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I have a Tracphone cell phone, and it is a safelink phone. I live in Richville, New York, 13681. I used to have cell phone service, but recently AT&T did some maintenance to there tower, and in doing so, i have absolutely no cell phone service now! I have called at least 8 times trying to figure out and correct the issue. Finally, i was told about the update AT&T did which is affecting my phone. So the last phone call i placed with TracPhone, i was told i would be getting in the mail a "Verizon" cell phone, since where i live has GREAT Verizon coverage. I got the phone in the mail and it was a AT&T phone, i tried this again, i got another phone, and again it was a AT&T phone. So now i have 2 AT&T phones, and can not make a single call. I am unable to call my doctors, call for a medicaid driver, call 911 if there was a problem. I have this phone because i fall in the guidelines in New York to get a free (WORKING) phone with free minutes each month. I do not understand how difficult it is to grab a Verizon phone and put it in a box and ship it to the correct address?

If i do not receive a Verizon cell phone within 7 days, i will contact every branch of Government with my neighbors phone, until i find the right place that handles this time of issue, and will file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the FCC, and every Senator, and Congress official.

Because i do not have a working cell phone right now to make and get calls, i MAY lose my home because i am not getting call, making appointments for my caseworker as the Department of Social Services. Then i am going to be homeless, all because of someone not being able to get things right.

Here is my information:
Carla Bonk
11 Depot Street
Richville, N.Y. 13681


Feb 01, 2017

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