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I was working for Carr amusement Company in Lynchburg Virginia. I started the day of opening May 7, 2010. the 1st evening Lawrence Carr the owner of the carnival was frustrated and began yelling and swearing at me. This first incident I walked away from believing it was going to be an isolated incident. The following morning May 8, 2010 I came into work and Lawrence Carr was already yelling at and aggravated with other members of the staff he had working. He then turned to me and yelled at me to get in the joint and hang up all the fallen stock. I turned to thrown my can in the trash which had a wooden block placed upon it, I lifted the block up and he began screaming and swearing at me. I then yelled back at back at him, telling him that he has no right to disrespect me the way he has been and I am not going to allow him to continue his abuse. He yelled more telling me if I did not like it I could leave and i stated that if I left me and my family members who were working there were leaving and he needed us more than we needed him. which calmed him down. the morning of the May 9, 2010 there were more problems with him leading to me quitting and speaking with a safety inspector regarding safety concerns of Carr Amusement Company's rides which in turn he walked over and spoke with Mr. Lawrence Carr who then handed him some cash and the inspector came over to me and began yelling at me about me needing to leave the property and for me to stop telling parents of young children of the safety problems. he told me I would be arrested. i then proceeded to tell him I was doing nothing against the law and was going to continue to warn parents of the hazards since he would not give me any further information regarding what office he worked for and who I could contact about the concerns regarding what was occuring there except for the smart comment he gave me about calling 911 if I had a safety concern with the carnival. Someone was injured and had to go to the hospital on friday May 7, 2010 on a ride at the carnival and Lawrence Carr gave her cash and told her to leave and keep quiet. the lady was still out of work on May 9, 2010. she works at IHOP on Fort ave in Lynchburg, va and has been unable to go back to work because of her injury. Lawrence Carr has drug addicts running rides under the influence of drugs, he has not done any background checks on any of his employees, and did not take Identification from no one who walked onto the fairgrounds asking for a job. I do not appreciate the vulgarity and screaming he did towards me nore the way he treated me during my course of working for him nor do I believe he caresa anything about the concern and welfare of the children he is placing in danger on his rides that have bolts falling off of them while they are running, parts falling from the sky diver to the ground while people are below, and glass bulbs falling and breaking from rides as people are standing awaiting to get onto the rides. I believe Carr Amusement Company needs investigation.

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      14th of May, 2010

    as you can probaly tell the person who wrote this is uneducated.the person understands nothing about the safety of the rides. the person would realize that the ride inspectors dont inspect the rides for free!!! thats where the cash comes in.if the rides were unsafe the state of virginia would not have put a safety sticker on them. by the way each ride was approved by the state of virginia. theperson who wrote this undipicable article about the carnival is without intelligance and there for uneducated. the person who wrote the articale should worry about her own kids. oops sorry the childrens service has taken all of them away.know i can clearly see why as this person os not mentally stable according to numerous family members.if the article she wrote is not retracted.this matter will be handled by the proper authorties.the virginia state amusement ride inspector wrote mr.carr a receipt foor the cash mr.carr paid him for doing the ride inspections to insure the public that the rides are in a safe condition for the public.if they werent safe he wouldnt put a va. state safety sticker on each and every ride at the event in lynchburg.we will all pray for the girl who wrote that terrible article that has warrants any acknowlagement.the girls family has suggested she has suffered mental illness.i guess thats why the childrens services have taken all her children. according to her family members they are about to take the last one from her.we will all say a prayer for her .god bless .

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  • Es
      30th of Jul, 2018

    @one who knows the truth My brother worked for the Lawrence Carr Amusements traveling carnival. He joined them when they came to Bayside NY many years ago (they used to come to Ft. Totten). He was in need of a job and was newly "clean" having used drugs for quite a few years. He has always said that Lawrence Carr was VERY abusive and he said that he couldn't stay there because Lawrence Carr plied his employees with crystal meth. so that they would work long, hard hours (breaking down rides and setting them up). He thankfully left after two months with his hard fought for sobriety in tact. A summer or two later, Carr Amusements was banned from coming to Ft. Totten (wonder why...)

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  • On
      14th of May, 2010

    i also believe the proper authorities need to investigate this sick and mentally ill person for the safety of her and her services need to be notified.this person is not stable to take care of any child let alone all we can do is pray for this unstable sole.

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  • Ke
      16th of May, 2010

    The original complaint seems to have the flavor of a disgruntled employee. Possibly a part timer as well. I am sure the state would not pass rides if they were not safe and it is more than likely in these cash strapped times that fees for services would be charged. Many problems can be avoided with calm discussion that does not damage reputations of innocent people on either side if an issue.

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  • Tr
      18th of Jul, 2010

    The original poster has some issues that could use attention. Her family members tell the mental health people in Lynchburg can not help her because she does not want help. The person who was injured was not following instructions and it was the original posters brother who gave the instruction that the rider did follow and the result was a bruise on her leg.

    The even sadder thing is other carnival owners are making things worse by sending their employees or agents to cause harm to other show owners equipment. The carnival business is all about money. People will do what is ever necessary.

