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Central Refrigeration / Hostile Work Environment

1 West Valley City, UT, United States Review updated:

"Wow" to all of the complaints noted here. I now hold the honor of being the latest deleted from Central
Refrigeration trainee Class #296. 16 December 2010 at 3:00 PM I criteria'd out with three errors in two days. (To be explained)

My experience within this organization is almost laughable if it wasn't so insulting.

To describe the experience which was endured I have to go to the moment where it all started... on Day 1 Monday 6 December 2010. (I participated with Central Refrigeration a total of 10 days) My sweetheart "Anita" and I noticed an advertisement on the back of a Central Refrigeration trailer on a vacation to Utah from Colorado Springs, Colorado. My sweetie has family in Tremonton and Ogden. I fell in love with Utah, and desired to relocate to this beautiful State.

One Day 1; endured Central's worker physical stress test; picking up weighted boxes, walking around cones with said weighted boxes, and picking up 75lbs and placing it up high. Every student was required to fill out documentation, and provide a history of earlier involvement regarding drug usage (I am a good boy in that area of life - don't smoke or drink either), and law enforcement involvement; my past injustice was a momentary arrest for arguing with an ex mother in law in 1980, and an infraction with Colorado Springs, Colorado's Code enforcement regarding "Dog's on the loose." I haven't had a speeding ticket in over 5 years. Dear God, I am really a boring guy, and this event shows how boring my life has become since leaving the Space Command in the US Air Force as a college educated Master Sergeant in December 2000.

They had each individual in the group (over 35 of us) pay up $100 after filling out our paperwork. In my case the paperwork was never collected after the "Law Enforcement Review." I will get back to this event in a moment because it is very revealing to my claim of "Hostile Work Environment." They had my sweetie "Anita" drop out for an event she was honest about in regards to over 2 years and 10 months earlier; an argument between a neighbor in Arizona that resulted in "Domestic Disturbance." Anita is a saint, and just as boring as I; a Walmart greeter with the warmest wonderful personality that brightens up any room she walks into or any hallway she walks out of. We intended to be Owner Operators for Central. This remains a dream for the two of us; to obtain our CDL, and to see the country while working the long grueling hours without complaint.

Day 1 continued I continue through the hoops and hurdles that has deleted several of the class which is now reduced to approximately 22 total. We would lose more classmates as the days progressed beyond day 5; lacking documentation, no Social Security card, immigration issues, and other company concerns. I ultimately faced "Security" to hear they washed out Anita for a matter that would fall off their 3 year criteria in 2 months. I was told I was "clean" and capable of remaining in the program.

"Rick the Recruiter" stated that Anita was out her $100, and thanks for trying. My explanation that we financed the trip to Utah with no support from Central fell on deaf ears, and he encouraged me to stay and complete my CDL training.

Anita and I received room # 121 a "Couple's suite." No one stated Anita had to vacate the premises, and she spent her time watching movies, and playing on the Wi-fi Internet in the room while I attended class room training during "week 1." "Karen the Store Clerk" was aware that Anita and I remained in room #121. This was never hidden from my surviving classmates, nor denied on my part, or evaded in any form. We claim ourselves as a couple, and "Married." Colorado Law allows for this claim as a Common Law condition. We intend on finalizing this process within Utah and it's statutes in front of our family members, and our church. I will be back to this matter in a moment as furthering my "Hostile Work Environment" position.

Day 2 Tuesday 7 December 2010 - Pear Harbor Day - "A Day of Infamy".
Survived the DOT physical, and everything from the day prior. The cough test was conducted for hernia check, and my right nut was in pain! The attending DOT doctor grabbed it, and it throbbed for three days!

We are in the classroom, received our training book, and watched training videos.

"Ron - the Type A Personality Police Officer and animal wildlife murderer." Before I begin to slam on poor mentally insecure Ron I must say that I admire hunters and have participated in hunting myself. However; I didn't feel it necessary to record my hunting skills in large photo form and mount such an effort on my desk for all to see. One could analyze such behavior as "needy." This means something is seriously missing in Ron's life. He was a prior police officer, and when I heard the word "prior" I instantly perked up. Anytime someone states "prior" it means something occurred to cause a change; as in, "he is no longer a police officer." Was he fired? What was he fired for? Was he let go for his dominant controlling of others personality? Possibly in this instance.

