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Went for a facial which someone purchased a pre - paid voucher.
On it says includes eye treatment.
During the facial, the marketing person comes in and tries to upsell a better machine treatment which i rejected.
Then she tries to sell an ampoule which i agreed.
Later on, they say that eye treatment not included so the beautician uses her own staff discount so that it is slightly cheaper if i take it up. I tell her ok if we have not and will not do the ampoule. She reassures me she was not told of the ampoule and she has not done anything additional. And if we proceed with eye treatment, the only additional cost is the eye treatment.
Beautician laments to me that their marketing people always hassle clients during the facial so she understands my annoyance and she did try to shoo away the marketing lady. Which is also why she is offering me her staff discount which she can only utilize once a month.
I agree to proceed with only the additional eye treatment since we did not do the ampoule.
End of facial, i was asked to pay for both additional ampoule and eye treatment. I dispute and we ask the beautician out for clarification. Now beautician changes her story and says she did do the additional ampoule for me and on top of that she used her staff discount for my eye treatment.


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  • Jo
      Aug 11, 2011

    Yes, I'm a package holder of the above mentioned beauty salon and they indeed always tries to hard sell. The staff discount is also a tactic used frequently to encourage buying. The lady tried asking me to do a laser treatment for my skin tags which is actually milia seeds as I use to learn aesthetics. She charge me $50 per skin tag initially which I can get it done at $20 elsewhere. When I refused, she gave me special price to $100 to clear off everything. I got a little pissed and refused slightly louder and she told me to clear the largest 'skin tag' for $30. Then why she didnt offer me that price initially? After my treatment, I came out to the waiting area and she was giving me a black face although I smiled at her! Then when I'm signin off my package, there she is smiling at me again pressuring me to sign another package. Real pushy... The service is good, but the pressure tactics are really discouraging!!!

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  • Po
      Apr 04, 2012


    Yes, I'm also a package holder of the above mentioned beauty salon. I've been going to the one in park mall and they are sooooooo pushy. Hardsell to the max. The salesperson never takes no for an answer. She starts pressuring me to buy in the middle of my facial treatment and refuses to leave until you say that you will get whatever they are 'recommending'. Then after the treatment, they get you into a room and then the salesperson will sit next to the door and start pressuring me to sign another package or take some products. The salesperson just keeps ignoring me despite me saying that I'm in a hurry and refuses to let me leave. She just sits there refusing to stop talking and ignoring whatever I said. I'm really irritated with that place and will be going for my final treatment (finally!) next tuesday. For the price they are charging, I can easily get almost half the price for one package outside and double the service quality.

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  • Sw
      Jun 25, 2012

    Agree with all of you,
    I've been to quite a few beauty salons and they are one of the most pushy ones. I do enjoy doing my face there and I have warned the receptionist. Do not disturb me when i am doing my treatment. we will talk after the session. Which... The norm they always tell me to extend my package. Currently I am paying $60 per facial (Deep cleansing, STC aka some cheapo srubber machine, pimples squeezing, steamer, eyebrow trimming, face mask, eye mask. I bought 15 session at $900 Nett and I always emphasized I do not pay GST.
    The girls will always try to be over friendly and I will tell them firmly this is what I'm going to pay and not a cent more. my last session is finishing next week and they tried to keep me @ $50 per sesson for the same service above with an additional NECK MASK. I am disgusted by their boring technic, the one day promotion and will end if I walk out their shop.

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  • Es
      Mar 01, 2013

    Celest Pure Beauty at Tampines

    I face similar case as you,
    I use voucher to facial, then the lady boss from which church member.
    The boss approve me sign package.
    i told her i not enough money, she said can use credit card paid installment no need paid extra. Yet credit card charge me admin fee $50+.
    I call her again, then she said will replace me with one free facial. But the boss only talk nonsence, never give.
    Upon signing the package, the boss said include pigmentation treatment, but during the treatment, the boss always said the pigmentation beautician today not come or go other branch, give a lot unreasonable excuse.
    During the first course even worst. The boss told me which I sign the treatment $200 per course unable and not suitable for me, she recomment another treatment for me which need to deduct 3 treatment per day visit.
    I told her this treatment course is she recomment, why suddently said not suitable for me? Why force me deduct 3 treatment.
    Means one treatment about $199.60 x 3 times on that day.
    I dun want, she dun want do the facial for me.
    I have no choice, then she force me to take 2 times then can continue the facial.
    coz the beautician already wash first step then tell me like dat.
    The is cheating case.
    After next time i call for appointment, i told the counter i want deduct one time. dun forcing me, else i will report. then the counter staff will inform the boss dun forme me again to deduct 2 treatment or deduct 3 treatment.
    This Tampines, CPF building Celest Pure Beauty Salon are terrible and lost their image of intergrity