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      25th of Jul, 2010

    Madison County was in for an unpleasant surprise when the carnival rolled into town, bringing with it a growing list of problems, including stories of unsafe rides and drug arrests.

    The Madison County Fair is over but part of the carnival is still in town and the county sheriff's office is making it clear that they are not welcome. The Georgia carnival company owned by Larry Carr came to Madison last Tuesday and brought a laundry list of problems along with it.

    "We did some checking and heard that Mr. Carr had some background, " said Madison County Sheriff Erik Weaver. "None of this information was brought forward to the fair board until after they arrived."

    Friday morning, a number of the carnival workers were still camped out at the fairgrounds.

    "I went out Wednesday afternoon, and he was still there, " said Weaver. "I went out Thursday morning and again this morning. There were only three vehicles left, and they were still continuing to try to move those vehicles off the property."

    Weaver says he has spent most of the week trying to get the carnival workers off county property.

    "If not, we'll have to go through the court process, " he said. "It will be a civil issue."

    Weaver says problems with the carnival company were apparent immediately when three carnival workers were arrested on the first night of the fair on narcotics charges. Shortly after, a number of the carnival's rides failed safety inspections.

    "Our local inspector was out there, and an inspector came from Richmond, " said Weaver.

    Frequent fair-goers say they are disappointed with how the carnival was run.

    "I think it was better last year, " said fair attendee Lucas Herrman.

    "A lot of the rides were not set up properly, " said Heather Clatterbuck, who attended the this year's fair. "It was just poorly run."

    But they were, perhaps, not as disappointed as the Madison County Fair Board.

    "I think they received a lot of false information, " said Weaver. "They were trying to do the best thing for the county, and it just didn't work out."

    The Madison County Fair Board had never worked with this particular carnival company before and they assure the public that it will not happen again.

    Reported by Kasey Hott

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  • Lk
      25th of Jul, 2010

    But yet No one wanted to listen to me when they were here in Lynchburg, Va. They had people using drugs and then running rides. a person got hurt on one of the rides. The ride jocks were people who had not been drug tested or background checked and some had warrants. But yet they accused me of needing social services and and proper authorities to investigate me because i was "crazi". Well yes I am crazi for believing their lies and trying to work for them only to be abused by the owner Larry Carr. His wife Melinda was very nice but the carnival is not looking out fro any public interest. They are just there to make money and get out of town before being caught with their dangerous rides and criminal and drug addicted employees.

    I am not the one who is a liar in this whole issue. I am the one who tried to warn people for the concern of the public's safety but yet I was accused of needing to be investigated. well I guess I am not the only one who saw an issue with these people.

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  • Di
      26th of Aug, 2010

    I worked for Larry Carr .
    I used drugs.
    I bought drugs from Larry Carr!
    Now what.

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  • Ec
      20th of Sep, 2010

    Some of you people who ### and moan about Larry Carr or any other companies that operate rides have no idea what you are talking about> Much of the problem does not lie with the owners it lies on the state or local government. I have worked in County Fairs and over the road carnivals. What is not being done is having uniform inspections. I come from NYC and Carr as well as a host of others go through the NYC metro area. In NYC every ride no matter how big or small get an inspection prior to the ride getting the OK to run. Some other states have no inspections at all.
    First of all I can say for a fact that any company that i have done work for have not just a setup inspection checklist that has to be completed and signed off on but a daily inspection list. No one or ride is infallible. Someone mentioned how Mr Carr gave some women money to hush up after something happened. I can tell you the opposite. One summer in the Bronx I was on a break and I heard a loud crashing noise. I looked over and one of the Tilt A Whirl tubs was on the ground on it's side. It was a black male with his 8 YO son who was in it. 911 was called and the EMS were there to check him out. He said he and his son was ok and then demanded $3000 in cash or he would call the police. Carr refused and the guy called the cops. By the time the cops got there we had already found the cause of the accident and the smoking gun was right on the guys hand. That ride was inspected that day and it was also a day to grease all the bearings. We found the bearing cap on the ground near the ride. we also located the "R" key that held the car on. The only way it could have come off is if someone took off the cap and pulled out the pin. A police Lt came with 3 other officers. He was pulled on the side and was given the same explanation I just said. When he got back to the guy and his son the man was given 2 choices. One leave the property or 2 be arrested for vandalism. This all took place in under 30 minutes and what gave it away was that the guy had fresh grease all over his right hand. I was also told by the NYPD that this guy had worked for a carnival before and knew what he had to do to cause the car to come off.
    If you are so worried about traveling shows maybe you should dig deep in to theme parks. Some of them get one inspection before the season opens and that is it. There are more accidents in parks then there are with road shows. The reason is this. Road shows set up and take down the rides on an almost weekly basis and if there is something wrong at set up it gets repaired or replaced before getting inspected. Park rides are set up and very rarely get taken down and parts can crack, become lose and hoses can break do to cuts or rot. I was at a park in Connecticut which is now 6 Flags over New England. It was Riverside when I went there. Being who I am i noticed that the ferris wheel I was on one hydraulic hoses that controlled the braking on the ride was leaking and spraying on the support and towards the tubs. I reported it to the ride op and she didn't seem to care. I went higher to a ride manager and he didn't seem to care either and the ride kept on going for the rest of the day. I would say that anytime you hear about a mishap on a ride 9 out of 10 or more happen in Amusement Parks then with road shows.

