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Car Booting - Atlanta, GA / $50.00 fine for visiting the store

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The representatives were quite helpful when I brought a friend of mine to shop for a new phone and service with this wireless carrier. As I have had wonderful service for many years, I gave her the highest referral to become a customer. I however, was not prepared for having my car booted and having to pay for a $50.00 fine for visiting the store. We had 2 cars, and after visiting the store walked across the street to have lunch with plans to return to the store to select the plan we discussed over lunch.

I am livid that a Car Booting is a viable business in Atlanta. The car booting guy lived up to his highest potential in getting this position.

Today I received the education on what car booting is and how expensive it can be. Rest assured, I will NEVER visit this store location or strip mall again. Atlanta needs to know that walking into a wireless store can cost you $50.00.

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  • Ca
      1st of Oct, 2007
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    What is the name of the wireless store?

  • El
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    Car booting in Atlanta is indeed viable and important revenue. We visited a friend who lives downtown, and found our car booted at a parking lot which clearly indicated that the parking was available after 6 pm. We parked there at 8 pm. We were told that the boot was put because we had not registered our vehicle in the apartment building in which she lives, yet there was nothing to indicate that we should register. The building's log had turned into a law in the mind of the booting guy, or so he pretended. Not only did we learn a lesson, but it also became clear that there was more than one business (the apartment building) benefiting from this particular parking situation. This is an ingenious, but very offensive and disrespectful way of getting money. We had to shrug our shoulders and give $ 50 as we had no choice. I bet a lot of people do the same. But what else to do, right?

  • At
      23rd of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Fight Predatory "booting" and towing by boycotting those shopping centers who's property owners hire these companies. Tell the store managers you will not be returning to spend your money there! Tell everyone you know to avoid these places and write about them on the internet! It will make a difference!

    NO ONE LIKES HOW THESE SCAMMERS MAKE MONEY!!! They may be legal, but that does not mean they are right! Legality is only a matter of acceptance. If enough people complain, and loudly, then the laws will change!

    I am a victim too. The "Disco Kroger" parking lot at 3330 Piedmont Rd. near where Piedmont crosses Peachtree Rd. is one of these places. It is regularly patrolled by men in white vans who work for EPS, a company that will place a tire lock on your car if you leave the parking lot for ANY LENGTH OF TIME. You will be charged $50, and in my case they will claim they can run your credit card for the money, cancel the transaction, and require cash to remove the boot. Don't ever pay them in cash! If you pay them through your credit card company, you can dispute the charge. If necessary, I recommend calling a police officer (which I didn't do but should have) to act as a liason to keep the EPS employee straight and honest, and keep you safe. These "employees" will get confrontational with you if you get angry! BEWARE!!

    EPS is located at Peachtree Street, Suite 400 Atlanta, Ga 30303 (404) 605-9242.

    The Property owners of the Disco Kroger Shopping Center are Equity One Inc. Located at 1600 NE Miami Gardens Dr
    North Miami Beach, FL 33179 (305) 947-1664