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  • On
      Jun 14, 2013

    celest Pure Beauty at Tampines
    My case is even worst, i had 2 times of EPL treatment and 1 time of Soothing mask, why change from EPL to Soothing mask was because their product does not suit my skin, and i suffer from Skin burning; irritation and sensation pain after treatment. you can feel your whole face is burning and ants bitting over your face. I feedback then they asked me to change to another treatment without propperly study of my face and full of confident that the soothing mask treatment will be good to me. And i am stupid enough to trust these people and sign for 1 times Soothing mask which claim to clam my skin, i will not repeated the same bad experience.
    I signed a 5 treatment package during that treatment because they are so pushy and full of confident; i just give them benefit of doubts. and moreover since she mentioned that this treatment does not involve heat it will not be that severe but it turn out to be a bigger nightmare to me, the same pain come again on that night; i was so angry and decided to cancel the package, but in fact they said they want to check my skin first, i went and they put on another mask on my face without my permission and simply just look at my skin without any equipment to check. After the facial mask, same nightmare and is worst because my pain just start to subside. l can't sleep the whole night simply because of these irresponsible, unprofessional people. I am to furious because that is no reason for me to pay to suffer, i pay to clean my face and enjoy not pain. I request to cancel the package but was refuse. And only then i notice there is clause of non refundable on the receipt which they did not explain to me otherwise i definitely will not signed.
    I really find that this type of beauty saloon is too unethical, we should warn the people outside not to be fool by this type of irresponsible beauty saloon

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  • Ce
      Sep 24, 2013

    Celeste Pure Beauty Pte Ltd is providing worst service in Singapore. You should not buy package service. Their services are super bad. I cannot believe their services.

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  • Ce
      Sep 24, 2013

    Very unprofessional behaviour from the staff at Tampines.. never like to use the service again or suggest any one at all.

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  • Si
      Oct 31, 2013

    I agreed to those complaints. I had recently resign my package for 6 sessions but before I start the new one I wanted to cancel 1 of the item the girl told I can't get my refund. I told her to offset the others and she kept pushing me to pay the balance. I reckoned that these issues has to bring up to CASE.

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  • Su
      Dec 09, 2013

    OMG! I was so pissed with them and decided to share my experience so people out there will beware of them and to my surprise, everybody is complaining about them. I bought the vouchers at raffles mrt roadshow and yes! Super duper hardsell, I went at parkmall outlet, the sales person will keep persuading me to top up like do an "upgrade" in the middle of the session. And worse is, the auntie who is massaging me, push me to do a navel candling, I said no need then she rudely removed the towel which is comfortably lie on my eyes and said "Huh? Must do, $30 only, very cheap." And wouldn't continue massaging and she assumed that I am ok, just take out the candle and start on me. That was the second time I went and again, inside the room and keep persuading me to take their package, it was always the pregnant lady who speak to me. There were 2 pregnant ladies in parkmall. 1 is the face is rounder, another face is longer. Totally waste my time being struck in the room. She just wrote on the forms stating how many sessions which I didn't agree. Luckily my friend called me and I got off. And you know what is the worse again? The long face pregnant lady is super rude, I said i really don't want and I had to say the truth that I don't have a good experience in there and she said "forget it, we do so nice for you and you ..." My experience was in July or Aug and I am still pissed!

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  • Ve
      Jan 25, 2014

    It is the worst beauty centre ever. I wonder how come not complianing to police about these things. They are hardselling at the middle of the session n too rude..
    I wont go there again i wont recommend anyone to go there too..

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  • He
      Feb 13, 2014

    was very pissed as they keep on bugging me to buy their voucher. Were tempted to buy at first but then one of the sales promoter stood in front of me with another friend of hers and talk about me directly. I may be a malay but we are living in a multi racial country and I do learn chinese too. So it was straight cut to show that I do understand what they were talking, and it pissed me off. And the person who were talking to me keeps on talking and talking and insisted that I buy the voucher even umpteen time of me saying no and would not take No as an answer. The last time I said No and were about to leave the promoter didnt even bother to look at me nor smile not even a would of thank you for taking my time but what she did was she look elsewhere and have the cant be bothered look. After I walk off I saw all of them came over to her and looked at me as thou I owe them a living. But thank goodness I didnt buy the voucher after reading all the reviews it was a decision I have not regretted.

