CashCallmisrepresented interest structure

I took a loan with cashcall 2 years ago for $5, 000 at 59.95% apr. I have made 23 consecutive on-time monthly payments of $254.03 totaling $5, 851.01. Last month was the first time I was unable to make my payment. I talked to several reps of cashcall. Today I was told that I did not meet their hardship requirements for deferment or interest reduction.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Fountain Valley, CA They then told me my loan payoff balance was $5, 400. I was told by the man helping with the loan origination that the interest would not be loaded on to the front of the loan but rather this was a simple interest loan. Put simply, the earlier I paid of the loan the less interest I would pay. It seems I was misled.

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