  • Ma
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    I had my car booted today at 132 Luckie St in downtown Atlanta. The parking lot has signs saying $4 flat fee, and I paid my $4 and the ticket said that it expired the next day at 6am. When I got back to my car at 9pm, had clamps on both wheels, so I called the number on the orange sticker on my window saying that my car was clamped for absolutely no reason whatsoever. In about 60 seconds flat a guy turned up and told me that my car was booted because I apparently did an "in and out", meaning that I drove out of the car park after I had paid the full day fee and then came back and parked again without paying again. I know for an absulote fact that did no such thing, in fact, I did not go anywhere near the car for the entire 8 hours from the time I paid and until I came back and found it booted! This is a total fraudulent and extortiante scam that they run, because even though I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am 100% innocent, I am still forced to pay because otherwise they will keep increasing the charges for every day that I don't pay, and I risk having the car impounded which probably costs more like $500 to get back.
    They claimed that they have video evidence which is a complete lie because I know I didn't go anywhere near the car for 8 hours. At the time that they claim that I moved the car, I was in the GSU Computer Science Conference Room with a professor and 6 other students. As I was arguing with the booting agent, a police car drove by and I got the officer involved in the conversation. He looked at my car, noticed the pristine chalk mark on the wheel which proves that the car wasn't moved, and the fact that space number on my ticket matched the parking space that I was still in at 10pm, so he was convinced that I had not moved the car. The booting agent refused to show me his driver's licence to reassure me of his identity, and he did this while the police officer was there, and the police officer did not do anything to make him show me his drivers license, all he showed me was his "booting" licence which looked like a color ink jet print out with cheap plastic laminating, so not much to go by as far as proof of identity.
    I was in the parking lot until about 11pm by which time my mobile phone battery was dead, so when the guy came around for the 5th time and kept telling me same B.S. about how apparently they had video evidence, I finally gave in and gave him his $50 so I could go home and find information about attorneys to help me with this case. On my 2+ hours in the car park I also noticed that there are no video cameras installed anywhere, so on about his 3rd visit I told him this, and he said that the attendants all carry camcorders to gather evidence. How absurd!! This car park is unattended, I have parked there almost every day for the last 3 weeks and never saw an attendant, always paid my $4 for all day parking, and went home happy each day. And I have never ever in my life seen a parking attendant with a camcorder!!! Can you believe the lengths they go to to keep covering their neverending string of lies???
    I don't know what to recommend to the public in regards to shops in the area, all I know is that this was a complete fraud, and it's unconstitutional. The constitution says that nobody shall be deprived of their property or livelihood without due process of law. This is not just lack of process of law, it's a complete fabrication, and they know they can keep getting away with it until there is some kind of massive class action or car booting is outlawed altogether, or there is some law put in place that says they must actually SHOW the evidence, rather than just saying "yes we have evidence". At least I made the idiot drive out and back about 6 times. Tomorrow I'm going to the head office of d.b.a. Premier Parking Enforcement at 925B Peachtree Street NE # 379 to demand they show me the evidence (which I know cannot possibly exist) and demand my money back plus compensation for all my lost time, and I will see to it that they are charged with fraud and extortion. For now I guess I will start catching MARTA between work and classes, even though the nearest MARTA station is about 20 minutes walking from my office, and that's why I bought a car because they can't design a train system in this city, and they can't put laws in place to protect us from these liars!!!

  • Ta
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    This guy at EPS is a crook. I complained about EPS a few months ago when they booted my car and charged me 50 bucks to remove it. Said they accepted cash or charge, yet conveniently the credit card machine was down that day. Well they "struck" again on Thursday evening when I returned to my car at the Sandy Springs Marta Station parking lot. I'd once again been booted, but this time I knew I wasn't parked illegally. My car as well as at least fifteen others on my strip had been booted. I went to a Marta cop to complain. She said she'd received complaints all day from people whose cars had been booted but there was nothing she could do. These guys wait hidden somewhere in their cars and like cowards they boot the cars once the owners have walked into Marta. And in difficult economic times too! I understand they have a job to do, but the way they do it is criminal. And in this instance, I walk back to my car right as the boot is being removed from my car as well as others. Turns out, my car and the others had been WRONGFULLY booted. We were parked perfectly legally - it was EPS' error. So luckily I did not have to pay the fifty dollar fine. Still, I want to know if all the people parked where I was before me that day received their money back??? EPS didn't realize their error till around 6PM and I'm thinking if others had complained before me, then they probably had to pay the fine to have the boot removed. Nice way to get rich off being WRONG! I'm complaining to everyone I can think of about these criminals. What I do not appreciate is conveniently the cars next to mine were those of young, attractive women. I'd been booted by these guys before - do they prey on women? If I were 200 pounds, a man, and more intimidating, would they have been as rude and insistent that I pay the fine? Hmmmm...

