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Carraig Birman Cattery / Betty Sleep represents all bad cat breeders

1 United States Review updated:

Betty Sleep Represents All Bad Corrupt Cat Breeders

The complaint is about this Canadian bad cat breeder that represents all the disgruntled bad cat breeders & has chosen to represent all the bad cat breeders listed on our site.

Betty Sleep supports the malevolent offspring she represents that have complaints lodged against them by public.Betty Sleep of Carraig Birmans supports unethical behaviors, against buyer's/consumers and has a diviant reputation

It is obvious Bett Sleep must not have, or had, a meaningful relationship with her mother. Like maybe her mom gave her away or hated her or treated her badly growing up.

Because Melanie Lowry & Michelle Casserd all has no meaningful relationships with their mom's either, is why they are all lacking so much human compassion and are just horrible human beings.

Melanie Lowry has elderly parents and did not seem the way she spoke of her parents, anything to write home about.

Then Michelle L Casserd was sort of estranged from her parents and she was very close with her late grandmother whom she took care of. Michelle L Casserd's parents both work as caretakers taking care of senior citizens and very materialistic. They own a nursing home. I have in the past had Michelle L Casserd daughter from Los Vagas contact me asking me if she knew where her own mother was? Casserd also has a son who is an alcoholic. And she would call her further daughter-in-law "preggy" because her alcoholic son was the father of the baby.

So I place Betty Sleep, Melanie Lowry & Michelle L Casserd all in the same circle they all lack human compassion & are just horrible people overall, and all were sort of estranged from their mother and father.

This Canadian Betty Sleep feels she is doing Lollimops a great justice supporting her, but just in that fact alone she is now considered a bad cat breeder from our site and hopes she is happy about her new found destroyed reputation as a "Bad Cat Breeder" pedigree cat breeder.

Breeder: Betty Sleep
Cattery: Carraig Birmans
Address: 11438 Route 10
City: Coles Island New Brunswick, Canada E4C2P8
Phone: [protected]
Complaintant Rose Marie Zizzo
Date: 5/3/03

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  • Be
      21st of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes

    The owner of this site has been warned to remove this libelous statement immediately.

    Rose Marie Zizzo is currently being sued for her continued harassment of her victims. She is the owner of a fraudulent website that claims registered, trademark, copyright and nonprofit status that it does not have.

    She was formerly a cat breeder herself, and is still trying to defraud the public by selling them cats she claims are registered, which have no papers, as no organizing body will allow her privileges.

    Ms. Zizzo was banned for life from the Cat Fanciers Association in June of 2004, for the content of her website, and for twice abandoning her own cats at a kill shelter, the first time dumping 13 cats, one pregnant and ready to deliver in May of 2,000; and the second in June of 2003, on the same day she talked to some of their breeders and did not tell them she was getting rid of their cats.

  • Ro
      21st of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes

    BAD Pedigree Cat Breeder's Info was founded exclusively to be an advocate for the rights of all buyer's of expensive pedigree cats. Our service is ultimately unique in that we are the only site of its kind anywhere in the world.

    BAD Pedigree Cat Breeder's Info is a non-profit, "watchdog", charitable, specialized complaint agency. Our main objective is: exposure to stop corrupt cat breeders from taking advantage of the trusting public & from medically neglecting cats. If you know of any person who purchased fro a bad pedigree cat breeder and has been ripped off please contact our site:

  • Gg
      21st of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes

    What has Betty Sleep done to anger RoseMarie Zizzo? She has called her out for the lying sack of crap Zizzo is, that's what.
    Zizzo's organization is completely bogus. She is, in fact, suspended for life from the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats, The Cat Fancier's Association. See the proof here:
    Scroll down, Zizzo's name and cattery name of Shar-Dew appear at the bottom of the left hand column.

  • Be
      21st of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes

    Rose Marie Zizzo is on Social Security, living off the taxpayers dollars, while she harasses other people with a fraudulent organization. That is, unless someone has finally reported her for the undeclared income she has from selling cats through hoobly ads, claiming registrations the cats don't have.