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  • Dt
      Jul 15, 2014

    BEWARE OF CELESTE PURE BEAUTY. They provide the worst service in Singapore. Their service really damn suck. I bought their voucher from their roadshow located at plaza singapura. Before I bought their voucher, I had told the sales lady that I will not wish take any package after I use the voucher that I bought. I only wish to use the voucher to try out their service and the sale lady promise that after I try out their service, if I don't wish to take up any package, they will not push for it. But after I bought their voucher, everything of what they said changed. When I went to their outlet at parkmall to uses the voucher to do the massage and slimming program, the therapist keep asking me to add in more service which cost $68 for each service. So I told the therapist that I do not wish to add in any other more services as I only want try out the voucher I bought, but the therapist keep pushing their services to me. After a long persuasion from the therapist, I agree to take up 1 of a extra service for their slimming program. But after that, the real nightmare happened. After I finished the both program session, their front desk lady ask me into one of their room to have some tea and keep forcing and pushing me to sign up on their package while I refuse to sign up, the lady and her colleague which is also at the front desk start to be very aggressive and rude to me. They start to use words to insult me. So I didn't really want to argue with them as I see no point to argue but I'm really surprised on their service which is so bloody damn sucks and I won't go back again. This stupid company is not recommended to go for any of their service. Hope my comment and experience can help u to make a better decision if u wish to take up any of their program.

    • Hi,
      The manager of celeste pure had contact me to apologized.
      Desmond Tan

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  • Tw
      Aug 16, 2014

    So i bought this voucher for 22 dollars at the road show for facial and at the time of purchase i asked them whether i have to top up an additional package at the time of facial and the staff said no its an all inclusive package and i dont have to pay for anything else trust me. So i said ok and i made the purchase for 22 dollars. And just before my birthday i decided to do facial and i went to their branch at parkmall and i thought it will be good because parkmall is a reputed place. So i went there at during my facial a lady came and told me that my skin is very dry i need to do another facial so top up 88 dollars. So i said i dont want. Then she said how about eye mask for dark circle 38 dollars and i said i dont want. So she left. Then the lady who was doing my facial keep on insisting to put hydra gel. I said ok to pay additional 38 dollars. So after my facial i was insisted to drink tea when i said i dont want. Then she took me to a room and told me to buy 10 sessions for 560 and pay a deposit of 100 dollars. So i said i dont want. Then she kept insisting put a deposit of 50. So i said i cannot i dont have any money because i wanted go get rid of her. Then she said how about 30? And i said no. Then she said how about 20? And i said no i dont want to buy this. Maybe next month i might consider coming back but i dont want to buy such a package. Then she left and another staff came and i said the same thing and she didnt leave. She said how about u buy 5 sessions and pay a deposit on 10. And i said i dont want. Then she says your bag all is very nice because i was wearing a gucci bag and she said you can take care of your bag but you cant take care of your face?. At that point i was very angry is it her problem? Whether i pay money on bag or shoes and dont want to purchase their package!! But i didnt say anything. I only said is this a must for me to buy? And she kept insisting and very annoying. She didnt let me pay that 38 dollars and leave. So said ok i will pay a deposit of 10 dollars . Then she said no can u pay 12. And including gst 13. I said ok you keep the money and gave her my card. So i paid extra 38 and 13 dollars!! And i gave her my nets card and she asks me is this the only card you have? Dont u have another card ? I said no. I mean is it her problem what cards i have. Rude service, hard selling staff. Im a agent myself i dont push my customers to purchase something that i dont want to. Is there business that bad? Really worse service in singapore!!!

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  • La
      Dec 29, 2014

    I am not a customer at this celeste beauty, but my customer is. He is a 60 year old plus uncle. He told me he go there just trial and the people there told him just to pay $200 for what he have done. Uncle give him his net debit card to pay. But they swipe $2000 from his nets and $2000 plus fm his debit card. They force him to sign if not they don't allow him to come out from the consult room, and his wife was at the other consult room. He was force to do that. I say so because uncle is my customer and I know that if he willing to pay, he won't complain to me. He had spend at my company for more then 10k. Moreover he don't need the treatment there. He went to report police straight away but they ask him to go to CASE. Celeste Beauty told him will not get any refund back. If want go look for lawyer. Any advice? I hope that I can help my customer.

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  • La
      Dec 29, 2014

    This is the receipt.