  • Re
      19th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree! My car was booted at 103 Luckie Street on Tuesday. I had arrived at 9:15, paid the attendant for 3 hours, and did not see any notice that my car would be booted if I overstayed. (My naive assumption was that I could pay the additional fee if I ran over.) After rushing back to the site, I arrived at 12:18 - 3 minutes after the expiration, only to find my car booted. I called the number listed on the notice, and waited 45 minutes for the Boot Man to arrive. When he did he was cocky and rude, informed me that he had proof of my overstay and demanded that I pay the 50 or he would leave and I'd have to wait longer. While he was submitting mycredit card info, I ntoiced that his own vehicle did not have a tag displayed. Clearly illegal. I even got a picuture of it. Am in the process of submitting a complaint to the address that the dispatcher gave me. I hold out little hope for any success, but feel compelled to do so anyway.
    To all who read this -- DON'T PARK AT 103 LUCKIE STREET!!!

  • Ma
      29th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Well, i am a previous boot man from downtown Atlanta. Let me just say that whenever we stop booting, people from all over town park in a 30 minute spot and then leave all day so that no new customers can park and shop. Also, the people who invest their hard earned money into parking lots don't get a return on their investment when everyone refuses to pay for their spot. Without booting, the truth is that no body wants to pay. I will attest that my license was legitimately issued by the police chief up in the fourth floor of the city hall on Ponce de Leon and she performed a full background check on me and all my buddies. Booting is legit. If there is no videotaped evidence of theft we cannot hold your vehicle. Get over it. You either messed up that day, or you happened to have a fake boot man.

  • Ma
      29th of Jun, 2009
    -2 Votes

    yeah booting is worse for the bootman becuase everybody hates you and judges and mistreats you before they even speak to you or figure out your intentions. everyone treats the poor boot guy like some kind of racist fascist greed monger, but in reatlity we are mostly Ga State University students trying to pay our rent in the face of literal danger. And yes some of the boot guys are black. Its about fifty fifty so i am tired of black people screaming at me in the streets of atlanta accusing me of booting them for racial reasons. It is only about correction and collection. Equal opportunity booting.

  • Jm
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    Yesterday I was booted in the Virginia Highlands behind Chico's. The sign they have up is ambiguous and you are unable to see it when you pull into the lot and park. I have had my car parked in the exact same spot by a valet when dining at Everybody's Pizza, not having to pay for any parking except for the tip to the valet. I plan to contact the owners of the lot and buildings and volunteer to mark the allotted parking spaces with a stencil reading: Chico's Customers Only. In the fifteen minutes I was getting pizza to go at Everybody's FOUR cars (including mine) were booted. All of us had made the same mistake in not seeing the small sign they have behind the parking spaces.
    Please be mindful of this parking lot. If you or anyone you know works/manages a store in this strip please feel free to contact me ( as I would like to collect written affidavits by the businesses in the area that this problem is affecting their business and causing problems with their patrons.
    It has definitely turned me off of shopping at Chico's until the problem is resolved and I am assured that I am not the only one. I spoke to an employee at Chico's today and she reported that this was becoming a problem for them as well, as customers who have come in to browse in their store have been booted. I am told I will have quite a battle getting to the people in charge, namely Tom Murphy. If you have suggestions or would like to volunteer in helping rectify the situation please contact me. I have no problem with a business that wants to keep parking spaces open for their customers, however, when a situation arises where patrons are penalized for making an honest mistake due to poor visibility of parking signs this affects everyone, hurting patrons, employees, and businesses. I feel that marking the designated parking spaces appropriately would be beneficial to everyone.

  • Bo
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I am filing a class action lawsuite

  • Go
      3rd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Booting is a scam. My daughter and several of her friends went to eat at Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles. They were told they could "park across the street for free." When they returned they found their car booted. The booter told them, "The back part of the parking lot is free. If you had parked 5 spaces over you wouldn't have gotten the boot." He also told them that they should have paid $3, even though there was no attendant, no money collection box and no working parking ticket machine.

