Cash Callscam and cheating!

Cash Call hounded me to take a loan. When I got the terms I told them 'no'. The money went in my account anyway and when I called I was told... too bad... when I filled out my app online that was my approval. I told them I was only paying the 5k and then would stop the payments. They YELLED at me and threatened me with paying almost triple what I borrowed. I did stop the payments... they were relentless, unreasonable and even after they filed a suit in court against me they still called and harassed me. I have the emails. They should never have contacted me personally after the suit was filed.

About the suit... I was never served. I had no idea the suit was in progress until it was too late. I wanted to tell my story to the court but was robbed of that opportunity. Now I have a lien and have no idea who I can tell about this. I was never served... they lied about it...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Anaheim, CA forged the service document.

Also, they sent a 'field' rep to my place of biz with a gun! He never took it from his hip, but he kept his hand on it. I was petrified... I didn't even report it because I thought they would kill me. This operation needs to go... it needs to be heavily investigated and shut down. I would gladly participate in a class action lawsuit. Anything to tell my story... I'm still scared, but I have a default judgment that I didn't even know about until a week ago.

One thing you should know... once they get a judgment they cannot charge those high interest rates. They have to use the 'legal' ones when settling. I borrowed 5k and paid back most or all of it and my judgment is for over 6k with no breakdown on how they got that number. Does anyone know if there s anything I can do to have my day in court? If I wasn't served then none of this is legal is it.

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