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I ordered lots of candy from but so far I haven’t received anything. I emailed them but they refuse to give me my refund. Don’t trust this company.

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      14th of Apr, 2012

    I have been given a similar run around by the company and told to call the credit card company if I wanted a refund if my money. Due to their change of management and banking partners they can't access old orders etc... They were generous enough to give my account a $10 credit towards my next purchase with them...Yea right!!

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      13th of Jun, 2012

    I had the same experience. I could not get a refund from my credit card company.
    Here's the "not responsible" email response they gave me when I inquired about the whereabouts of my order :
    "From: CanadaOnly Customer Service <[protected]>
    To: [protected]
    Sent: Friday, March 2, 2012 1:19 PM
    Subject: Your Canada Only order

    Hello Patricia,

    We’re contacting you today regarding an outstanding order you have with CanadaOnly has grown over the past year and has recently brought on new management.

    With these changes, we have also changed our banking partners. This has limited our ability to properly handle older orders. We feel that this extended wait time is not acceptable and we want to resolve this as quickly as possible for each customer. As such, we have instructed our staff to cancel orders affected by this change. You will not be charged any restocking or other fees for your order cancellation.

    For the fastest possible resolution, we encourage you to contact your credit card company directly and request a refund for this transaction. Unfortunately our customer service agents do not have access to the old processing system, and cannot initiate a refund on your behalf. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

    If you are an avid fan of our uniquely Canadian products, we’d love the chance to serve you once your money from the previous transaction has been returned to you. We invite you to resubmit your order at your earliest convenience. Our new management has focused on greatly improved customer service and communication so that this sort of issue does not happen again – we look forward to impressing you with our improved service. If you need assistance or would like to place your order by phone, please do not hesitate to call us at 403-800-9310.

    We have also added a $5 store credit to your account due to the inconvenience of this. We thank-you for your continued support.

    Customer Care Agent

    It's ironic to me that the only internet company that's ripped me off after years of online ordering - is from my native country.

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      13th of Jun, 2012

    Yup. My email was the same word for word except a $10 credit and there was no phone number to contact. I agree that this is the first time I've bee ripped off ordering online too and how sad that it's not only my country but same city as well. So much for ordering local. Also I have never seen a 403 area code with an 800 number... What are the chances it's legit?

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      21st of Jun, 2012

    I wish I had found this site before I ordered from They are also known as Blueleaf International Ltd., and their "website" is
    I was surprised when I made my purchase that it was processed through Skillr ( in EUROs, yet situated out of Great Britain.
    Repeated attempts for response from the company for updates about product shipping status etc. failed other than form email replies (as pasted below):
    Thank you for contacting us! This is an automated message to let you know that we have created a Customer Service Ticket for you and will personally assist you with your concern as soon as we are able. Please remember that our office is closed on weekends and all major holidays.
    While we normally attempt to reply to all messages within two business days, we are currently experiencing a significantly higher volume of emails than normal. We are processing all requests in the order in which they were received. Submitting multiple requests regarding the same concern will increase response time as each new request automatically resets your position in the queue. We appreciate your patience and understanding and we look forward assisting you!
    Canada Only Customer Care Team


    Further digging revealed a number of complaints with the Better Business Bureau.
    Significant number of complaints not resolved because of lack of response.

    I mirror the complaint earlier--I have been using online merchants since 1995, and the first time I am "rooked" is by a company in my own country (how embarassing!). I have since cancelled my order, but to be proactive, I have also contacted my credit card company to begin the complaint process--which cannot start until 30 days from purchase.

    Please be careful!

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  • Ba
      25th of Jun, 2012 - Repeated attempts to contact company about order/unshipped goods failed
    United States

    Repeated attempts to contact company about order/unshipped goods failed. Phone number removed from website. Numbers found were out-of-service.

    The company collects through ""--who then posts it as from "Blueleaf International Ltd." When you go to the states "" in the URL bar...further searches yielded an additional site "" under the same company title :"Blueleaf International Ltd.".

    Ironically, the site says that: "Blue Leaf's main industry is eCommerce"

    The "commerce" part is collecting payments for unshipped goods from unsuspecting customers, then holding the money until the purchase reaches the dispute level with the Credit Card company...nice work if you can get it!

    I started dispute with my Credit Card Company, and they found it strange that the site would be out of Canada, charging CAD dollars, yet was processed in EUROS from an external site in GREAT BRITAIN.

    This is a HUGE Scam...find your favourite Canadian Treats elsewhere--you will never see the product you purchased!

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  • Ta
      3rd of Jul, 2012 - non delivery of paid order


    971 James Dr
    Lewiston, NY 14092 USA
    Phone (716) 297-0051

    Dear Reader,

    Below are the details of an order I placed and paid for with my Discover card on 4/29/12 and never received. I have placed a requested with the online company and I am getting no where with them. The tracking number is not recognized with UPS Canada.
    I feel as though I have been scammed.
    I sincerely hope you can help me?