    It's a scam. People work in pairs. They direct people to "free" parking areas, then boot their cars and hold them hostage until they fork over $50. To do this to college age girls downtown is almost criminal. They realize it's a dangerous situation and they target the most vulnerable.

    ...and people wander why folks don't want to go downtown.

  • Ja
      11th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Why Fight "The Boot"?

    My confrontation with "The Boot" was the result of inadequate signage and a "cash only" boot operator who refused to identify the name of his business or to even provide a receipt. His tactics were predatory and unethical, so I refused to pay the ransom ( I cut the lock).

    Of course he's taking me to court over the 13 dollar lock which, to you, probably sounds like a huge waste of time and money--but it doesn't have to be. This event could easily prompt the city of Albuquerque into investigating an unregulated and patently unfair "business" practice.

    At, you'll find out how many cities and individuals have fought against "the boot, " and in many cases won. Additionally, you'll find a contact form which will allow you to share YOUR opinion with the Albuquerque Mayor's Office directly. In Dallas, it took 800 signatures to effect a change in policy. I think 800 emails might easily have a similar effect here.

    Please visit

  • Md
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was also booted at Disco Kroger on Piedmont by Empire Parking Service, even though no evidence was given of any "crime." I paid because it was raining heavily and I wasn't about to spend a few hours fighting the charge when it was already getting late.

    The management and staff at EPS is rude and unhelpful as well, making the entire experience just that more unpleasant.

    I've filed complaints with Starbucks and Kroger, and will no longer be shopping at those locations due to the unethical and rude behavior of the predatory EPS agents who patrol the lot.

    There are a number of reports on EPS and Empire Parking Service at [redacted]'s site. If we keep calling and complaining, eventually the stores there will get the picture that they are losing customers with their horrid enforcement.

  • Ba
      29th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Empire Parking Services are con artists robbing consumers and costing business' valuable customers. I was booted after buying coffee at the Starbucks on Moreland.

    I just posted a complaint here

  • Ad
      1st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Got booted in downtown Houston a in December, cost me $115 to get home with my car that night. My business associate, visiting from Italy, also had his car booted, another $115 for him to drive his rental car back to his hotel. Yes, it was another scam by Boot Man, Inc. dba Premier Parking enforcement. A totally ambiguous sign, posted way above the line of sight (and above the 8 ft limit allowed by the state of Texas).

    The equivalent of a guy holding a gun to our head and demanding $230. Fortunately the state of Texas allows persons wrongfully booted to collect $1000 plus triple the boot fee from the boot operator. I have requested a boot hearing at the local JP court in Harris count. Details to be posted and updated on . I have attorney Rich Robins working this case for me, believe we will give these scoundrels a good run for their money at the JP courthouse; if not we will kick their behind on appeal!

  • Jr
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    If you don't like paying $50.00 for a boot. Try $150.00 for getting towed. I would rather be booted than towed. You have to pay more money and then find transportation to get your car back. It's common sense $50 boot or $150 towing. Stop playing innocent and start paying innocent. You cry babies!

  • In
      16th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I understand the benefits and necessity of employing/ contracting a company whose primary purpose is to enforce the 'pay to park' principal and have no issue with this form of business.

