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I can't believe the business practices of Canpages. I met with their sales person and sat down and figured out some advertising campaign for my advertising company, The Vat: Advertising and Design, the sales person continued on saying I would need this and that and convinced me that this would work best blah blah blah. Once it came to signing the contract, I read it and saw that a cancellation had to be within 10 days.

I told him that the contract can only be canceled within 10 days, he assured me that it was only a guideline and that the contract can be canceled anytime, and told me to leave it for 3 months and see how things go. After 3 months, there was NO traction for the web or the print advertising and I called the sales rep, and he ended up quitting after making the commission. I talked to the manager and all they said was that I had signed a contract and they hid behind the contract and would not hold up the lies that their sales person gave to me. I signed the contract under false pretenses and now I'm stuck for an entire year of advertising at $450 a month.

The advertisement also came out totally wrong, with the wrong heading and wrong taglines. The web advertising was put in the wrong section and stayed there for months now. They were unwilling to even compensate me for anything. I am now on the hook for the entire year of advertising.

I'm absolutely livid with their service and their unwillingness to do ANYTHING about the situation. They're sales people lie to get you into the contract and then leave you hanging when it comes to fix anything.

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  • Ma
      8th of Mar, 2010

    That's funny. I had the opposite experience. I have dealt with Canpages, and I find them to be great! My sales rep was really good. I bought some ads in the phonebook and online and it has worked our really well.

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  • Ro
      9th of Aug, 2011

    I hate canpages for ruining everything they screwed up my business, and no i have nothing left. i'm just want to punch the receptionist's head and the stupid brown finance girl sonya khaira

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  • Vi
      14th of Aug, 2011

    I own an ad agency and work with hundreds of small businesses each year, helping them increase their sales through various mediums. I can tell you that Canpages are far better than Yellowpages but they are still perpetuating the exploitation of the ignorance of small business owners. For instance, Canpages will charge you about $1, 000 per month in exchange for online advertising in their directory. This will include a one-page microsite (if you can afford Canpages you should have a proper website of your own), Google PPC campaign and a neat little video, ostensibly to capitalize on the viral video aspect of YouTube. In reality? The microsite is going to be useless to you, the video will never be seen, let alone go viral, and you are probably going to pay 4x the cost for your Google PPC campaign, which will drive folks to CANPAGES directory...and your competition. You are NOT feeding yourself, you are feeding Canpages and their directory. You are making the rich richer but getting little to nothing in return, believe me.
    I'm sure there are lots of great Canpages reps out there. I know Canpages were established as a better alternative to Yellowpages but now that yellowpages owns Canpages one has to wonder. At the end of the day what matters is that small business owners get a solid return on their investment. For the spend, Canpages is a bad investment. I'll argue it all day long. For $12, 000 a small business can get a nice 10 page website optimized for local search that would bring in about 30x the qualified traffic of Canpages.
    I'd like to ask Masha precisely how many times a year they see their Canpages rep. Most of my clients see them once per year, right around renewal time. Same with Yellowpages.

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