Candita Catelides Property Developer / Candita Catelides Property Developer

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A property developer by the name of Candita Catelides bought my father's QLD home from him. My father has been retired for many years and since mum recently passed away, he wants to move closer to us (family) in the city. He had his house listed for sale on the market for quite a while, but there were no offers or anything. He was approached by a south african woman claiming she was a property developer.

Candita Catelides talked him way down on the price. She managed to purchase his house well below what we believe it was worth. I feel she mislead my father on his property's value, and in a way took advantage of his lack of understanding.

I think it's only fair to admit that dad should have got a few more valuations done and not taken candita's word for it, but unfortunately she seemed trustworthy to him. After having seen what similar houses sold for, me and my dad are very unhappy with the sale.

We feel like Candita Catelides has taken advantage of us. I reckon it's pretty disgusting that she is willing to take advantage of elderly people.

Aug 06, 2016

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