Mid morning on Day 2 (Tuesday December ) I was called into "Ron - Type A personality Police Officer Animal wildlife Murderer's" open cubicle office. He was clearly unworthy of a private office, and had to endure the honor of handling truck driver piss bottles several times a day as a duty. He played the game of "I am more important than you" by stating a fact - and then demanding an answer to the fact. On day 1 someone clearly didn't obtain my filled in paperwork which I retained till the next day. Ron stated; "You will not last in the truck driver world, because you cannot follow direction. You were directed to turn in your paperwork yesterday by Mendy, and you did not do so."

First thing's first; the only thing I heard from Mendy "The $100 cash collector" was that I was required to pay the $100 to be considered for employment by Central. Failure to pay the $100 would terminate any possibility of training, or consideration of hire. I paid $200 for Anita and myself to Mendy "The $100 cash collector." Central as an organization obtained $200 from me. I didn't get kissed, but I most certainly was fondled and had a very sore throbbing right nut to show for it.

I learned a long time ago how to defang class A personality idiots; let them blow off their steam, and smile. Yes! Smile at them because it states clearly to them that they are idiots, and their seeing that smile annoys them to no end. As a police officer this type of class A idiot could abuse people daily for the abuse he took as a child; a lacking father figure, and his being beat up daily by the meaner Class A idiots in his high school. So I smiled, and I asked him directly about his animal murdering prowess. He instantly forgot the session because he knew I knew he was a type A Class idiot which had to brag about how much his elk weighed and the horns on it's head. The fact that Mendy never uttered a word directly to me was forgotten, but Ron knew that I knew he was a beat up child which had to validate himself by becoming a police officer, and he clearly became a prior one. My smile was too obvious to such a bully.

Ron thumbed over my paperwork and was clearly annoyed that he could not find an error. It was written on his face that he wanted to find such error, and it may have been my overly filled urine sample (I went over the line drawn on the bottle by "Ron" and my not following his expressed directions surely pegged me as "Unwilling" in the performance model affecting controlling Class A @ssholes. He stated; "We will be checking into everything you documented on these forms." These are the words uttered by someone contributing to a "Hostile Work Environment."

This would not be the only run in with "Ron." He would glare at me in the dinning facility; staring at me (perhaps I reminded him of someone in his childhood that beat him up, or someone that fired him), and once attempted to play the game of "Bull in the China Shop" while walking in the entry doorway to the building One dining facility. (On a positive note: Fernando get's many prop's for his effort at feeding some great grub and it has an affect on the growing girth of "Rick the Recruiter" so it must be good. I really enjoyed the food too! Fernando is a great guy and deserving of the favorable Kudo's - unfortunately mentioned here) Ron walked towards me, and I refused to give up my space. He was clearly annoyed that he had to walk around me and not through me. Yes... I smiled at him. I also uttered the words class A idiots hate to hear; "thank you."

Day 3 and 4 (Wednesday 8 December 2010, and Thursday 9 December 2010) was classroom discussion regarding the 18 wheel truck; it's parts, and information required to passing the DOT written test. Possible Test questions on the DOT test were discussed and shared by the instructor I will refer to as "Mr. Jovial the 2 million mile man." Every student was his "Favorite Student." "Mr Jovial" would be the final decider on my fired fate, and "Rick The Recruiter" deferred to his decision capacity. "Mr. Jovial clearly holds the hats of instructor and Human Resources all in one.

Day 5 - Friday 10 December 2010
The class took a bus ride to the Salt Lake City DMV. My efforts at studying the material resulted in scoring a
"tie" for 3rd place highest test score out of the entire class #296. A fellow student would be bitten by a recluse
spider hiding in his building 2 dorm room - the one he would have to share with three other "smoker" students. He would be denied medical coverage for his spider bite even though it happened on Central Refrigeration property.

In 5 days time I now hold a DOT physical card and a temporary CDL.

"Rick the Recruiter" called me into his office; he wanted my last three years of employment, and requested
admittance of any unemployment benefits being received; I immediately pondered if they were pursuing additional funding from the US Government for calling us "Hires." Receiving payment for creating a non existent job. I will be following up on this feeling, and reporting it to those involved in government oversight. I rarely get a tingle such as that moment without something being amiss; simply call it Senior NCO sensory capability and capacity. When we feel it... we act upon it... and we follow up on it. I was made to feel violated, and questioned as if I was a liar. Why was this imposed upon me? Perhaps this organization is filled with liars, thieves, and is a racket scam?

