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Central Mortgage Company / Terrible service

1 801 John Barrow, Suite 1Little Rock, AR, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-366-2132

I contacted Central Mortgage when I started having difficulty making monthly mortgage payments due to the fact that my former husband stopped making his child support payments. I was (and still am) going through two separate court proceedings (one criminal and one civil) in an effort to make him accountable and begin receiving payments toward a $100, 000.00 in child support arrearages. I explained all this to Central Mortgage and provided proof of all the court hearings I had attended to date. They decided against offering any assistance in a repayment plan, loan modification or adding the payments to the end of the loan. I made several attempts to contact them via phone and would not receive any return calls. I had hoped to speak to them about further options (i.e., selling my home, quick sales, etc.) but without their feedback, I was left without the necessary information that only they could provide and my home went into foreclosure and was sold in a sheriff's sale in January of 2006. Since then, I have tried to obtain a payoff so I might still sell the home and try to minimize the damage this will do to my credit. The attorney they are working through said they would send me the information weeks ago and I have not heard back from them either. It appears this company would rather rip off it's customer's than to try to work with them as I have read most honest mortgage companies will. Stay away from them. What they have done to my family should rate high in 'The House of Shame'. We are losing the only home we have known for the past 21 years. I think I live in Potterville!


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  • Da
      12th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Yes, this company seems bent on refusing to return a plethora of telephone calls in an attempt to modify, restructure or forebear a pending mortgage default on their account. Out of the 5 different mtgs I have, this company is by far the ### in terms of customer service, honesty and integrity. PLEASE DO NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY - THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO EXIST IN THE COMMERCIAL ARENA.

  • Ri
      11th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

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  • St
      13th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    CMC are unethical and want you to forclose so that they get the equity in your house! I was literally 1 mnoth and 1 day late on my payment and they sent back my payment. If they had accepted the one payment I would have been pretty much caught up. But they claimed I had to make BOTH payments or would not accept my payment. So basically you can't even be one month late or they won't accept your payment FORCING you into 2 months late, then 3 months late, then FORCLOSURE! All because they won't accept a Full one month payment! You can't be one month behind...after the 30th day...they stop accepting payments on the 31st day unless u pay TWO months in full! They also turn off your online banking payment options same time and then charge you late fees saying you didn't pay. Sick unethical Un-American company.

  • Si
      30th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company has refused to address any issues towards helping keep anyones home. The know the market and the situation. The easy fix for this company would be to give everyone a fixed low interest rate so that people could keep their homes. Instead they give you the run around with numerous phone numbers. By the time you are done, you are just frustrated and stressed. My loan was aquired through a shady broker. Now I owe $628, 000 on a home that is only worth $450, 000. This company has an adjustable rate mortgage and tell with that it will correct on the 12th of January 2011. I am already paying $3, 500.00 a month and I will not be able to afford the correction. Even with telling this I get an 18yr old girl on the phone who knows nothing about lifes struggles and that is frustrating. We are just asking for a simple low interest rate without al the red tape and paperwork. The company could easily do it, they want the consumers to go through hell before threatening to sue for a bad loan. It's not right both my wife and I make good money and it should not be this way. It is not our fault the market crashed.

  • Ce
      20th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Central took over my loan from Downey Savings. I asked for a loan modification due to poor health and a rising adjustable. They told me I had to be late on the payments to receive modification so I stopped making payments. They said they could take any back payments and add them back to the loan under the new terms. Then MONTHS of 'losing forms', saying things went to the wrong dept, saying yes they got it but they dont accept it as a certain type of mail so it has to be se-sent etc etc. Then they turned me down VERBALLY which is against our state law but by then the back due was almost a year and I couldnt come up with it. They no longer wanted to do anything but foreclose. The MERS documents used to transfer the loan were FRAUDULENT and I got a judge to stop the foreclosure. We shal see how it turns out in court. I urge all of you to call a titoe company and see if your loan was assigned to MERS.

  • Tr
      5th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have previously had two problems with CMC. One involved an overnight delivery which arrived in the early hours before the end of the month (I think it was 9:24 am). I received a notice saying that my mortgage was not received in time and I was subject to default on my payment. I called the company and informed them that I had documentation that the letter/payment was received and the time it was received. I was told that "we pick up our overnight mail" first thing in the morning and anything that comes in later in the day gets posted the next business day. (She also outright lied about the receipt of my payment and documentation of receipt of that payment). I had my attorney write a letter verifying that my payment WAS received on time and needed to be credited to my account. They said they needed to "investigate" my complaint, and then
    "corrected" my records. My second problem occurred when I made a payment using their telephone payment system. Instead of processing my payment through my account number they processed it through the number on the bottom of my check (I have a credit union account so the acct number is different) and they said I had "ISF" to process my payment. That not only was a lie...but an impossibility. They NEVER EVEN HIT MY ACCOUNT IN ORDER FOR IT TO BE A POSSIBLE " ISF" PROBLEM. I was able to fight that one and get it corrected.