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  • Ca
      May 12, 2015

    Just went Celeste Pure Tampines branch on 12th May. The PRC manager super rude!! I bought 2 massage vouchers from Streetdeal that cost me $44. Then i called to make my appointment on 1st May for 2 persons. Initially i requested morning appointment but the girl told me only left 4:30pm for 2 pax on 1st May. I double confirm with the girl that if they are still opened on 1st May which is Public Holiday. The girl told me that they only closed on BIG Public Holiday for example Christmas and CNY etc. Before i hang up the phone i confirm that this is Tampines branch and the girl gave me the full address in Tampines CPF building.
    On 1st May, when my friend and i showed up for the appointment, the PRC manager and staff told me that i didn't make any appointment form them. They said i might called the wrong branch. Then they called to Park Mall branch to asked whether i have make appoinment with them and the answered is NO! Of course no, i'm not an idiot and i just working in same building with them, how would i call to wrong branch? But they still blame me and insisted that i didn't call or might call wrong branch. After arguement for awhile then the PRC manager asked me to change my appointment. Then i changed to 12th May. Then they gave me back my vouchers and i just left. They DIDN'T APOLOGISE before i leave.
    On 12th May i went for my appointment, this time the PRC manager told me that my vouchers is expired! I really fed up. Is they who asked me changed my appointment on 1st May, now the PRC manager told me that i cannot use my vouchers anymore and actually they didn't receive and earn any single cent from Streetdeal even i paid $44 for the vouchers.(That is not my problem ok!! Is your company want to work with Streetdeal not i force you to work with them!!) So i have to top up $20 dollar more if i wish to have the massage from them!
    It's really ridiculous, i will never sign up any package from this Celeste Pure centre with such rude attitude and lousy service!!

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  • Jo
      May 26, 2015

    sigh.. I just bought the package haven try. But looking at the complaints. I guess I 'm gonna have a hell of a time .. Arrrggg..

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  • St
      Aug 24, 2015

    wooh i suppose only me. guys u need to understand i am fresh grate or maybe i only work part time so that i can continue my studies. and as a women i also want to relax so i decided to buy $22 facial. later did i know is a start of nightmare. 1st i was being force buy their package, 2nd each time i come they are forcing me to buy their expensive package like the machines for the eyes. i cant even pay by installment. u know each time i visit, most of my money are pay to them ?? bloody hell i only work part time half of my salary is over there?? even right now i still have one more package . and i go there i need to pay them $200plus.. do u think i dare to go to finish up package ??? i am just a student. forcing a student pay $200plus is alrdy alot ... pls .. look at this.

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  • Em
      Jan 18, 2016

    I just give a call to this shop too, because one of their staff call me and said I purchase a voucher for massage, I called back and told them I lost the voucher, and ask if they can do anything else, the staff is so rude and reply me: then I think I don't need to talk to you anymore, until you found the voucher. Worst customer service ever. I hope they will go bankrupt soon. Bad service ever in Singapore and complaints doesn't work for them

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  • Gr
      Aug 07, 2016

    Judging by the comments, I was probably way way over charged for the package i bought way back in... 2012 or 2013. For the most basic facial.

    That aside, they were damn bloody hell pushy. Entering the room and checking on your armpits in the middle of the facial session very helpfully suggesting that you should do IPL even though you DID NOT ask about IPL or hair removal AT ALL.

    Forcing you for a "tea session" where one of them sat beside you and one opposite you so that you can't just leave. Being a pushover then, I was "coerced" to sign a package and paid $600 deposit. I never went back anymore for any session and they have been calling me multiple times recently, probably wanting to get the other half of the payment. I'm definitely not paying them another cent but cant decide if I should go back to make my $600 deposit worth abit more and see what sort of ### treatment they will come up with to make me cough the rest out...

    I sincerely hope that they go burst soon and stop cheating people of their hard earned money. Remember, karma's a ###.

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  • Sh
      Jun 01, 2017

    @Gracij Go to Consumer Board and make complaint so they will investigate the Celeste Pure Beauty.

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  • Ch
      Aug 15, 2016

    Dear ALL,
    Please bring up all the bad experiences that had been encountered at Celeste Pure Beauty to CASE.
    If need be, do highlight in the FORUM or report it to the government official authority such as Tourist Promotional Board (China) etc about all these PRC sales people in using such dishonest technique into getting the credit card to swipe without the agreement from the customer by having to pay thousands of dollars unnecessarily. It does also happen to any Singaporean when we folks have to travel and end up shopping in a tour group to PRC.

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  • Sh
      Jun 01, 2017

    REALLY FRUSTRATED... CELESTE PURE BEAUTY staffs even wear mini skirt do massage for man. This is call what ? Seducing???

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