    The name of the company is:

    Please contact me at the address above if you can help me.
    Thank you very much,

    Miss Tanis Toponak

    CanadaOnly - Order #1138495
    Your order details are shown below.
    Order Date: 29th Apr 2012 @ 10:00 PM
    Order Total: $34.72 USD
    Billing Details
    971 JAMES DR
    LEWISTON, New York 14092
    United States
    Shipping Details
    971 JAMES DR
    LEWISTON, New York 14092
    United States
    Order #1138495 Contained the Following Items:
    Item Details Price
    Subtotal: $34.71
    Shipping: $0.01
    Grand Total: $34.72
    1 x Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce x 10 with Free Shipping
    (Flavour: Dipping Sauce)


    Shipments for Order #1138495
    Date Shipped Shipping Method Tracking Link
    22nd May 2012 (Fixed Shipping) CX 476 063 240 CA

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      10th of Jul, 2012


    I ordered Cadbury Mini Eggs from company. They collected funds by Paypal immediately, but didn't ship items. I contacted them after 2 weeks and received the following answer:
    Thank you for your email. We are expecting a new shipment within 5-10 business days. You do also have the option of cancelling your order before it leaves our facility. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
    Thank you,
    Have a great day!

    Customer Care Agent

    So I waited for another 2 weeks, then emailed them again and didn't receive a response.

    I emailed them again to cancel my order and received the following response:


    Your order has been cancelled as you requested. You will not be charged a restocking fee for this order. Unfortunately our system that processes PayPal is currently down, so the order has not yet been refunded. We are working to resolve the issue and will process your refund once our system is operational again. For faster processing, we recommend that you open a claim through PayPal. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. We hope to be given the opportunity to serve you better in the future.

    Kind Regards,
    Customer Care Team Leader

    Paypal would not do anything as I was past the 45 day cutoff. I emailed CanadaOnly back asking them to cut a cheque if they couldn't refund by Paypal. No response.

    I have since emailed them an additional 3 times with no response from them. Their phone appears to have been disconnected, and the Paypal logo no longer appears on their website.

    Don't let yourself be ripped off by this company.

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  • Si
      6th of Sep, 2012

    Hi Everyone,
    I too have been ripped off by this company, so I URGE you all to please come forward and lodge a formal complaint to Service Alberta, who are currently conducting an investigation in this regard.
    The more people who come forward, the better and this will help in prosecuting them.
    Service Alberta can be contacted by visiting:
    Filing a Complaint
    The first step in any complaint process is to talk with one of our Information Officers in the Consumer Contact Centre at 780-427-4088 in Edmonton and toll-free at 1-877-427-4088 throughout the rest of the province. If they recommend that you file a formal complaint, complete the on-line form or the printable complaint form (pdf).

    You can also refer to our "Filing a Complaint with Consumer Services" infosheet.

    Please be sure to fill out the entire form.If you have copies of documents to support your claim, we recommend you print the form and send it with a copy of your supporting documents to the address below depending on which part of the province you reside in. Please do not include in the on-line complaint form any personal information like your bank account number, charge card or social insurance number. If you must include that information in your complaint, please send it to us by Canada Post mail instead.

    Note: The information being collected on the complaint forms is for the purpose of a possible complaint investigation in accordance with the Cemeteries Act, the Charitable Fund Raising Act, the Fair Trading Act or the Government Organization Act (in relation to Residential Tenancies and Mobile Home Sites Tenancies investigations). When necessary, the information provided may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies or in connection with legal proceedings.

    Questions about the collection of this information can be directed to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Coordinator for Service Alberta, Box 3140, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2G7, (1-877-427-4088).

    Mailing Address
    If you have a 780 area code:

    Service Alberta
    Investigation Services - North
    3rd Floor, Commerce Place
    10155 – 102 Street
    Edmonton AB T5J 4L4
    Fax: 780-422-9106

    If you have a 403 area code:

    Service Alberta
    Investigation Services - South
    301, 7015 MacLeod Trail S
    Calgary AB T2H 2K6
    Fax: 403-297-4270
    More Information
    For further assistance with this topic, please contact the Consumer Contact Centre at 780-427-4088 (Edmonton and area) or 1-877-427-4088 (toll-free in Alberta).

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  • Co
      13th of Sep, 2012 - non delivery of paid order
    United States

    I ordered from them so time ago and never received my order, they never ship, it is a scam, I have read plenty of awful reviews about them, it took me several months to get a refund, people usually give up, they are not reachable thru phone and answer email about once a month just to save time ... Stay away from them!

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  • Da
      2nd of Oct, 2012

    I too had the same problem with I since have switched over to and the people there are more pleasant to deal with and my order gets shipped right away. If I would have found this information out earlier I would have rather dealt with then I strongly suggest that everyone starts to use Why keep getting ripped off? So tired of on line companies thinking they can take our hard earned money away from us and nothing be done about it. I hope everyone reports and they get shut down.

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  • An
      7th of Dec, 2012


    PLS CONTACT 519 890 6056


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