Chad Ostreicher / Chargeback 200 For My Sons Portraits

1 Phoenix, United States

My name is Harmony and I want to tell everyone a story of how Chad Elliott Ostreicher frauded my son and had him send his portraits overseas to this scammer. Chad purchased my sons artwork online and months and months down the road he did a chargeback. No talking. No letting him know. Just a cold chargeback. I thought this was just a one time thing until I Googled his name. He is attempting to play off that I am writing these reviews (which some are mine) but not all of them are. Chad is a low life which you can tell from his responses. He is nothing more than a teacher that now lives in Taiwan. Anything more than that, is simply a manifestation from his mind. Stay away from Chad Ostreicher.

Jan 6, 2015

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