    What I do not agree with is a parking lot that provides inadequate and improper signage, essentially 'cleverly concealed signage' in order to deceive the client into believing he/she is okay to park somewhere when in fact as soon as they exit the vehicle and walk away, no matter if only for ten minutes or two hours that upon arrival they will find a boot with a hefty $75.00 fine. My fiancé and I decided to spend a short evening of dining out in Atlanta (approx. 90 minutes, Juniper St. diagonal from Joe's Tavern) and much to our surprise had no problem finding a spot in a primarily vacant lot labeled 'public parking'. There were approximately fifteen vehicles in a lot that could hold a few hundred. Unfortunately, there was a pay kiosk (no attendant) on the other end of the lot and not only obscured by a hill and building, but also several hundred feet away and 'coincidentally' located behind several strategically placed vehicles. If I would have thought to pay, or known that I had to pay after 9:30PM on a Friday night in a somewhat unpopulated part of Atlanta, I would have been happy to pay the $5.00 per hour rate. Instead, we were rudely taken advantage of in what appeared to be a racket scheme of some sort, quite possibly involving security guards from the adjacent block. Fortunately we had no medical emergency, and weren't subjected to any criminal activity as we waited to have the boot removed. There is also a new scratch on my wheel caused by their equipment.

    I will file a complaint with the city as this was the first time in several months (the first time I have ever been booted) that she and I visited the downtown area and will not go back to the same location again. The afore-mentioned translates to revenue LOST for the city of Atlanta to all the 'boot man' supporters out there. To all the individuals who are looking to enjoy a night out on the town...BEWARE. Booting will in the long run lose money for the city because individuals like me will no longer visit these locales in the future.

    The practice of waiting for an unsuspecting potential customer of the Atlanta stores to erroneously leave their vehicle for a short period of time and entrap them is not only an immoral, but illegitimate business practice. I also plan on reporting the ABS Company to the Better Business Bureau as I do not agree with these practices and unethical means of forcing someone to pay a fine that may not be justified, especially when the restrictions are unclear and improperly labeled. Have a nice day boot people!

  • Ka
      4th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Just got booted in the parking lot directly behind The Varsity. I work around the corner and park there everyday and everyday I pay the same three dollars. Only today as I was pulling into the lot, I actually saw the "boot man." He looked at me as I was pulling in, but I thought little of it. I parked, put my money in the slot, and went to work. When I returned, I discovered none other than a boot on my baby. I've had a boot before, which I will be the first to say was MY fault for simple lack of attention paid, etc, however THIS is not one of those times. I followed the procedures as before and wouldn't you know, the same guy comes back. I asked him if he was there earlier around the time I came. He said yes. I told him I saw him...right before I paid. This fool pulls out a camcorder and explains to me that the way they "check for payment" is to pull the front panel down and film with one hand the slots while the other hand does God knows what. Are you kidding me?! So I am supposed to believe that nothing happened to my money at any point before you recorded an empty slot? Dumb. I called the police department and was sent to voicemail. Cool. I called regular old 911 and was told that police wouldn't be sent out because that was a civil issue and I better "call someone with some money" if I was unable to make this payment. Wow. I WALKED to the nearest cop car. Cop told me the same thing. My problem with this is the "helpless factor" which pretty much screws me and protects the theiving ### that takes my hard earned money. I guess I was just lucky that I had the money to pay for it. $75 later...

  • Wh
      15th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Be aware in atlanta when visiting club apache parking at Lanier parking lot located at 674 spring wife and i put money in the box did not get a receipt .when we retruned our car was booted the attandent states the box was empty. He also had attitude and tried to charge us ten dollars more than the other people who were booted the moment i challeged him on the video evidence. he was rude and tried to antagonize me so i can threaten him on video. when the police came out he showed them the video as evidence but they did not see agression on my part. I wonder how many people have been arrested because of this ###? The police also made him open the box so i could see that there was no money in it and told him he could not charge us more to have the boot removed. I know i put money in the box. I wonder if he is stealing the money from the box then booting people and stealing the boot removal money as well .

  • Kr
      25th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    these EBS guys are total scammers.

    I went to park in a lot today, and a guy approached me and said he just bought a ticket but he had to leave so he put it back in the machine for the next person who comes up.

    I thought this guy was doing me a favor and saving me 5 bucks.

    i come back to my car an hour later and im booted.

    it became clear to me that the guy who gave me a ticket was actually working with the booters to trick people into thinking they were legally parking.

    an easy 75 dollars for those ###s.

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