    My new battle comes from a recent discovery regarding problems with my Credit Report. I applied for a loan and was told I had TEN defaults on my mortgage over a nine month period. They are ALL payments that I made through their telephone payment system ( I was suckered into their sales pitch that using the telephone payment system was a better way to make payments than overnight deliveries because it would be "cheaper" for me... what it really was was that they would get an extra ten dollars instead of the post office...multiply that by how ever many people they told this to... and I would venture to guess that adds up to a lot of money). They claim I made payments mid month for the previous months payment each time. I KNOW THIS CAN NOT BE... FOR ONE THING.. AS INDICATED BY SIMON (above) ..if you are even one day past the thirty days you get your payment denied and are hit up for two months payments at one time. There is no way CNC would have allowed me to continue in default in such a manner accepting the previous months payment like that without taking some sort of other official action on their part. I ALSO KNOW THAT MY PAYMENTS TO MY ACCOUNT WOULD EITHER HAVE BEEN MADE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH OR AT THE END OF A MONTH...BUT NOT MID MONTH LIKE THEY CLAIM. It almost appears that my payments were on a two week delay in processing from the time I would have arranged payment to when the money was actually taken out of my account. Something is very very strange about this whole thing.

    I have spoken to the "bob" and "mark" and am told that I need the "confirmation numbers" of the transaction in order for them to do anything. I was told that during the time in question they were using something called the "Tru pay system".

    I will continue to pursue this in what manner I can. Something is very much "not right"...

  • He
      15th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Complaint against Central Mortgage

    Christopher & Jessica Peters
    San Diego, Ca 92128

    Re: Loan Modification Fraud

    To whom it may concern;

    In March 2009 a request for a loan modification was sent to Central Mortgage (Avest Bank), after 6 months (Sept 2009) I received documents from CM approving a loan modification trail period that would start 10/0/2009 for a dollar amount to be paid through 01/2010. The agreement was signed and was sent certified back to CM (received by CM in 09/2009). All payments agreed upon were made to CM on time. During the trail period we received a foreclosure default notice from CM. I contacted them and asked why I was receiving this notice if I was in the trail period and under the agreement, no foreclosure procedures would be enforced. They said it was another department and the foreclosure would not go through once the trail period was up and all payments were made to the loan modification trail period. I contacted CM in 01/2010 to receive a update on the loan modification, CM advised they never received the docs and now I was in foreclosure. They denied ever sending or receiving the agreement (I still have the original copy of agreement and proof of delivery).

    The original request for the loan modification was due to financial hardship. CM has added an additional $35, 000 in fees to the original loan and FORCING foreclosure sale date and filing bankruptcy. CM has produced and manufactured a way to take away the rights of the American dream and 28 years of building and keeping an excellent credit rating/history, being destroyed by bad business practices and apparent lies.

    I am requesting help to fight this type of criminal behavior ever happening to another American. CONTACT ME at


    Christopher & Jessica Peters

    Contact Information for CM
    Mr. William Roehrenbeck
    Central Mortgage Company
    801 John Barrow Road Suite 1
    Little Rock, AR 72205-6599
    CM Fax: 501-716-5006

  • Ra
      3rd of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    We have had CMC for about a year and it has been nothing but a nightmare. Lost documents, phone calls not returned or noted, our loan being sold to a different company, oh then not being sold after we sent payment to new company, then not finding the payment and now they have not paid our land taxes. So, we have received a delinquent notice from our county. Once again my wife tried to call and get it straightened out, and for about the 10th time, they say she is not on the account and they cannot speak to her. We have tried numerous ways to add her - phone calls, faxes and online doucments - to no avail. This has been the most frustrating business deal and we are currently looking to refinance just to try to get away from them.

    Randy & Laura Franz
    Rockford, WA

  • Ce
      3rd of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have spoken to HUNDREDS of people who were told by their lenders that they needed to be 60 days late before they could apply for a modification, only to have the system drag months and even several years before beung turned down, then the lenders demand all back due with huge fines and charges. This was all a DESIGN to steal homes. I can bring 500 people to a classaction suit. Thats not a lie---probably even more than 500

