check for $23.95, I searched the Better Business Bureau ( to do some research on them. Chapel Sales, Inc. is apparently a legitimate company and somehow has good ratings with the BBB. Even so, I also did a search on Google for Chapel Sales, Inc. That’s how I found this site. Even though this company sounds like a scam, I’m going to send in the remaining $23.95 - just to avoid potential billing/collections issues. The last thing I need or want is to get on Chapel Sales’ collections list and start getting harassing letters in the mail saying I owe them $23.95. From what I read on everyone’s posts, Chapel Sales, Inc. apparently doesn’t answer the phone or respond to mail that people send them.

    Another thing - since he had told me the names of various charities I could donate to, I asked him, “How do I make sure that St. Jude’s gets the book - you didn’t designate anywhere on the form that it was St. Jude’s that I picked.” I told him to write “St. Jude’s” on the form so that they know where to send my donation. He said that he’d write it later on the top portion (the part that keeps the carbon copies together that you tear the receipt off of.) It just didn’t make sense. Why didn’t he want to write St. Jude’s on the form?

    I’m going to consider this a $53.95 lesson learned the hard way - through my wallet. After reading the post by “M” (the one who said she worked for Chapel Sales), I feel sorry for this guy David, and I’m just glad and blessed that losing $53.95 won’t break the bank for me. I just hope that St. Jude’s actually receives the book I bought for them. I’m also hoping (since this company is sending its representatives across state lines in order to do the “scamming”) that they can be charged federally, if an action ever ensues.

  • Ms
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    I am in agreeance with M. I went through the same thing as M did. I was a door to door salesperson from 1989-1991. I wasn't naive - I just thought that I was running away from my problems and ran into larger problems working for Chapel Sales.

    My friend and I were the only ones to be hired and we were taken about 1000 miles from our home state to the state of Texas. I remember being tired from the long drive and having to get up around 6am-7am to attend a pep meeting where it seemed fun at first. This was in the summer - over 100 degrees the first day I went out on the street. I had no idea that we would stay out from 8am - until 9pm, but since I was dealing with major issues at home, I thought I would stick it out. My friend was the smart one, she went back home - got a nice job with the local goverment (and is still there).

    After a week or two I was ready to go door to door by myself and do sales. Things were ok - I was getting the hang of it.
    It was time for us to travel to another state. We were in a van for hours driving to another state - Tx to Illionois. I thought we would have time to rest, but that wasnt the case. Out to work we went. This time my mom and dad were in the state and visited me. I tried to make them think that everything was well with me, I didnt want them alarmed.

    I didnt like telling the customers that I was a college student and lying to sell a magazine, but I also was under pressure to meet my quota of selling 10/100 - which means 10 magazines or books for 100 dollars. If we didnt meet our quota - we had to sit all the way in the back of the van and be subjected to humiliation by the "car handlers" and if you didnt sell much - you would be allowed $5 for dinner. By this time - I gained a smoking habit , and $5 dollars wasnt enough to by cigarettes and food. So I figured since they woulnt give me over $ 5 or $ 8 dollars a night - that I would go out and get my extra money the best way I knew how. Even if it meant having to lie to someone, unprotected sex with customers, just to make a sale - or taking donations , or simply tearing up the receipt and keeping their money ( I didn't do this one much).

    A year after working on this job - I was ready to go home. I was not even home for a week and I got frequent calls for me to come back to work, with promises of being promoted to "car handler" - which meant - no more knocking on doors for me. So like an idiot - who is still running away from my problems - i went back. This time- I went to jail several times ( for soliciting without a license), raped(several times), had guns pulled on me (several times) , been out until midnight knocking on doors, until we collected cash . There was one time I was dumb enough to engage in sex to sell a book with one man - I allowed him to take me to another state - he left me there. The grace of God allow this kind old man to take me back to South Jersey. There were times that I stayed gone all night at someones house - and would go back to work a couple of days later. We always worked six days and Sunday morning was for washing, Sunday nights - we were in a meeting - so really - we had no real time off for ourselves.

    -THE ONE GOOD THING -As far as the cash awards that were were telling the customers - WE REALLY DID GET IT-ONLY if we sold the magazines correctly - which means telling the customer the complete truth, that they were just paying a deposit and that they needed to send the rest of the funds in by 10 days. ------ I WAS ONE OF THE ONES THAT DID RECEIVE MY CASH AWARD --- I should have used this money to go home, but I let a supervisor borrow half of it, (thinking that I would get my money back) and the other half I went clothes shopping.

    When I was completely fed up with the downward spiral my life took - I requested to be sent home.( I didn't want to just take off and leave like other's tried to do, because if the supervisors knew , they would have the hotel puts the special lock on the door where you couldnt put a key in door to get your things ) I was told that I would have to make enough sales in cash so they could put me on a Greyhound bus. I prayed and asked God to help me make all of my sales in cash - and it happened. I was placed on the bus and made it home.

    I waited and waited to receive all the money - that I supposedly had on the books ( over 10,000 ) for the good sales that I made - I never got a dime. only $ 5 dollars a day and somewhere between $10 and $20 on the weekends, and that cash award.
    I didnt want to hassle them for the money - I was just happy to finally be at home and dealing with the issue that I had run away from in the first place.