Day 6 - Saturday (11 December 2010)
Practiced backing, and drove the 18 wheel truck for the 1st time with a 9 speed transmission. I did fairly well for not driving a truck since my Mobile TAC's Forward Air Control Post (FACP) days of Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina with the 73rd FACP ground radar group of the 557th Wing. I shifted fairly well, and kept the tractor and trailer within the lines. I was learning backing but was nowhere near being an expert on Day 1 having driven the black rig two times in the yard with two instructors.

Day 7 - Sunday (12 December 2010) Finally a day off! I was exhausted mentally and after a week of hostility in an environment that clearly was designed to bring them in and spit them out like a meat grinder I needed to rejuvenate spiritually and emotionally. My wife's hopes were shattered by this company; she showed integrity and honesty, only to be punished and denied advancement for doing so. I was looked upon as a liar who touted his military service with no proof other than my word, and they refused to believe anything uttered without seeking such proof from references requested on Friday.

I am a Mormon son. I am proud of this fact, and I have openly revealed it to my classmates. I stated to them that I am an imperfect Christian with faults, and must continuously adjust myself towards betterment. I called each one of them as my brother, and stated that I embraced each as a "friend." I am not a liar. I have integrity that I will fall on a sword to protect. I promised "Rick the Recruiter" that I would bring the requested documentation filled out in full along with my DD Form 214, and 1099's from the US Government.

Day 8 - Monday 13 December 2010
Afternoon of 13 December resulted in dock training and coupling sign off. I was able to practice offset backing
once. Finished up the matter of my military retirement with "Rick the Recruiter" An obese yet very friendly smiling recruitment officer with fangs who was totally clueless in regards to prior military member service and the documentation that proves such matters. I believe the guy to be mentally inept and without memory. He clearly didn't remember me from 3 days earlier. I brought my dd-Form 214, my military retirement ID, and 1099's. It was as if nothing could prove my retiree status to him. He refused to accept it. I had to explain it in baby steps; I asked him if someone who was retired could somehow be un-retired, and smiled afterward. Clearly his IQ level isn't in the upper 140's, and the ding dong's, twinkie's, and sweet grub had done it's toll on other areas of "Rick the Recruiter" other than his large gutt. His engaging with me as if I was a liar is furthermore a position of "Hostile Work Environment." I believe no one should be forced to work with idiots like "Rick the Recruiter."

Day 9 - Tuesday 14 December 2010
The first part of the day involved driving in the Industrial Park; Eddie Rickenbacker Rd, Jimmy Doolittle Drive, and Neil Armstrong Street will be etched in memory as I practiced left and right hand turns over the shoulder, learning how to properly and improperly drag a trailer behind the tractor. Mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors!

Vehicle tracking was pounded into me, as was properly revving it up to downshift after slowing down. The Instructor "Jim" will be remembered; he too was involved in drag racing, as a participant from New Jersey in the 1960's with Big block Chevy's. Clearly a good guy, but seriously he should give up his golf game and get back into drag racing. You only live once, and chasing a little white ball with a club is not as fun as running a 10 second quarter mile.

Day 10 - Wednesday 15 December 2010
The first part of the day involved inner city driving. Covered more cornering, and highway efforts.
The afternoon consisted of my getting to practice offset backing, and alley docking a total of "twice." I tested on
the pre-inspection twice, and blew it; two times. The first failure was chocking the tractor prior to performing
the ALE test. Second failure was not pushing in the Tractor and Emergency buttons and engaging the brakes. These errors are critical, and the training in Cab was little, and I was exhausted. I was on 4 hours sleep. Excuses being what they are; in the REAL WORLD I should not have been inside a truck let alone driving it.

Day 11 - Thursday 16 December 2010
The first part of the day was driving in "Park City." I received the long trip home, and the steepest part of the
drive. It was fun and enjoyable.