  • Gg
      21st of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes

    Actually, although she denies it, RoseMarie Zizzo is currently being sued in a California court. Want proof? Read the letter she sent to the judge pleading for a change of venue here:
    By the way, Zizzo didn't show up for the first court date. A very unhappy judge set another date in January. If Zizzo doesn't show up this time, I'd bet a summary judgment will be entered against her. What does that mean? It means that with a judgment on the records, her victim can place a lien for the full amount of the judgment on any actual property owned by, vehicle, cats, computer, you name it. In addition, the judgment will be listed on Zizzo's credit report, making it all but impossible for her to obtain credit of any kind, including moving to a new dwelling and getting utility service.

  • Me
      24th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    What a romper room ... are you talking to yourself PublicAlert?

  • Ex
      22nd of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Beware California Persian/Himalayan Breeders !

    If you advertise in the Pennysaver you need to know that the webmaster of the anti-cat breeder website is running a scam to to glean your information for her deceitful practice of naming everyone a "bad breeder" on her website.

    That is for three reasons,

    1. no one is complaining to her so she has to drum up, make-up her own business

    2. she wants to ruin as many breeders as she possibly can

    3. to try to get your personal information so she can call animal control on you, name you on her site as a bad breeder, and turn you into every organization she can think of, to cause harm, embarrassment or harassment to you, and she is especially looking to find breeders using cats from lines of the breeders she has caused trouble for in the past, namely those using lines she deems "FIP infected" when there is no such thing.

    Another way she gets her information, Yahoo group lists, she is on almost every cat related topic and steals every post she can about breeders.

    How she works;

    She calls about your ad, wanting a kitten, she acts very sweet and nice making you think she could be your friend, offers to do some kind of "trade" as she has no money and does not want to spend any on your cats. She has cheated every breeder she has done business with, so be very careful. She will ask a lot of questions, finding out where you live, how many cats you have, who you have gotten your cats from. She will get your address offering to come and see your cats, or to make you a website in exchange for a cat, or will offer to make you a free email account so she can get even more of your information. She uses the names of Rose, or just Marie, or who knows, often states she lives in Riverside, she has a strong discernible NY accent, some even say she sounds foreign.

    She will come after you whether or not you know any of the breeders she targets, or whether or not you have any or use any cats from the breeders she targets. She does not care. She out to destroy those breeders and will use whatever means she can think of. She has no remorse, and no conscience about what she is doing. She has even been sued and lied to the court, and harassed the court clerks until they run the other direction when they know she is on the phone.

    Then she calls animal control requesting a "well check" on your animals and then you go up in lights on her website as a bad breeder, does not matter whether or not you are.

    If she finds out you are on assistance she will report you for the extra income.

    This is how she gets the names of most of those she harasses or has listed on her site as bad breeders. She calls all those ads for persian or himalayan kittens in the Pennysaver. She makes up those complaints, no one is complaining to her. You the "public" as she calls you, the kitten buyers, need to know she is a liar and truly makes this stuff up. Nothing you read on her site is "OFFICIAL" or has any kind of validity, behind it. She is no one that has any kind of authority, she is not a "public" defender as she claims. She is a seriously disturbed person on a witch hunt. She has NO ASSOCIATION WITH ANY REPUTABLE ANIMAL SERVICES ORGANIZATION. She has NO AUTHORITY what so ever to be doing what she is doing. The California State Attorney General is aware of her fraud, so is the Sec of State, the Governor and the FBI along with the local DA, and our congressman.

    The fact that she claims to want "proof" before filing a complaint applies to everyone but herself and the complaints she makes to herself on her own website about breeders she has cheated. She has NO PROOF! Ask her for it, she cannot provide it because it does not exist. She MADE IT ALL UP! Read it! Once you read it you will get it! You will understand that she is not normal. Her text is illiterate, disjointed, defamatory, contradictory, and just plain does not make sense most of the time.
    She is an extortionist, wanting money to remove those made up complaints, but even those who have paid have not had their complaints removed, she just wants more money.

    If you find your breeder's name listed on her site, by her, it does not mean your breeder is a "bad breeder" it only means she has had a run in with that breeder, didn't get what she wanted or has found her ad in the Pennysaver online and this is her revenge. Check her out with CFA, they know all about her, they kicked her out for this kind of action, and too, for animal welfare, meaning she abused her own cats.

    If you find yourself in this position and do not know what to do, contact us we can point you in the right direction as there are several agencies working on this.

    Don't worry, we have kept the Pennysaver's attorney apprised of how she is using their publication for her fraud, stalking and harassment.

    Please don't be complacent about this, take it serious.

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