  • Mi
      16th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    we had central mortgage on a property we owned in Rhode island. our tenants totally destroyed the property . my wife and i decided we should sell this property or rent it again if we could do so by paying the mortgage. we totally refurbished the house the whole time we were not getting any rent while paying the mortgage . we ran up credit card bills also to fix the house . so we have no income coming in mounting bills and then the market crashes. we try to sell the property but no one can get approved for the loan . we make the moral decision and not the financial decision to go bankrupt to get a fresh start. after about a 6 months we notice that the city continues to send us water bills . we call central mortgage who is impossible to speak with an one or you get bounced around from one person to the next like they are academy award winning actors reading off a script. they tell us yes the process of foreclosure has begun. again months down the road comes another water bill . call central mortgage and now they say the foreclosure has been stopped because someone has broken into the house and taken all the pipes. well of course they did you have had over a year or more and have done nothing with the property. wait again get a summons from the city saying i need to do a lead hazard test on the house and also to say that a fire had occurred at the house . i go to see this and the house is all boarded up . the city continues to pursue us and threaten fines for a house central mortgage should have foreclosed on recouping much more money than they will now due to the damage. finally my bankruptcy lawyer gets involved again sending paperwork that gets the mortgage company to finally talk to us. the women asks oh did you want to get rid of the house. yes i say as that was why it was given back to start with . oh we will send out paperwork for you to fill out and then we can move forward. this is asking all kinds of personal and financial information that there is no need for them to know as the property again was involved in a bankruptcy. lawyer mind you who now is the second one involved for central mortgage now wants me to sign a deed in lieu i refuse saying they can spend the money to foreclose as i have waited four years waiting on you. well don't you know the city reassessed the property is now worth half of what is worth 6 months ago and a third of its worth from 4 years ago. sounds like a bad business decision on there part. i believe if i fight it they have no idea who really owns this property they are breaking the bankruptcy law by not letting me get my fresh start. now a third letter comes from the city to dispute these things all over again . terrible company they should be ashamed of themselves and the predators that they are so i would be interested in and class action suit against this company and the financial hardship and stress they have caused my family and the city of providence . feel free to contact me at cpierce15@Verizon if you would like me to be involved in your class action suit. thanks Ron pierce warwick, Rhode island

  • Is
      23rd of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    We were in Litigation with Central Mortgage all last year after 3 years of trying to modify our arm loan which is considered Predatory loan, and getting the run around from them. In December 26th 2012 at 10:00 am of last year Our home was foreclosed and they bought it back! after I filed for BK on the same morning at 9:00 am. they were desperate to sell before 2013 because of a new law that would be in place in California that bank's had to help out home owners under water! These people are the devil!! destroying families and homes! I've been taking medication for anxiety, my family and kids have been under a lot of stress knowing that they no longer have a home of 13 years! this company NEVER EVER wanted to help out!! worst experience of my entire life!

  • No
      29th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I to have a problem with central Mortgage, they came to me while I was Laid off and tricked me into a loan, I told them I'm not working, they said everything will be fine, than the housing bubble hit !!! I think they knew something was up !!I I continued to make payments, while always being overqualified for Jobs, this went on for 4 years, i asked for Modification, while still in excellent credit, and they turned me down!! I to Than had a late payment, and they refused any payments after that!! I got a Lawyer, who is very nice man, a compassionate man, he helped my Grandparents, while alive, and he was appalled, and he took over case for me, and i haven't paid him a dime yet!!! I went through a conciliatory process, they dragged me to this hell for one year, after year was done this company told me they wouldn't again modify, because I HAD TO MUCH EQUITY IN THE HOUSE!! My lawyer calls, no one responds !! I believe this company did this to a lot of people during the housing collapse, hoping to foreclose, knowing people would lose jobs, and they couldn't make payments !!! So now people like myself, who always did the right thing all my life, always paid my bills, have to suffer, because of what the banking industry did for pure greed !!! The banking industry caused all of this!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! ALL THEY WANT IS TO STEEL YOUR HOME FROM YOU!!

  • Al
      31st of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    Central lies about receiving documents. They lie about where you are in their system. I also had a Downey loan and wasnt even late! I lost my job and asked for a two month forbearance. I was told that because of new laws, it was considered a loan modification and I had to be 2 months late. I protested that but was told it would be OK and only harm my credit a little while and they would quickly mod my loan. That started over a YEAR of lies, stalling etc only to be told I couldnt modify unless I paid a huge back due which included many extra fees. They started foreclosure but the had used MERS and the docs were so fake looking that the judge stopped the foreclosure. That led to two years of trying to do loan mod workouts. Fees kept being added. I was told over and over that docs were not received, or they had been sent to the wrong dept, etc. Finally they sent me another loan mod package then served me with judicial foreclosure. Centreal sabotaged me from the beginning by telling me to stop making payments! Have they told anyone else this? You? If si Id like to get a class action suit going.

  • Pj
      16th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    I agree with everything Valerie posted but shockingly, this is not Valerie's story. It is mine. Word for word. Shame on you, Valerie and shame on Central Mortgage Co. I wrote that piece and posted it on scam report many years ago. I have all the back up to prove it. I don't know why you would do this Valerie but in my opinion, you are no better than Central Mortgage.

  • Ce
      19th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Central started a loan modification after trying to foreclose on me. I beat them in court but our state also allows judicial foreclosure. Central said I was approved for a loan mod (4th time a charm?) and that my junior loan and a judgement wouldnt hamper the mod. THEY LIED!!! I gave them 4 trial payments of $1, 333 each then they said they had never told me the junior liens wouldnt be a problem and that I couldnt get title insurance without paying them off. SO---I lost all my moving money! They has a court trial date set in a couple months and I am going to taske my recorded proof that they lied but I may not win. Ill be forced into the cold with my family. CENTRAL LIES. Do not believe they will give you a loan modification.

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