    BTW yes I agree that some people who work on the road shows are not bankers or lawyers so get over it. Sometimes because a show needs help they will hire local people and most only do the set up and tear down. Most of them are out of work or on welfare. They do it for the money to buy drugs thats a fact but they are never allowed to operate the rides. I can go to almost any road show and work the whole time because I go to shows where I am known or I come recommend by other owners.

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  • Au
      2nd of Nov, 2010

    Lawrence Carr has been hiring criminals for years. That being said, I can't recall having met him in person, but he hired my mother in 1994. She was a single mother with five children in tow, the youngest almost two. At the time she was dating Kenny, who can be seen on an old episode of Inside Investigation trying to sell crack to an undercover camera man during an investigation into Larry's show. He admitted on camera that he smoke, and I know this to be true. I also know that before we moved into the bunk houses Kenny was wanted for writing fraudulent checks to rent from both U-Haul and Ryder. For the first few weeks we lived in the back of a Ryder truck, and that isn't the worst of it. There was another man, whose real name I never knew, that ran the Gondola. He went by Cowboy and he molested me and I'm fairly certain he molested one of my brothers as well. In addition to all of that, most of the carnival workers allowed my sister and I on all of the rides even though we were probably a foot shorter than the height requirements. Now I know all of this cannot be blamed on Larry Carr personally; some of it was just bad parenting on my mother's part. We were allowed to roam alone at night while she ran a hot dog stand and ate whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. I can say this, though. While I am not a drug user personally, I have been around it for most of my life and I can spot a crack head a mile away. Most of the adults I knew back then were on some form of narcotic, whether it be crack or weed or pills. It saddens me to hear that Larry Carr is still running an unclean show.

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  • Au
      3rd of Nov, 2010

    I felt I should correct a mistake I made in recalling when my mother was hired by Larry Carr. It was '93, not 94'. As to this unfortunate woman who has lost her children to social services, my heart goes out to her and her children. It's not easy to be separated from loved ones, no matter the situation. As to her being uneducated, I only have one thing to say. Dude, check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure before you call anyone uneducated. I mean, undipicable isn't even a word. Seriously.

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  • Lu
      16th of Apr, 2016

    I worked for Lawrence Carr show in 1989.I can certainly relate to everything I've read. I worked in various joints. I met my husband when they came to my hometown & he was running the skydiver. I wish I could find some of the people that were with us. We have been together since & married 22 years married. We could say both bad & good about Lawrence Carr. I think all shows have people escaping something. LuAnn Sullivan & Mike

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  • Bi
      31st of Jan, 2017

    I cane with Carr to Lynchburg in 2010 but me and 3 others left before setup, because dispute over pay, while we were in South Carolina!

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  • Lo
      28th of Jun, 2018

    I was with it way back in the day when marion, one eye fry and frenchie used to rule the midway. old man carr too if he could find the lot, they usually had him packed away at some motel hoping he wouldn't show up. I always felt bad for larry and his sister marilyn both of whom were roped into the business mostly to keep their parents inline (almost an impossible task) and to keep the business afloat. larry was an english professor iirc, they were both lonely people even tho they were surrounded by others they considered beneath them.

    Carnival society isn't what it used to be, we were a tight knit bunch like a family, there was in fighting but you let the marks come in at night thinking they are going to kick our [censored].. every carny on the lot would materialize. I have to say I met a lot of good people and yes we had the same problems back then with rides being unsafe, drunks and druggies also pedifiles but that has been going on since the beginning of time. there were plenty of people that got run off the lot or just plain disappeared because of their behavior. when you join a show it's up to you how it's going to go, you take care of your own people.

    I was with it from 1976 to 1984, something like that, it ended for me back when we were settled at blue waters court on carolina beach. I remember when the old lady knocked on my door wanting me to check if old man carr was still breathing, he wasn't but imo the show died long before the old man did. I used to up and down the music fest also run it plus buck seats. the shakes were sweet =).

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  • Mi
      18th of Sep, 2018

    I also worked for Larry and Melinda. I worked in the office, tickets and joints. Took care of Larrys mother and was totally into working with them...Then I found out about a problem with Tickets it was loosing them about 200.00 a night. Tom the Ride super was taking tickets from office and selling them to Cut in ride owners. The tickets were weighed and this is how they were paid...I found out while cleaning junk out of a truck while doing laundry for the show...Before I went to them I told one person.Kenny he ask for one day so Tom could tell them himself. But before we got nack to the office they planted tickets and made it look like I was the one that was dirty...They just ordered me off tje lot and did not pay me. Would not listen and we were in New England...I know they were wrong but I was close to them..If they treated me like that i have no doubt that the girl who started this was completely right...ok she had problems but I really feel she was not totally wrong ...I have seen what they feel about those who work for them...

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