Lunch was interesting. I observed Ron look at me, and utter to the CEO of Training that I was not married, and that I lied. It was uttered loud enough in my presence to make me notice. He made it obvious he was discussing me. The blonde haired older gentleman "CEO of Training" asked Ron, "Are you going to arrest him?" and he chuckled. Shortly afterwards "Jim" stated to me;"You need to see Karen after lunch." Colorado allows for Common Law marriage and Ron's opinion doesn't mean much when I am the one paying shared bills since February of this year. I ignored him, and read a newspaper while eating. The USA Today on page 13A had a far more interesting topic than Ron's obsession with me; Big City Nuke Attack 'a survivable event.' Having worked in Space Command I found the article interesting in that they are touting a 10 Kiloton weapon that would engulf 150, 000 people as "Survivable." The world has gone nuts has it not? Everyone is losing their jobs, their homes, and it will be an Obama Christmas.

I finished my Grilled Chicken Salad and went to see "Karen - the Store Clerk." The question was "Is Anita still
with you? Didn't she get out of training on Day 1? She was supposed to leave the premises after being failed out." I explained that no such demand was uttered to Anita or myself, and that we had been living openly in room #121, and was now residing in the "Econolodge." I asked the question; What possibilities are offered in this instance? Especially for a couple that financed the entire efforts themselves with no assistance forthcoming from Central? She then referred me to "Matt." Karen was playing the role of information gatherer. "Matt" would have to wait because I had a responsibility to be on the practice lot at 1 pm. I learned such ploys and game playing by some of "the best" in the USAF - the game of "You need to be here" when a prior order was placed upon you. This is a Hostile Work Environment, and the game playing was evidence of it. "Karen - The Store Clerk" was such evidence, as was Ron's loud mouth during lunch.

In the afternoon I passed my pre-inspection with 47 out of 50.
I then took the backing test with offset backing included. I had an issue with getting the truck to line up inside
the box. That was criteria fail 3.

I paid to get myself and Anita to Central's school in West Valley City, Utah. It was on my dime. Each time I
failed a criteria item there was no effort to look at the company training efforts. I came to this school to gain
an education, and to learn how to drive an 18 wheel truck as a career. The training I received is questionable. I
did not know that I would face a "Training" environment that fosters failure. I would believe the organization
would seek someone such as myself and Anita to be part of their growing organization. I can see such a thought is as crazy as the USA Today touting a nuclear device killing 150, 000 people as survivable. How can an organization like Central Refrigeration survive with such a backed position?

After I criteria'd out a 3rd time the instructor who is a smaller version of Buddha stated to me; "Louie you are a
good guy but that is your third error. You are out of the program. You are going home. You must go see your
recruiter." It was as if it was expected and desired; a program of failure, few Instructors, few training trucks,
and very little training time.

I sought out "Rick the Recruiter" and explained my position. He clearly had his hands tied, and he promised he
would rip up the contract regarding my failure in training. So Who really failed whom? It wasn't my unwillingness that determined this outcome. I expressed nothing but "willingness."

As I walked down the hall leaving the classroom area of the building TWO second floor who other than "Ron - the Type A Personality Police Officer and animal wildlife murderer" would be in the hallway. As I walked by him he uttered the words; "Go home." I responded; with a pursed lips a "kiss" in response and kept on walking. Someone else will surely deal with Ron and his lacking self esteem personality disorder; my days of punching out idiots are over unless being forced to have to do it. A younger student with excessive amounts of testosterone, or a truck driver with less mental capacity which he ruins will deal with him in the unknown probably not too distant future. This written effort will outlast any commentary he uttered at me, discussed behind my back, or plotted in front of his dead animal portraits. I suspect the owner of the company may delete him after reading this; as nobody in the company seems to be secure in any position within the company with such a high turn over rate.

If Central wants a real training program perhaps they can hire the one who assisted in building such a program from scratch at Cape Canaveral, Florida, or who ran a training shop at Nellis AFB for "Red Flag." They would have far less spelling errors on their training documentation and review slides doing so. They would have a program that saves their training dollars instead of just tossing them away.

To add insult to injury, "Karen the Store Clerk" contacted the "Econolodge" to lock me out of my room. Check out for the Econolodge was 11 Am. I didn't get exited until after 3:00 pm, and dd not leave the Central Training Facility until 5 pm. This is breech of Contract, and "Hostile Work Environment." I will be seeking legal representation on this matter. It isn't over. If you are a lawyer in Utah and desire such a case please contact me with the email address provided below.


Alvin L. Arnold; MSgt, USAF (Ret.) Future Students and/or work conflict lawyers please Feel free to contact me. A "Hostile Work Environment" was experienced on my end, as was a total lack of professionalism on the part of Central Refrigeration.

Central Refrigeration

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