    THE OTHER GOOD THING - I got a chance to travel the U.S. - I have visited many beautiful states that ordinarily I wouldnt have even dared to go to, and I have met many people (some crazy, some sweet, some evil, a couple deranged, some sucessful, some down to earth, some perverts, some good hearted )

    Whenever I see someone coming to my door doing the same thing. I admonish them to go home, becuase things aren't always as bad as they seem. Some have listened to me, and some haven't - becuase they were as brain washed as I was.
    This is a learning experience I wish no one went through, but only through the grace of God - I lived (literally) to tell about it.

  • Mi
      13th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    In the first place' Chapel Sales Inc. is the publication clearing house which clears orders of independent contractors. Contracts are given by clearing houses to sales crew managers to be able to receive a commission for made & cleared with C.S.I. it is the responsibility of the individual agent and it's manager's & trainers on how they conduct business with the general public, what they do or what they say. Now a sales pitch is not a crime nor is it illegal.." while yet morally wrong" it's what many sales people do in any business..use a creative sales pitch to increase their productivity. Now' if there is fraud, misrepresentation of the product,monies, receipts or misconduct unbecoming a sales representative at or on someone's property ' then that should be reported to the company so that the company can report it to the sales crew manager and the sales crew manager can deal with it's agents, but to blame or single out the company is wrong.. every agent working is or should be of legal adult working age therefore should know right from wrong.and yes you do sound prejudice because you focus on the fact that your white and make a statement that the comapny is all black " WRONG" there a people of all races, cultural backgrounds etc including white but you stated that after the sales person noticed you didn't want to buy and he/she made note of that then you felted pressured to buty then later canceled and said you canceled once again in the past when living in MD. Sounds like he's wrong and so are you.. but you figure it out.

  • Mi
      14th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    if you read through what Ms. T's experience was and what she said she went through & did then you'll understand that the blame is not on the company nor clearing house but the individual themselves. They are adults of sound mind. No one is forcing them nor puyting a gun on their heads & don't give me that ### that they felt traped because they are out their alone on the streets handling orders & money and just like she said she would some times through the reciept away and keep the money, so if she or anybody didn't really like where they were or what they were doing they could just take thev money and go back home, take a bus or a train etc: don't get me wrong yes' there are some bad apples outthere in C.S.I. but there are some good stories too' just google door-2-door success stories so don't just read these complaints but read between the lines. Some filing or posting complaints was part of the problem and now that their not in or with the company they make these false fairy tales stories like they was doing door to door.

  • Ms
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    Mike Bosch - I read your comments.
    I wasnt sure who you were referring to when you make the statement that "some filing or posting complaints was a part of the problem and now they are not in or with the company, they make false fairy tale stories like they were doing door to door"

    On my behalf - EVERYTHING that I have stated in my comments are true- and I only scratched the surface of what I went through doing door to door sales. There are other things that I can report that happened to me - while I was among my 'co-workers'. - NO NEED TO FABRICATE A TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE THAT I HAVE GONE THROUGH. You sound as if you work for Chapel Sales Inc or some other company such as CSI (lol) - it's all good if you do, but if you don't, or if you have never experienced any situations that I have gone through doing door to door sales, then it wouldn't be right for you to say that these things are "fairy tales" or "false stories"

    I admit- this is still a sensitive issue for me almost 20 years later, and maybe I took your comments out of context.

    I disagree with the other complaintants putting an emphasis on the ethnic background of the independent contractor - shows we haven't grown much as a human race.

  • Ms
      16th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree with Ms T For other stories about traveling sales crew experiences - such as Ms.

  • Mi
      17th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I'm merely saying for someone of sound mind as a young adult. if you didn't like where you was or what you was doing then you could have left anytime you wanted. you and several others have stated that you were placed on a block to sell magazines and that some of you in order to eat properly you would throw away the reciepts and keep the money' well then you could have thrown away the reciepts and took a bus or a cab or train or what ever & slit" you stated that you joined the crew to run away from a bad situation back home, from what I hear and read this situation was worse so why would someone stay onw, two or even three years. also when someone is placed on or in a neighborhood to knock on these nieghbor's doors they know right from wrong' so they rob, steal, rape or comit a crime and want to blame the company..NO!! blame yourself.. now. the comapny is wrong in not doing a proper background check, the clearing house is wrong in allowing sales crews with too many complaints to keep their contracts with them. I do believe in state regulations and proper background checks. but excuses is like an ###-everybody's got them one must blame themselves for their setback, failures & there are different programs, youth groups, agencies, police stations & churches all across the country, if they need help utilize them. and don't give me that grap that you didn't have the time bacause if you have the time to party on the weekends,hang out after work take short trips to visit family & friends then you have the time for this, especially when you're going door to door because a neighbor willl allow you to make a call to your family or even police or another agancy that would help you out. I just don't see it because these young adults had a choice. "RIGHT from WRONG" now' there are sales crews that allow drugs, or drinking or staying out late or don't do background checks etc: so if you're on one of those cres why stay one, two or evewn three years? I was on a crew in the early 80's and I guess I was lucky that the owner and it's managers took care of it's crew like family with southern christian style family values. and we had a three strike's your out law' if you was a trouble maker or was sneaking drugs on the crew or messed up orders in territory you was gone. fired, let go.I met my wife on the crew, she gave me a beautiful daughter and when my wife died of lukemia I raised my daughter alone. that company always took care of me. I respected the owner like he was my father because I too came from a rough basckground but they molded me into a responsible hard working maybe I'm impar'tial because of the type of crew I was with and yes we did have some bad apples but they stood out like a sore thumb because we believed in the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING method so to them other crews- you're only as good as your leaders.

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